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Poll: Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. Episode 2 Discussion

Jan 16, 6:50 AM

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Shopping for cat food lol

Nana showed up and I find her to be a charming character. Very easy to talk to and seems to have decent knowledge about cats. I still think a big plus for this show is being able to tell a story with its characters through everyday interactions.

The cat part adds a bit of unusual storytelling about how it lives its life.
Jan 16, 9:56 AM

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The Haru part is so fun to watch and I like that VA voice
Jan 16, 10:18 AM

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The two parts segment was already lovely, so if that banner is really not lying to us and we will have a reagular participation of that shop assistant. I don't see how it will not be one of the best animes in te season.
Jan 16, 10:30 AM

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Haru is so cute <3.
Jan 16, 11:10 AM

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This was such a funny and heartwarming episode ;) Really love cats and pets in general and this show is something i look forward to since last episode.

The parts with Haru are sooo funny <3
Jan 16, 11:24 AM

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Jan 16, 11:29 AM

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Oh man that pet store scene is R E L A T A B L E
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Jan 16, 11:54 AM

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I love seeing the cat's perspective it's the funniest thing :') I wonder if that's how my cat thinks as well lol...
Jan 16, 11:57 AM
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What a adorable cat perspective. And that pet worker is kinda cute
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Jan 16, 12:04 PM

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Cuteness overdose! <3 I laughed at the last part when Haru jumps like crazy at the TV XD too cute!
Jan 16, 12:14 PM

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Yet another episode that was absolutely adorable. Hopefully we see more of the shop assistant in future episodes, as I'm sure we most likely will.
Jan 16, 12:17 PM
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this was a really cute ep
Jan 16, 12:49 PM

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Hmmm so the cat thought it meant food nice
Jan 16, 1:16 PM
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Cat people, and I think most pet owners in general, can relate to this so much. Haru is adorable as usual ❤🐱❤ I loved the interactions at the pet shop.
Jan 16, 1:21 PM

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Seeing the cats perspective is adorable to think cats think like that
Jan 16, 1:29 PM

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My soul's healing to max from this show <3
Jan 16, 1:38 PM

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I just love how wholesome this is. I hope that thanks to haru subaru can start to interact more with humans. I liked the scene in the store, it was so awkward and funny, i was hoping this anime would have a bit of romance in it.
Also, haru acts like my cockatiel lol
Jan 16, 2:28 PM
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damn this show is so cute tho

Not like i care
and not like i will...
Jan 16, 2:37 PM

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its just so relaxing and cute
Jan 16, 2:46 PM

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Really wholesome show.
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Jan 16, 3:23 PM
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Haruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3
Jan 16, 3:27 PM

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Very cute show so far, also the cat thinks that haru means food, died of cuteness

Looking forward to more of this anime because it's a lot more calm than other things I watch this current season, so it really feels like a breath of fresh air.
Jan 16, 3:33 PM
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cats are so annoying but this anime is so cuuute
Jan 16, 3:45 PM

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This anime really is like comfort food, it's so pleasing to watch. The author's side was relatable again, with all the awkwardness, and the cat's side was pretty cute; I love this format.
Jan 16, 3:47 PM

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Great episode again and it has a real pleasant vibe to it.

Loved the parts with 'Haru' and I love how they're showing us both sides of things. Looking forward to next week.
Jan 16, 3:49 PM

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I found my elixir of the season.
Jan 16, 4:32 PM

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What a cute show, I really like this format of seeing the two perspectives.
Jan 16, 5:49 PM
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Haru... haru... haru....

Nice episode for today again...
Jan 16, 6:14 PM

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That cat is going to get real fat, real quick...

That being said, I don't know how many times my cat has laid on my computer for the warmth. The writer of this definitely has a cat.
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Jan 16, 7:01 PM

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What a cute episode. Love it. Basically cats like laptops, so Haru did what a cat will do.

