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Jan 8, 1:54 PM
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I personally loved the first season's opening more than the second op , but both have pretty bizzare visuals and have a very bewutiful tone

I wanna hear your thoughts on both of the op's
Jan 8, 1:56 PM

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I'm still going with the first one for right now but over time I may warm up to the second.
Both are visually stunning and the music is on point. Plus who doesn't love manga references.

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Jan 8, 1:57 PM

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I liked the first more.
Jan 8, 2:01 PM
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This new one does not seem bad, but I think they could have done better. The visuals are great but the song is rather lame. First season opening is better but we may get some godlike OP in the next episodes, so.... who knows. Atm imma stick with first season's OP.
Jan 8, 2:01 PM

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The first one looked better and I vastly preferred the song too. I didn't really like the new OP song (the visuals are great once again) but I guess it will grow on me eventually.
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Jan 8, 2:08 PM

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I like them equally, they're both so chaotic visually and the songs are both bangers.

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Jan 8, 2:20 PM
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I dislike both of them, but the second one is slighty better in my opinion
Jan 8, 2:34 PM

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1st op is catchy but 2nd op is better.

Jan 8, 2:44 PM
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Both are average for me. Althogh the 1st one had that super annoying counting so I guess the current one is slightly better.
Jan 8, 4:16 PM
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It's basic math. 99.9 > 99.
Jan 8, 4:25 PM

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i just love this ending on episode 01
Jan 8, 4:38 PM

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Definetly the first.
Jan 8, 6:40 PM

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Second op is my choices, maybe because I love the Sanjou no Hana performance on there.
Jan 8, 6:44 PM
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Both is equal in my opinion.
First season op demonstrate introduction for about mob rage meter from 1% to 100%

Second season op more to explain the bizarre world and action for future serious arc.

And most important part both forshadowing a broccolis, if you manga readers know what this mean.
Jan 9, 9:13 AM

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The first OP song was catchier, but I'm really enjoying the visuals of this second one.
Jan 9, 9:55 AM
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I think you can't compare new season OP with last season, we need something fresh from last season, so you won't say 'boring' OP
I personally enjoying all the season, just sit back and relax watching from your couch m8
Jan 9, 12:14 PM

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The second has better visuals and the first has a better song.
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Jan 9, 12:20 PM

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I liked the visuals of the first one more, don't really like the second one's that much aside from that fighting bit that one's epic.

Now the song on the other hand. 99.9 is waaay better.
Jan 10, 6:22 AM

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Ok some fan translation of the second OP came out, and I have to say the lyrics alone tipped the balance towards OP2. The amount of foreshadowing in it exceeds the visuals, hitting the deepest spots of MP100 as a series.
Jan 10, 1:00 PM
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I would still say the first is the best
Jan 10, 1:49 PM

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First one has the best song but fuck if I don't love the animation for S2.
Jan 10, 1:53 PM
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first one have better song but the second one have better visuals
Jan 10, 6:38 PM
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I liked 1st one. Song was quite catchy, visuals also bvery good, but my favurite part was "counting" with pieces of manga in background. Thirty one, thirty two... etc
Jan 10, 7:39 PM

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visuals are pretty good but enjoy the first song better
Jan 10, 7:51 PM
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Obviously the first one the song was better back then
Jan 11, 12:06 AM

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Second OP is better, both OPs are very hype inducing and excellently choreographed, but OP 2 is simply more epic!
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Jan 12, 9:22 AM
Lala Deviluke❤️

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I prefer the first opening due to the song.
Jan 13, 12:55 AM
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Definitely the first one is better but the second is also pretty good I liked the visuals of the second one more than the first
Jan 13, 3:12 AM

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Unpopular opinion, but I think OP 2 is better.
Jan 13, 3:20 AM

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I prefer the visuals of the first op, but the second one has a better song.
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Jan 15, 8:56 AM

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first one by far. i think i liked the second's visuals a bit more but it would be overall hard to beat the hype of the first!
Jan 15, 11:37 AM

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OP 1 has a better song.
Jan 15, 12:32 PM
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The first is much better imo. Not that the second one is bad, it just isn't as addicting.
Jan 27, 4:26 PM
Polish Hussar

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For now I prefer the first one, my attitude may change in the future though... who knows

Jan 27, 4:39 PM
Osomatsu's wife

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The first one. The second one is good, but it's not clicking with me like season one's did.
Jan 27, 4:48 PM

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that's,,, really hard in all honesty

i prefer the visuals of 99.9 to the first by a bit more, yet i adore 99's music. i'm gonna have to side with 99.9 overall, though; i feel like it'll definitely fit the upcoming events within the season a lot more than the first one, but that's just my opinion. both are masterpieces in terms of anime OPs.
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Jan 30, 12:54 PM

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I like them both equally, both are catchy but the one thing I dislike about the new one is the "Get ready" while I love the entirety of the first Mob op.
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Jan 30, 1:11 PM
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Second OP looks stunning but lacks the hype factor that the first provided in spades.

So I'll go with the first one.
Jan 31, 2:48 AM
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S1 ed easily wins over both op and s2 ed
Feb 3, 2:53 AM

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First opening by a slim margin. I personally think the second opening's song is stronger than the first, but the first opening has superior visuals and is better at integrating the song into the opening itself. You could definitely make an argument for either being better than the other, but to me the first is just a more cohesive whole.
Feb 3, 7:00 PM
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second one way better. it is op
Feb 3, 9:20 PM
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I'm gonna say the second OP, it just gets me so hyped up
Feb 3, 9:26 PM
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I think the best opening is domestic na kanojo because the song has a lot figurative meanings about women....I definitely team rui
Feb 4, 3:41 AM

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Season 1's was the best! :)
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Feb 4, 10:57 AM

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Tbh i didnt like the second one when i first heard it but now its my favorite between the two.

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Feb 6, 2:50 PM
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the current easily
Feb 21, 10:57 PM

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Coming down
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(2nd > 1st)
Feb 23, 2:16 AM
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99.9 > 99
Not even close
Feb 23, 5:48 AM
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I prefer the song and the references of the second OP, but the first one is also very good.
Feb 23, 10:29 AM
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2nd OP definitely. I love the hype of the 1st one but 99.9 is a total ducking banger. I live the slightly more serious tone to it too, hearing it during the Mogami and Reigen arcs finally sold me on just how much I love the new OP
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