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Poll: Ma Series Volume 2 Chapter 3 Discussion

Jan 15, 5:43 AM

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Another hilarious opening to the chapter! I love Takabayashi Tomo's writing style and that's the only reason (besides Conrad) that I'm still sticking to the series. It's such a shame that all her recent works lean more and more towards fujo-pandering instead of comedy. May be she has lost her touch.

wagamamapu lol, both of them agree to it XD And Gunter seems right to worry about him being with Yuuri, he's back to normal and annoying already. I don't like Yuuri's attitude of "oh he used to be a prince, poor guy". Wish he's straight away tell him that he's behaving like a stuck up brat and no one wants him on this journey.

As for Gunter's diary, I don't know whether to laugh or to cringe, definitely is funny though!

Makes no sense to throw the bones on the floor makes it harder for them to move about at the party and most probably spoil their expensive shoes in the process and dancing on top of that mess? Urgh! That's going a step too far to show "human" foolishness on the part of the author or is there some weird custom like that somewhere!?

LOL, Celi is his type!? I'm not too please with Conrad and Yozak, I guess this is the reason fujoshis ship them. I despise that ship.

People often search for fallen contact lenses in shoujo manga? Really? Well, I haven't read any of those but how do you know about it Yuuri? You read them? XDD

New word from Wolfram "shirigaru" which is roughly the equivalent of slut/whore. To add to it he questions his chastity. Wolfram, you are lucky that it's a goody-two-shoes like Yuuri and not me. Would have kicked you in the crotch for sure!
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"Wolfram has a shitty conceited personality and constantly keeps on barking like a Pomeranian"
- Shibuya Yuuri (LN, vol. 2 ch 1)