About Subaru, maybe he has a problem about his attitude and about "I hate people and interact with them". I can say I am similar. Only interacting with familly and with other people if necesary.

Continuing with the episode. I like how Subaru thinks about the cat. I also talk with my cat. We fight, discuss, etc. So he is not crazy.

Finally I like the part of the cat and the version of her story. Its the perfect complement of the story.
Jan 16, 7:05 PM

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So the cat's name is Haru, how very fitting!

I always love the part when it is its turn to show its version of events. The way Haru reacts to everything is very hilarious, particularly that part where it didn't want to get out of Subaru's laptop. Cat's do love those.

Good episode.
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Jan 16, 7:30 PM
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Lmao, "I know that word! It means food!" XD Very cute. I was thinking whether or not my sister's cats would also think their names mean "food", but they recognize "hungry" as being "food". They respond to their names and the word 'hungry' differently. That said, it's very plausible that Haru would think it means food, given that it's (idk if Haru's a he or she) heard of the word somewhere else with food in the presence.

I also noticed Haru's tail twitching-ish when Subaru was going through the names, he was definitely annoyed, haha. Hopefully Haru comes to recognize its name.

The interaction between Subaru and the pet store employee was hilarious btw. The lack of use of subject in Japanese can really cause misunderstandings sometimes!
Jan 16, 11:56 PM
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Haru 😍😍😍

I watch this anime with my cat
Jan 17, 12:32 AM

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I really enjoy this episode like the firts one.
23 Years old and hikikomori, good Subaru-chan
Haru is so cute,, i want more from this anime.
And the girl that gives Subaru-chan foods is going to be the waifu of him?
I dont know
This slice life is so fun and the op is so cute and ed too
Jan 17, 12:48 AM

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Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru HaruHaru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru HaruHaru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru HaruHaru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru Haru
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Jan 17, 2:21 AM

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That misunderstanding about his name at the pet shop was funny. Nana made an appearance.
He finally decided to name the cat. It's so cool how they show the story from the cat's perspective too.
Jan 17, 3:55 AM
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The misunderstanding with the girl was hilarious. Subaru-chan. hahaha

I love the editor. He seems easy to talk to.

It's so hard to understand cats. I love how, in this story, cats can't understand us as well.
Jan 17, 6:39 AM
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This episode was pretty good I really like how the show has a story tell it's self from the 🐱 perspective and also the perspective of Subaru
Jan 17, 6:46 AM

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This show gives you the warm fuzzies, really relaxing as well. I like the format of the show of telling the story through Subaru then giving us Haru POV. Really funny that cats are actually like Haru, calling their name is like a signal for food lol
Jan 17, 8:02 AM

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There was some quality humor in this episode. I especially enjoyed the bit in the pet store where Subaru thought she was asking about himself!
Jan 17, 11:04 AM

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shop lady is cute! The main leads are going to bond over their cats? The cat that is in her arm in the anime picture of MAL looks like a sibling of Haru's
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Jan 17, 4:36 PM

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So relatable!
But, everytime Haru has a flashback I already get my tissues, because feelings. This episode was not so sad but I get this feeling it is gonna get really sad ç-ç
Jan 17, 6:33 PM
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Yes kitty. That's also food. I agree.
Jan 17, 9:58 PM

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Made cute girl call him by his first name at first meeting, big brain play.
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Jan 18, 12:09 AM

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Nice cencored neko/cat :)
Jan 19, 6:00 AM
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I just wanna say this anime is 10/10 i love the neko soo much 😍😍😍
Jan 19, 6:42 AM

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What a cute anime, I really like cats and dogs
Jan 19, 6:48 AM
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Haru is very very cute
Jan 19, 3:19 PM
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Excellent episode, the cat part was more interesting but the man part was also a good set-up in order for ecerything to make sense.
Jan 19, 10:17 PM

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i already ship him and the girl from the pet store.

This episode warms my depressed heart
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