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Feb 18, 4:09 AM
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After Hyakkimaru got his hearing back, I'm still confused if he can understand people's words now...especially since Mio's appearance. It looks like he understand half of what people's language is, or I think it's just me...
Feb 18, 6:36 AM

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Well, if hes always been blind and deaf, he shouldn't understand words...I was wondering how they'd play that... be kinda dumb if he can just speak Japanese and understand what people are saying, though he can read their 'aura' sort of so maybe he's interpreting that
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Feb 18, 7:49 AM

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He definitely understands much more than an ordinary person would having lived blind and deaf until now. It's like a kind of telepathy. We've not had any explanation for it so far, anyway.
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Feb 18, 10:37 AM

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He was also able to write his name. How does that work for someone who was always blind, deaf and with no sense of touch?!
Feb 18, 11:36 AM

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First, I thought he learned it tactile, but then again... he had no nerve systeme and sense of touch.
It's anime logic.
Feb 18, 11:40 AM

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Yeah it is kind of a weird plotpoint but I'm just going with the cop out of "hey its magic I aint got to explain shit"

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Feb 18, 1:30 PM
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Basically this is what you can't address lest you start questioning the whole setting. Logically he would not know a language, but... well, logically, he would be able to move like he did either.
Feb 18, 6:20 PM
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I just assume he is fast learner, we don't know how many time has passed after the end of ep 4 and begining of Ep 5
if you remember, Hyakki just look totally okay when his hearing first time comeback, after that sure he continue the journey and hear alot more kind of sound, don't forget he also with Dororo, a talkative child, he can learn much word just hearing Dororo speak while 'see' what she is doing
And I notice not only Dororo, but like everyone communicate with him even he is barely giving response
Feb 18, 6:40 PM

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In the previous works, Hyakki had the ability of spiritual telepathy, so he was able to talk to others though their minds while he moved his mouth while he "talked" to them. This adaption got rid of that, so I guess he's just a fast learner for it.
Feb 18, 7:04 PM

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As the person above said, in the manga he could basically communicate telepathically. i’m assuming that in this version that’s half true, that he has a vague sense of telepathic or empathic understanding of what people are saying and meaning based off of their souls, just not explicitly. Also fast learning
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Feb 19, 1:55 AM
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Ascendrio said:
After Hyakkimaru got his hearing back, I'm still confused if he can understand people's words now...especially since Mio's appearance. It looks like he understand half of what people's language is, or I think it's just me...
Feb 19, 2:12 AM

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It's called fantasy for a reason.

I won't blame the spectators though since it's mostly MAPPA's fault: by getting rid of some things or replacing others, they seemed to have try to make the series more "realistic" when it just can't be made so and their changes just raise other problem´s.
Feb 19, 5:36 AM

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Could be explained with his humanity coming back when killing monsters. One of the most important parts of humanity is language, maybe it came bundled with hearing.

Or he could just understand some basic stuff. He stopped attacking spider woman because her essence changed more than because he understood what they were saying imo.
There's also context. There was a human being protected by a monster from other humans which weren't being killed off, so he can figure it out just by looking.
Feb 19, 7:59 AM

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I am also wondering that. Seems like he can understand some of it. I just assume that he can somewhat guess what people are saying based on the tone of their voice.