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Jan 18, 7:01 PM
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Seiyuu Haruhi Nanao personally announced on her Twitter account on Friday that she got married last December. She did not specify the identity of her husband, only saying she is thankful for him for wanting to be with her forever. She will continue working as a seiyuu.

Nanao's last name was Terada before May 2014 until her parents were divorced. Her main roles include voicing Ruri Sarasa from Tokyo Underground and Fabia Sheen from Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders. Her supportive roles from more well-known series include Aeka Jurai Masaki from the Tenchi Muyou! franchise, Sella from the Fate franchise, Kana Souma from Fruits Basket, Akiko Oumae from Hibike Euphonium, Midori Yoshinaga from the Crayon Shin-chan series, and Mai Kujaki from Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters.

As a singer, she has released several CDs as herself—not just as her characters—because she enjoys singing. She is also a narrator for several shows outside of anime.

Source: Comic Natalie
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I Two Syaorans from Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and TRC!!!
Jan 18, 7:46 PM

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Congratulations for the new life.All the best to both of you.
Believe in Yourself
Jan 18, 8:23 PM
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"she is thankful for him to say he wants to be with her, who describes herself a useless junk, forever." what the fuck
Jan 18, 10:49 PM

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Congratulations on the marriage
Jan 18, 10:54 PM
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She calls herself junk? And she's what...45 years old? That husband better take good care of her. And I just noticed that she voiced the one they call "Wife". Be a good wife!
Jan 18, 11:40 PM

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"who describes herself a useless junk, forever"

brehhh lol, hope it all works out for them.
Jan 19, 1:04 AM
I love stuff...

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She is young Tsunade, and Rin from Naruto series...

Not sure why would she call herself a useless junk; maybe because of her age, or maybe she's just too selfdeprecating.
Jan 19, 3:10 AM

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Congratulations Rin..Now I've got a reason to drink tonight.
Jan 19, 7:19 AM

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Jan 19, 1:09 PM
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Congratulations Ms Nanao, may you have a happy married life.
Jan 20, 9:40 AM
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