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Poll: Gakuen Babysitters Special Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 12, 12:03 PM

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This was just as cute as expected, but with a huge lack of best girl Yuki.

It was nice seeing all the kids again I really missed Kirin-chan.
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Feb 3, 2:48 PM

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So happy that we got this episode, one of the best shows from last year and this delivered once again so many smiles and heartwarming moments.

I loved the second part with Ryuuichi cooking to Saikawa and the Chairwoman as a thank you in special.
Feb 4, 12:04 PM

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Almost thirty minutes of bliss. I love how this OVA kind of condensed a lot of the magic this anime has: the sense of belonging, family bonds, friendship, gratitude, kindness and more.

I honestly couldn't ask for more, well, maybe for a second season, but that's it. This one warmed my days with how wholesome it is back when it was airing, and I would certainly love to have more of it.

I also found the Snow White bit endearing. But it also betrayed my expectations a little, I really thought that Ryuuichi would wear the dress, he would rock it lol; and end the story as the princess with Kamitani as the prince. That would've been great, but this was also cute, and I laughed when I saw Kamitani as the horse. It was charming if nothing else. xD
Feb 4, 9:14 PM

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This was so cute as usual. I jope the anime gets a second season.anyone knows how good the sales were
Feb 12, 11:27 AM
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What an amazing special; it was as sweet and touching as the original series. Despite I don't like online reading I think I will start GB because the of a second season are low.

I liked all three stories the same: the Snow White one reminded me of one ot the early episodes when Inomata was first introduced to the children in the daycare and they all were afraid of her. Koutarou was cuter than usual.

Fayrin said:
I also found the Snow White bit endearing. But it also betrayed my expectations a little, I really thought that Ryuuichi would wear the dress, he would rock it lol
I know, right? One of the eyecatches had Ryuu with a wig or something; that led me to think he would wear the dress haha.
Mar 16, 1:02 PM

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It's so nice to see Ryu, Kotarou and the rest of the kids again, especially my adorable Kirin-chan♥. Not to mention Kirin's mom too although she only had brief seconds of screentime...

Anyways, it was a great Special. All the segments were of my liking but I must say the last one with the Snow White tale was my favorite one. Maria receiving more screentime is always welcome although it was a shame Yuki didn't show up.

All in all, it was a very cute and heartwarming Special, really enjoyable.

Hoping for a second season. 7/10

P.S.: Seeing Kotarou using more words to express himself is just HHHHHNNNNNGGGGG!
Mar 16, 3:11 PM

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I've waited for ages to watch this special, but thanks God that I could finally find it today! :D

OMG! All the kids are cuter than I remembered, it makes me want to read the manga all over again.
That said, I think that the segment I loved the most was the second one, Ryuu is such a good boy and thanks to him, Sa-cha has a new favourite dish. ♥