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Feb 14, 8:59 PM
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Just curious i like the whole premise of ther manga but the fact that she is 14 is kinda iffy to me, Just Wondering does the story progress like they grow older? Or does it mostly stay in the same timeframe.

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Feb 18, 11:37 AM

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they grow older (not a lot though , if i remember right from 14 to 16 years old)
even that yuzuki is 14 she acts mature

give it a try if you are into innocent cute romance
May 18, 5:25 AM

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The story definitely progresses. Yuzuki is 13 in the first chapter and about 17 at the end.

The story starts out very childlike and may seem like just a cutely slice-of-life with no progression, but I promise you, things will happen. Good things. :)