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Jan 30, 2:31 AM

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Episode 3 and 4
Yoko was after the mac guffin so what's the point of reset. After the first reset why she was searching for Hitsuchi and why did she disconnect his phone lines.
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I think there are many things in this world we are better off not knowing. Sometimes the truth is the cruelest thing of all. Not everyone can bear it.
Feb 6, 4:35 PM

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That was a confusing arc right? I'm still not entirely sure on what is going on exactly but here what I know.

Yoka wasn't after the macguffin. Well, she does, but it's just a metaphor for her goal. The macguffin serves no purpose other than lead the story forward
Yoka has her own personal business with the bureau (we get to know more about the bureau in the second half of the show.) So yoka used Kei and the reset ability in order to fulfill her goal.

Hitsuchi has a desease which forbid him to eat anything, but he has the ability to transform information into nutrient. So his phone line is his own and only source of energy. Note that he is too fragile to go outside too.

My guess here is that Yoka disconnected Hitsuchi's phone line with her ability and purposely made up a rumour about a vampire in order to attract Minami to Hitsuchi. That way, Hitsuchi killed Minami by sucking her too much info and she turned into a ghost (because of her ability). It might be some plan to defeat the bureau connection with Hitsuchi and Tsuchima-sensei. I don't know... this part is still really confusing to me.