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Poll: Dororo Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 7, 5:03 PM
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Update: Amazon finally released the subtitles for this. It says English commentary haha.
Jan 7, 5:05 PM

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dis is good, i had high expectations when i saw the pv a while go

was not disappointed this has potential to be great

this world feels like dark souls in a sense just nothing but suffering
Jan 7, 5:33 PM

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lmaooo glad to see i'm not the only one who thought they were on the wrong anime when MAPPA's intro played.

i have high hopes for this one. not many shows caught my eye this season so i wasn't that excited but Dororo restored my hype. now let's just wait and see if our expectations are met in the long-run
Jan 7, 5:34 PM

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Fantastic episode.

First of all, what the hell Mappa? That intro caught me crazy off guard. XD

Read the synopsis which sounded promising and this was a fantastic start. Might be the best premiere of this season.

From what I saw, it seemed like the demons wanted to take the life of both the Lord's wife and his child but the Buddha protected both of them, unfortunately the kid did not come out unscathed. He lost everything but somehow kept his life.
I'm genuinely interested in how the kid survived. I wonder if that badass grandpa saved him somehow.

I thought that the first heir shown in the beginning was named Dororo and not the orphan it turned out to be.
Looks like whenever he defeats a demon, the first heir regains some part of the body.

The atmosphere is bleak and dark. Just watching it makes you feel a gloomy.
Production seems great, the art and animation were really good especially all the samurai action scenes.

Can't wait for more, this might turn out to be really really good.
Jan 7, 5:50 PM

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I still find it sad that they didn't use a remix ver of the 1969 op for it, mostly cause the 1969 ver is just a song trash talking on Samurai
Jan 7, 5:50 PM

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zamandzoe said:
Great episode. So far, it's easily the most impressive (non-sequel) of the season. There's still a ton left to premiere this week, so we'll see how it holds up.

+ Great Premise
+ Solid Animation
+ Ending Sequence Was Great

+ The OP song was a bit... Odd? It felt a little too "modern" compared to the setting of the show.
Pretty much how I felt too, but the visuals for the OP and the ED in general were great though

But this episode flew by so fast for me....I had a damn great time with this one
Jan 7, 5:56 PM

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Such a heartbreaking, epic, action packed, great animation and a potentially great story line opening episode. So that is how he will get his body parts by a lightning strike.

I think me and this anime are going to get along great, if I rated anime before they end this would be a 9 so far.
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Jan 7, 6:00 PM

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Man this first episode was awesome. Between this Mob Psycho II and Slime Monday is so stacked this season.
Jan 7, 6:03 PM
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This is going to be my first complete viewing of any adaptation of Dororo(I've watched a few scenes of the live action one a few years ago) and so far loving every minute of it.
Jan 7, 6:10 PM

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The main problem I see coming is the fact that is was one of Tezuka's few unfinished manga, in fact he just stopped making it and they didn't know why, so the 1969 anime had to quickly make a ending for the pilot episode and that's that they used for the full tv show as well. So it'll be interesting to see if MAPPA goes with the 1969 ending to if they decide to change it.
Jan 7, 6:11 PM
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This promises!! The animation was great and the story is really intriguing.
The gem of this season.
Jan 7, 6:33 PM

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Die_Hard said:
The main problem I see coming is the fact that is was one of Tezuka's few unfinished manga, in fact he just stopped making it and they didn't know why, so the 1969 anime had to quickly make a ending for the pilot episode and that's that they used for the full tv show as well. So it'll be interesting to see if MAPPA goes with the 1969 ending to if they decide to change it.

They'll probably go for a original ending, seems to be the trend with this series. The manga not having a conclusive ending gives whatever adaption a lot of wiggle room for whatever ending they want. Personally I really liked the ending that the PS2 game gave us.
Jan 7, 6:50 PM

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Anyone else cry from how great the op was?
Why did Daigo kill the old man? What was the old man trying to do?
I'm just trying to imagine how awful it would be for that woman to carry a child for months, then when it's born for her (husband I think?) to send it away to be killed and tell her to do it again. It looks like the second child was much better off but I'm thinking if the show runs long enough there might be a chance for the 2 to meet and it's probably not going to end well.
I super dig the setting and the supernatural monsters, this was overall a great start and knowing it's a adaptation of an older show makes me hopeful that it'll have more of a plan. Here's hoping this show stays as good as the first episode.
Jan 7, 7:01 PM
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I loved this type of show and I cant wait to continue it! If I remember correctly, someone who is working on the show said something about 15 episodes on Twitter.
Jan 7, 7:06 PM
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OP and ED 's are lit!
Jan 7, 7:06 PM

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First time I see such an old remake.
I like it to look like those old anime I've seen since I was a kid.
Jan 7, 7:21 PM
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The first episode kinda seemed pretty dope...
Im probably going to like it alot and it has kinda the same animation as Mushishi...
Well off to watch the first one...
Jan 7, 7:23 PM

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  • Opening song is kinda weird, don't know yet if i like it or not.
  • Everything in the first episode was on point. I predict this will be anime of the season.

