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Poll: Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 7 Discussion

Feb 23, 7:42 PM
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"You've grown up so much. You know that?" most touching answer that mob want to hear it
Feb 23, 10:13 PM

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ok wow reigun knows how to handle people..and mob is such a good kid too
Feb 24, 4:18 AM
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I have seriously never wanted to give out an 11/10 so much.
Feb 24, 5:36 AM

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Quite the feat and crazy how this show is already reaching AOTY-status at this rate.
Feb 24, 6:32 AM

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I didn't think this anime could get any better after previous arc. I was wrong. That conclusion was beyond awesome.
Feb 24, 9:03 AM

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The psychics show started, after Reigen made what he could, Jodo showed that the boy wasn't possessed, humiliating Reigen. Reigen went through bad moments when he was declared a bluffer and hustler, his career went downhill. A group of journalists appeared in his home, so he accepted to schedule a press conference. In the press conference the interviewers attacked him, but he ended telling them about his last job, how he got into the psychic business and how his encounter with a little kid with powers changed him (Mob). Suddenly the cameras started to float and everyone believed him. Reigen met Mob in the street.

Emotional episode, I'm not crying, something is in my eye, haha. Reigen is such a character, after that bad press that he received, he accepted to participate in the press conference, at the beginning he was nervious, but he ended being honest, not telling that he is not a psychic, but giving Mob his credit. Also the scene in the show, I think, first and last time that we watch a character like Reigen that nervious, he is such a confident guy. Very sweet from Mob to say Reigen that after all, he is a good person.
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Feb 24, 9:43 AM

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Awww what a sweet ending.

Chibi Mob is also cute as fuck :D
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Feb 24, 3:26 PM
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Almost cried lmao Mob Psycho is officially my #1 favorite anime of 2019
Feb 24, 4:22 PM

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Adorei esse episódio, a evolução que o Reigen sofreu foi perfeita.
Feb 24, 9:05 PM

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All i can say is how FUCKING WHOLESOME! Honestly amazing
Oscar and Andre deserved better
Feb 25, 12:16 AM

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kinda dissapointed for adaption of mogami arc. but this one. got me again, since i read the manga. props to studio bones did a wonderfull job-work in this one. :')
Feb 25, 8:47 AM

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Hime03 said:
Its not even a competition anymore. If anyone says dororo, sheild hero, love is war or promised Neverland is better, they are objectively wrong.
This is the best show, this season, period

no, Jojo is better
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Feb 25, 9:07 AM
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KyouKaiTen said:
Hime03 said:
Its not even a competition anymore. If anyone says dororo, sheild hero, love is war or promised Neverland is better, they are objectively wrong.
This is the best show, this season, period

no, Jojo is better

Its debatable. Although i was talking about winter shows thats a continuing show from last season
Feb 26, 1:59 PM

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Magnificent episode!

I exploded out laughing when Kirin gives the truth while Reigen is just looking for glory! I love social networks in Mob Psycho 100 as Mobspace, MobTube, Mobtter, Psychobook, Psychogram and the dung that replaces the ghost in the Snapchat logo!

Then the moment when Mob saves Reigen in press conference and his humiliation is just... PHEW!!
Feb 27, 12:42 AM

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KyouKaiTen said:
Hime03 said:
Its not even a competition anymore. If anyone says dororo, sheild hero, love is war or promised Neverland is better, they are objectively wrong.
This is the best show, this season, period

no, Jojo is better

well, I have only watched Jojo till Stardust Crusader. That was very tiring to watch.
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Feb 27, 1:01 PM

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Feb 27, 2:16 PM
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What a godly Episode aots
Feb 28, 2:03 AM

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Wow, I wasn't the only one who cried.
Feb 28, 9:49 PM

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Reigen was actually somewhat likeable in this episode? Wtf!

The last scene was sweet.
Mar 2, 8:41 PM

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Quality character work these past two episodes. We really got to see Reigen at his lowest. And oh boy...that ending. Quite touching.
Mar 4, 12:38 AM

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Katsu-kun said:
ttcchen said:
u must be blind or retarded to not see his change

Learn to respect different opinions without offending someone and learn to make an argument that lead to a conversation.

"a scammer who will never change" Do we even watch the same show? Literally those two episodes showing his progress and development, and if you read the manga he even show a lot more than in anime, besides if there is no Reigen then there won't be development as well for Mob..

And first of all if you came up with that statement without revealing any reasons "why" he would never change and ruining the show, that's why don't be surprised if people take your opinion as a troll and not reply with constructive argument as well like you wish..

But i won't saying you should like him or anything, because that's free to your opinion, but back again you should put your complete presentation about why you dislike him first so people won't be harsh replying to you because it's a forum after all..
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Mar 5, 12:26 AM
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Wow amazing, man...this eps is really deep. It hurts soo much but the other side it really warm...
Mar 5, 1:31 AM

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Anime at its finest.
Mar 17, 12:09 PM

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These Reigan episodes were a hell of a thing and spoke to me personally. In the age of twitter and online execution and persecution, Reigan spoke to all of us. Immense writing. As significant as the chatroom episode from Ghost in the Shell.

Remember the good old days when we used to have actual discussions? Those days are gone. Now every monkey is online and they think they have 'expertise', so these dunces all fling poo at each other until each of us is a poo mountain.

The old days of polite chatrooms that might eventually go wrong but always had a decent conversation. Now we have memes, politics, alt right, white supremacy staring darkly from the wings; Russian supremacy and troll farms, interference.

These Reigan episodes might seem like casual nothing filler episodes, but they were probably the best in the entire series so far. Everyone of us has probably been attacked online at this point. Twitter does this all the time, they try to 'flame' people and obliterate them for a single wrong move. All we really have are our normal instincts to be who we are, to support our own value system, to never forget who we want to be.

