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Jan 17, 11:31 PM

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I mean, the synopsis doesn't sounds like something with top tier writing, but at least it can end being one of those topkek comedies like Ousama Game or Mahou Shoujo Site. Also since the main character apparently has knowledge about insects, we can get some nice infodumps about biology, like Killing Bites did.
Jan 18, 3:05 AM
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Unless they seriously improve the material ALOT somehow, if you want to watch this, you should be skeptical at best.
Source seems all but something that people are enjoying at all here.
Jan 19, 10:47 PM

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If they cut the gore, it will literally be worthless.
Jan 20, 12:11 AM

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well the manga is rated lower than 6, so this doesn't seem too promising...
Jan 21, 7:27 PM
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I kinda of dig this BUT I love really cheesy B movies like Attack of the Killer Bees. If they can emulate the B movie feel with a good dose of horror/gore with the comedy/ridiculousness factor, I am going to love it. Marking as PTW.
Feb 28, 5:39 PM

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If you like Hollywood horror flicks, you'll like this adaption too. It's trashy but I actually enjoy this type of manga. I'll check out the anime for sure.
Feb 28, 6:58 PM
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I mean the manga is okay. It's not the greatest thing in the world in terms of plot or writing, but it's decent enough that I've been reading it up till now. I'll probs check it out just for the sake of it now being animated.
Feb 28, 9:16 PM
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Im a little hype for this since I had read the manga but if they censor alot of the gore this ova will be terrible if they don't ill have a fun time watching it probably
Mar 2, 4:12 AM

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this will spark another controversy, girls get killed and have sex, this will be like goblin slayer and the feminists will trigger
Mar 10, 11:11 AM

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Eh, it could be a decent survival horror, I will watch it.
Mar 21, 8:11 AM

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This sounds like it's gonna be the Mars of Destruction of this decade so I won't miss it.
Mar 22, 5:57 AM
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PV is out.
So far it looks like Ousama Game 2.0
Mar 22, 6:33 AM

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Piromysl said:
PV is out.
So far it looks like Ousama Game 2.0

Oh no, pls! The world can't handle a Ousama Game 2.0.

Mar 23, 12:19 AM

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I Don't know about the manga material but it kinda reminded me Korean Web Comics Series Named HIVE
Apr 9, 10:09 AM

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im prepared to get massively triggered by watching hot girls with big delicious jiggly boobs die XD

maybe thats what the insects are after
Apr 10, 1:58 PM

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It's the only show I'm looking forward to. It's literally called "The Island Of Giant Insects", has cute girls on the cover and is rated R. That's enough for me.
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Apr 17, 5:07 AM

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The premise sounds awful, the animation looks awful and the studio Passione also made Citrus in the past so everything is in check for an absolute trainwreck. I am so fucking hyped for it.