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So does anyone else besides me no longer feel sorry for what happened to Mio?

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May 13, 2019 11:11 AM
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I only read the first few replies.

Not really, I kind of knew she was going to die, there were flags set up everywhere and her working for 2 people on opposing ends is pretty dumb, her death was pretty sad tho, it just didn't impact me that much.

Plus, she only appeared for about 10 minutes over 2 episodes. While there are characters like these that I like (spoilers:
) Mio didn't really leave much of an impression
Sep 11, 1:58 PM
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My God, there are some spoilt, small minded and entitled pricks on here. Half of you have probably never had to struggle for anything in your lives and yet people are saying she should get another job, she shouldn't work for both sides or get the children involved. It's a war zone and she's the only one bringing in money to feed those kids. Some of the comments about her are ridiculous.
Sep 20, 4:22 PM
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Bunch of virgins in this post , at least that’s the energy going off. The selling point of this thread is that she caused the soldiers to be suspicious and therefore doesn’t deserve sympathy . Weird statement . Weirder way to look at it as you watch the soldiers joyously slaughter the kids . The intent you were supposed to come away with was that she put her body on the line every night , she fought her fight. So to go fuck her that’s dumb,she shouldn’t of did that . Very weird. Because i bet you weren’t saying hyakkimaru that’s dumb , don’t fight those demons. Next the soldiers said she came and did lewd acts . They were very aware she was not a spy . They were at a statement and bored. They saw a whore going between the camps and their pride was hurt. They just wanted to kill . So yes it’s a very sad situation that she had to let groups of men ravage her trying to make a better life only for that to bite her in the ass
Sep 26, 5:44 AM
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For all the people calling her a "whore".... really? A teenage orphan girl in a country plagued by war, starvation, death and many other tragedies you can think of, trying to make a living not even for her, but for the crippled children she's taking care of? Like seriously? She's acutally a hero, she completely ignored her own self just for the sake of the children - thus her "soul" Hyakki saw was "pure". It's kinda easy to judge her as a "whore" coming from a place and TIMES of privilige... you can watch anime online, eating as many takeaways as you wish, ranting at the same time about a poor girl in a war-striken country being a prostitue. A top of that - she was still a kid herself, she couldn't have known any "better". She took any job she believed she could have, just for the children. I loved Mio, and her being a prostitue made me love her even more and even though she was given like only 10 minutes - I felt sad about her till the end of the show.

And to all the people saying she as a character was "destroyed" for being a prostitute and that she'd be far better off by joining Hakki & Dororo and becoming a love interest for Hyakki.... really? Like it would be the most "obvious", boring and UNREAL thing ever. THAT would destroy the character. She's been given a depth, forcing you to think about the concept of what makes a choice good/bad and where's the line between "good/evil" and IF the line even exists. Instead of becoming a blunt, boring character who's only role was to be Hyakkimaru's love interest, she's become something much more - she brought reality to the show. Because reality is sometimes "dirty" even though it may seem sweet outside. Nothing is just plain black/white in real life. Life comes in grays - and that's what Mio has shown us.

On top of that, she also brought some humanity into Hyakkis character, making him evolve in terms of feelings. AND she became a symbol and motivation for both Hyakki and Dororo.

I dunno, but for me, she was a great character, especially that she's been given like 10 min of screen time. I'm glad she was so, so, so much more then yet another pretty, sweet, UNREALISTIC anime girl.
Sep 27, 12:03 PM
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Yes that hoe deserved to die. Also it was necessary for 'ChAreCtER DeVEleOpmEnt'
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