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Jan 21, 9:32 PM

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Outside the great action and comedy scenes she caught my eye the most, always have liked Toryiama's designs even if mostly all is one or two faces but when it came to women I truly only liked 18, Bulma can be cool but she's Bulma at the end of the day. Camera panned on Cheelai's ass and body so many times and there was shameless fanservice at times aha, but found her legitimately attractive with a likeable personality and energy around her. What yall think about her and her future role?
Jan 21, 10:11 PM

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Can't say, don't know much about her with the little screentime but I did find her interesting, seems like a caring person and someone right to be around Broly.
Jan 21, 10:19 PM

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Saw the movie today. I liked her personality and design as well. She's fiery but also pretty sweet and isn't afraid to help when she feels it's needed.

Jan 22, 6:04 PM

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xfinityretaile1 said:
Camera panned on Cheelai's ass and body so many times and there was shameless fanservice at times aha

are you implying this wasn't the best part???


whats my opinion?

Goku's mom was a straight milf...
Jan 22, 6:16 PM
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i find Goku's mom more sexy even though she is not sexualize as Cheelai but ye Cheelia is hot as fuck too
Jan 22, 7:14 PM

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deg said:
i find Goku's mom more sexy even though she is not sexualize as Cheelai but ye Cheelia is hot as fuck too

Goku's mom... holy shit...

so fine XD
Jan 22, 9:15 PM

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I liked her, cheerful, nice and confident, hope we are seeing more from her in the future.
Jan 23, 8:56 PM

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Love her. I hadn't seen the pre-release material with her or anything out of Japan about the movie, so when she showed up I should she might not survive long. Was really happy with how her part in the story went. She was a big part of why I went back to see the movie a second time.

There are some fun posts about Cheelai in the comments on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUgVkHRE9eY

EcchiGodMamsterP said:
Goku's mom was a straight milf...

yeah you know what it is
Jan 24, 5:21 PM

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She wasn't very good but this doesn't surprise me because female characters in anime are generally horrendous anyway.
Jan 24, 11:31 PM

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What's so good about Cheelai? I found nothing interesting about her aside the fact she is voiced by Mizuki Nana and maybe her "nice" body (Lol). Even Android 21 is far more interesting than Cheelai in my opinion.
Jan 28, 8:09 AM
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Fap fap fap she wanna fuck broly with that thicc body of hers she got cool personality a few people in frezias army that are not assholes kek
Jan 28, 5:05 PM

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Goku's mom and cheelai ;) yeah anyway, one of the best Dragonball movie in general.

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Feb 2, 8:02 PM

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She has an interesting dynamic with Broly. She's a criminal, but not really evil at heart. She's only in Freeza's army to escape the Galactic Patrol.

She doesn't know Paragus's perspective until Broly goes apeshit (pun intended) and even then she knows that's not his true self.

She's fun to watch and she really cares for Broly because he's quite a nice guy (and super strong).

Broly simply likes her because she's nice to him and doesn't want something bad happening to her. For a simple minded person like Broly, it works. For fucks sake, his only friend used to be a worm weasel and it got its ear shot. He needs all the good friends he can get.

The two characters weren't even written to be romantic with each other, yet they feel like they would totally hook up.
Feb 18, 11:27 AM

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I liked her quite a lot, both from a design and character standpoint. She has a sassy attitude, is sweet and caring, but wont back down. As far as wahmen in anime go she is close to perfect
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Feb 18, 12:16 PM

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Saw the movie today, Cheelai is cute and quite sexy and also a kind girl.

A+ in my opinion.
Feb 19, 1:29 AM

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She's great. sexy and cute at the same time. Also has the balls to summon shenron right in front of Frieza. Basically, what I'm saying is that she's waifu af.
Jul 19, 4:56 PM
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Cheelai is the new best girl in Dragon Ball
Sep 21, 6:21 AM
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I don't really like her, and I don't see why anyone does besides her being sexualized. That's actually one reason why I don't like her she's too sexualized, it's okay to be sexualized but at least let the characters add to the story in a good way. Cheelai or Chairi(however you spell it) does more damage than good, She's native, ignorant and impulsive. And she doesn't really care for Broly. Note if you watched the Original Japanese version you'll kinda know what I mean. Because in the English dub most the stuff she says about Broly is not even in the Original version.
Sep 21, 6:28 AM

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I quite enjoyed her. Obviously crushing the remote to Broly's collar is the stupidest thing imaginable, but you get why she does it. She's considerate and cute as fuck.
Sep 28, 1:34 AM

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She is a kind and cool girl. Will be great waifu materials for Broly in this version of him.
Oct 30, 6:53 PM
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Another horribly annoying naggy woman by Toriyama, yawn