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Poll: Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine Movie Episode 1 Discussion

Feb 17, 7:12 AM

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A very good movie.

Ivan's and Eugene's father is really strict,

The princes' performance was great, even Ivan and Eugene's father clapped.

Feb 17, 9:03 AM
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I really missed seeing Heine and the princes. I love Heine and Victor's relationship so much,too. I really want to know more about Eins since we only see him like 2 minutes. Eugene's and Ivan's father is really mean. Well, I got his point but just because of your past mistakes you shouldn't be hard on your sons.

Their choir at the end was amazing andbeautiful. I want an original release. More like give me this film's OST CD right now.
Feb 25, 4:39 AM

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I really missed seeing my royal prince sons ;-; overall, I would say that the movie was actually pretty nice in terms of anime movie sequels. Some stand-out points included: the princes realising that they treated Heine the same way as the twins did (which says something about character growth!), Kai and Eugene singing together with Shadow, and of course the twins wanting to join in the performance at the end. I also want to applaud Eugene's seiyuu for doing a good performance, because that's Sakamoto Shougo - the OP singer of the anime! Bonus points to Hashimoto Shohei (Ivan) as well, he's definitely a rising seiyuu to watch for (as someone who's watching him in Dimension High School and Mandori/Argonavis).

I LOL-ed at the ending credits. Kudos to giving us the seiyuu dancing for the ED again. Here's the ED on Youtube if you want to relive it.
There are lots more videos on Avex's youtube page with the seiyuu if you guys are interested, I won't be linking them because there's like more than 10.

If there was one thing the movie could improve on, it's both the length (give me more princes than just one hour, dammit!) and the animation - some parts were oddly animated and weren't really smooth, especially at the end where the princes marched out onto the stage and Leonhard's movement was really jarring for me. Also, the transitions between CGI and traditional could have been smoother. Still, it's an enjoyable movie and I'm glad we have more content.
Apr 11, 2:06 PM

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Quite enjoyed this, I mean, it's been about two years since I've seen the boys, how could I not?

I also liked the concept and the performance at the end was touching, even the other two princes became likeable.

I only would've wished for more comedy and a relaxed atmosphere since these were the aspects which I liked the most about the TV series. Chances are low, but I hope we will get another season in the future.
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Apr 12, 1:20 AM

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I loved the ending credits , where each one of the princes danced with Haine!! <3
Apr 14, 9:19 PM

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Awww.. I miss this anime a lot, cute (and awkward) princes.. I can't get enough xD

Haha this anime and their onomatopoeia(?) conversations are amazing

Leonhard is still tsundere as ever xD

In case you guys are wondering about the seiyuu
Ivan is voiced by Hashimoto Shouhei
Eugene is voiced by Sakamoto Shougo

That ED, the real seiyuu are dancing xD

More Heine please?
I just noticed the studio for movie is different from the anime
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Apr 27, 5:58 PM

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This felt more like an OVA rather than a movie, nonetheless I enjoyed it a lot. That was a beautiful song, everyone even sang along. I wish Eins was involved though, even if that would've been impossible.

Overall I missed the princes, the addition of Ivan and Eugene was great. Loved it even though it wasn't that great.

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