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Jan 7, 7:23 PM

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A great pilot episode. Classic samurai story with demons sounds like something I will enjoy thoroughly. The visual is strong and the directing is good.
Everybody seems to hate the OP but I think it's good, especially the visual. I love the ED as well.
Jan 7, 7:26 PM
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Really enjoyed the first episode! Was really excited for this, so far, not disappointed. I actually liked the OP song, it is a bit...different, and yeah the English. The English in Banana Fish's OP2 was such a turn off that I can't finish watching the OP listening to the song, but for Dororo, I'm willing to disregard the English for the overall tone of the song, which I think is great. The visuals are on point as well.

I love it when a child character is voiced by an actual child, it feels more natural. Dororo's VA is doing a great job so far. Asada Hiroyuki's character designs are great as well, loved his artwork in the ED. As for the story, it's definitely set a dark, eerie tone. The small buddha statue having its head get taken off sent chills down my spine. Looking forward to the next episode!
Jan 7, 7:41 PM

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Potential AOTS it seems. Also, Dororo is dangerously feminine. It's a conspiracy to turn the frogs (kappa) gay. :^)
Jan 7, 7:57 PM
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First episode was great. Animation and atmosphere especially. The only thing I hated were the opening and ending songs, especially that opening.
Jan 7, 8:05 PM

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I definitely like the concept and the setting so far. The two main characters are pretty interesting as well. They're some technical aspects that didn't look right and the OP wasn't that great, but it was definitely an intriguing first episode.
Jan 7, 8:14 PM

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Favorite thing about this so far is Hyakkimaru's blank eyes and stare. Hopefully if he gets them back they don't change in appearance too much.

Only thing that bothered me is how sludge was defeated by a bridge breaking. Unless there's some myth/reference I'm missing in relation to the demon.

OP is okay with me. Probably would not listen to just the song but the visuals made it enjoyable. I like amazarashi so I do like the ED.
Jan 7, 8:24 PM

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I read the source and while it had its moments it never really left much of an impression. This already felt more substantial to me.

For once, I also really appreciate the modern injection in the visual department instead of Tezuka's designs.
I've always loved Asada Hiroyuki's artwork anyway.

Episode didn't disappoint which i'm glad for and it flew by as well.

Nice Dororo voice too. Much needed break from grown women stretching their voice to sound as young as possible.
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Jan 7, 8:29 PM

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i have to say the kid who voices dororo did a really good job.
Jan 7, 8:36 PM

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What a strong start just WOW. Everything just instantly gripped me in. Story, characters and that action sequence all top notch. This has a really interesting premise I hope it continues this quality. The OP and ED were both fantastic as well.
Jan 7, 8:43 PM

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Wow, I remember playing a PS2 game with a plot similar to this. It was pretty sick. Probably based on this story huh.
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Jan 7, 9:14 PM
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I feel that this anime met the expectations I had after seeing the PV.
the art is spectacular, next to the design of characters, the baby without skin and eyes left me quite amazed. The fight against the monster was amazing, it's incredible that the guy there could move and fight like that since he has no eyes.
Dororo seemed quite daring for his age, but maybe it was because he had a difficult childhood, although later we will know. Apparently the boy must defeat the monsters to recover his body parts, although how many monsters he will have to defeat to recover his full body?.
Jan 7, 9:23 PM
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I never really liked seasons animes but I got say that I'm very very veeeery excited with Dororo. Like Mob and Fukigen, those animes will be the best of this season.
Jan 7, 9:24 PM

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this was such an amazing first episode! looking forward to the next ones.
Jan 7, 9:26 PM

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This was pretty damn good. I hope it's 2+ cour. I was somewhat familiar with the story premise but this is my first exposure to Dororo in animated form.