It goes to show that the callow, immature criticism online is usually an utter waste of time and rage. These episodes show that what is missing from the entire thing is love and empathy. Of course the media barons help make this happen by jumping on the outrage machine in order to gain clicks for poorly written articles employing bot-writers for mass political opinion. And now we're all stuck in our tents/groups, not talking to each other.

Anime writing usually isn't as great as this, though I guess it's the mangaka?

These Reigan episodes, wow. This whole season is everything I wanted from season 1. Ghosthunting and good writing, can't get enuff. Sure the possession episodes were a lot of power ups, but I guess you expect that.
Mar 26, 6:41 AM

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holy shit
Mar 31, 6:38 AM

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Oh Man ... I feel so satisfied right now. What a great Ep.
Mar 31, 6:18 PM

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Poor Reigen. I didn't expect that boy not to be obsessed of a ghost. Was very embarrassing for Reigen who tried to exorcise a ghost who doesn't exist.

This episode shows perfect what can happen in the time of social media. It's crazy to think about but unfortunately it's the truth. Nobody is excluded from it. At one day you're the hero and on the other day the scum of the earth.

I wasn't sure if Mob would help him, but I'm glad he did. It was obvious Mon knew Reigen had no power otherwise he would be one of the dumbest characters ever. But he's right, Reigen is a good guy and even without this kind of power he helped Mob and was there when he needed him.
And with that Reigen got also a very nice character developement. Absolute great :)
Apr 2, 2:42 AM

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beautiful, just beautiful. they are such a wholesome duo.
Apr 3, 8:10 PM

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That ending was quite something, great character development if you ask me! Really do wonder what will happen next.
Apr 5, 3:09 AM

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Ed Caluag joined the group
Apr 5, 11:58 PM

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I wish Mob didn't interfere. Reigen is a scumbag con artist who used him. And Reigen was probably, finally getting some sweet justice and maybe he's gonna learn his lesson. If anything, Mob is either a really good kid or a massive pushover. Great episode though.
Duterte did 9/11
Apr 6, 6:25 PM

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good character development for reigen, he's becoming more than just a scumbag con artist.
Apr 6, 9:58 PM
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Eat that shit reigen! U desereved it! Geez i really hate this character, worst ever.
Apr 9, 5:23 AM

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Reigen really is a nice guy. He a good man.
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Apr 11, 2:23 PM

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Your life is your own my neeks.
Apr 20, 1:52 AM

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Good to see they've already made up! Reigen should really get some friends around his age though lol.
Apr 22, 12:58 PM
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I'm confused. Did Mob realize that Reigen is a scum or not? He is not clueless anymore in s2 for sure.
Apr 22, 5:07 PM
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Katrug said:
I'm confused. Did Mob realize that Reigen is a scum or not? He is not clueless anymore in s2 for sure.

Yeah he’s known this whole time.
Apr 24, 2:41 AM
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I was having trouble thinking that any contemporary anime could top Shield Hero's first 4 episodes... but MP100 II meets the bar and exceeds in series consistency.
May 5, 12:06 PM

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Lol Mob finally saved his ass xD The ending was sweet. Reigen means well, but he can be a fuck up at times lol
May 5, 11:50 PM

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Katrug said:
I'm confused. Did Mob realize that Reigen is a scum or not? He is not clueless anymore in s2 for sure.

Reigen is a hypocrite and a liar but definitely not the scum, and Mob's words emphasizes this. Reigen's method of dealing with issues are roundabout, but he means well at the end of the day.
May 19, 12:48 PM
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What a genuinely good episode!
May 27, 7:05 PM

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My eyes peed a little ugh
May 28, 7:04 AM

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Even though I kinda laughed with the crowd to Jodo's witty one-liners, it was really painful and pitiful to see Reigen dig himself deeper and deeper into the old bastard's scheme to expose him as a fraud. Even if he was stretching the truth with his profession, he did not deserve to get doxxed, hounded, and ridiculed by both the public and the media. They were nitpicking his press conference so much but he's actually pretty good and calm at stuff like this.

Even though Reigen's the layman's definition of a conman, Spirit Consultations and Such actually provides service that's usually more reliable than other "psychic" agencies of the business's nature. He charges way cheaper for his jobs compared to other businesses, he doesn't try to sell you useless trinkets like holy stones and prayer beads, he provides legitimately good advice like it's the back of his hand even though he doesn't really mean it, he gets the job done most of the time with his spirit massages and spirit photo purification, he soothes the minds of those who think that they're haunted even though they're not by following their wishes, and he has an actual psychic in his agency.

It's great that Mob decided to finally help his friend out to silence those unrelenting sensationalists the hard way. He knows what kind of person Reigen is, even the bad parts but he's one of the first people who was actually good towards him and that certainly left an impression on him. It made me tear up a lot ♥

May 30, 5:40 AM
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am i the only one who almost cried at the end?
Jun 9, 1:38 PM

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This was definitely a sweet episode. It changed my opinion of Reigan. I like him a little more now (which is saying a lot, because I didn't like him/cared about him at all).
Jun 11, 10:25 AM
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sasalx said:
Damn, we already know the mangaka is good but please also give a gold medal to director of this episode. The ending was really good and became my second favourite scene in the anime (first one was ending of episode 1).

I agree. The ending of E1 was just perfect on so many levels!
Jun 19, 1:06 AM
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Damn,Bones.You really did it.I almost cried when Reigen and Mob talked!
Come on man,where is that Noragami season 3 masterpiece.We want it, Bones!

Jun 29, 12:46 AM

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Great episode!!!
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