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Feb 23, 8:12 PM

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i definitely like the 2nd op better

Feb 24, 12:50 PM

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I prefer the first one. Visually and musically.
Mar 5, 3:42 AM
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I like seeing how second opening grew on so many people,personally love both for different things...Also I bet if we gonna get season 3 opening would be called "100" or "101",considering content and how previous op's were called "99" and "99.9",pls Bones make it happen
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Mar 5, 10:07 AM
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The first is iconic
Mar 5, 1:37 PM

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Hard to choose but I'd have to say the second op. Animation is beautiful and isn't overwhelming with transitions like the first. Musically, both made me feel just as hyped.

I guess what we can take away from both op's is that "your life is your own"~

As for the ED's...well...
Mar 5, 7:16 PM

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Second one has grown on me some but I still prefer the hype of the first one.
Mar 5, 7:37 PM
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99.9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 99
Mar 5, 8:08 PM

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It's hard for me to pick between the both of them, but I love them a lot!
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Mar 8, 1:00 PM

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I like the second Op. but the first one has a much better visual+rythm relation, in other words: it flows much better.
Mar 19, 8:10 PM

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Op 1 is a better song

Op 2 had better animation
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