Was not disappointed.
Jan 7, 10:01 PM
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It was a big start for this anime, I Am waiting for a new anime with success, good story and action and this one seems to have the swing since I found the review of the main plot and given 'Plan to watch'. I hope a lot of fun since now on.
Jan 7, 10:14 PM
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I love the character designs and the art-style. The backgrounds were painted on paper, and you can see bloom effects in some places. CG backgrounds are cool, and they suit modern or Sci Fi settings, but historical and fantasy settings work best with actually painted backgrounds.

I wish they made the op and ed songs sound more like traditional Japanese songs. Especially the op. English lyrics and historical Asian stories don't quite go well with each other.

Wonder how old Dororo is. Looks like he'd be no older than three years old in real life based on that body of his. But, if I take artistic liberties into consideration, he should be six to ten years old. Would people really beat someone that young?

I was thinking that the 'nii-chan' looks really beautiful, but then his face fell off. lol.

I am not really sure what this story is about, but it makes me curious. Can't wait for the next episode!
Jan 7, 10:39 PM

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That was a really good episode. I randomly decided to check it out without knowing much about it, but man that really surprised me.

Also the blinking of the eyes at the end.. HYPE.
Jan 7, 10:48 PM
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The HYPE is real.

What an excellent premiere episode that's for sure. The dark fantasy action-adventure is starting slow but surely jam-packed.

Pretty much an intro for Dororo, and is voiced by a young teenager! WOW is the VA really getting close on quality.

As is with MAPPA and OSTs, the English OPs are weird, but more so with this, but Amazarashi's ED was perfect.

Can't wait for more to come.
Jan 7, 11:06 PM

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uninstallthegame said:
new MAPPA logo? for a second i thought i'm watching the wrong thing, kek

Yeah, caught me off guard thinking Dororo was set in modern day with that motorcycle sequence.

@ Topic
I absolutely find the songs for the opening and ending disgusting. The modern pop culture songs do not work with the feudal Japan setting of the show. It's not like the opening for Samurai Champloo at all. Main character also caught me surprised with those prosthetic blades. Seems he regains his body piece by piece for every demon he kills. I don't mind monster-of-the-week type of plot this time.
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Jan 7, 11:07 PM

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I'm honestly blown away by this anime! Dororo is such a chad
Jan 7, 11:18 PM

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I really liked the opening theme, surprised you guys aren't digging it. I've also never seen any of the original stuff so I was kinda surprised the kid was actually Dororo and not Samurai Dr. Black Jack. Really dig the atmosphere and music so far too.

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Jan 8, 12:08 AM
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Now this is what I'm talking about! Some old school animation right here! Alright MAPPA keep this up and you'll finally have an anime made by you that I genuinely like!
Jan 8, 1:38 AM
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This is amazing. One of the best 1st episode in this season
Jan 8, 1:41 AM

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This is how God made anime
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Jan 8, 2:48 AM

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Not bad not bad at all.

I saw the live action before but I think the anime is better though, but we shall see !!
Jan 8, 3:02 AM

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i freaking loved the 1st ep!!
Jan 8, 3:04 AM

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also, why is there a review already?.....
Jan 8, 3:10 AM
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momosemomo said:
also, why is there a review already?.....

One word - infantiles.
Jan 8, 3:22 AM
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I have... so many questions. Can't wait to have them explored in later eps. Might start the original source material in the meantime.
Jan 8, 3:27 AM

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I don't know lot about Tezuka. But from reading descriptions of his work (or their adaptions) they don't seem to be stuff I'd like. (Feels more like "pure" shounen without too much interesting plot.) I liked that Atomt Beginning anime though.

This anime I'm going to watch only because it is MAPPA. They usually are good at creating an atmosphere (especially with the voices, sound, music). So far the OP was not really too my taste. A bit more like death metal (like Shingeki no Bahamut) would have been better. Or melodic/classic and more calm. (Instead of something in between with a bit of english words.)

The young thief boy and the bandits ... I liked them. (Would have preferred if the bandits had survived and allied with the boy in the end.)

The other guy ... well don't like those ugly stuff with him being without eyes and stuff ... as a baby. And later because he does not talk (yet) - this might get better.

I don't expect too much for the plot. But some nice fast paced action ... would be enough for me. Maybe confrontation with the father. (Land might get less fertile as demons - who helped as per contract - get killed.) The fight was fun - and not too long/slow. The demon ... well ... not that interesting.

I liked that rain at the beginning. Outside very loud. In the temple with opened door you still can hear it (not that loud anymore). Then with the door closed you don't hear it anymore. Maybe I'm paying too much attention because I like MAPPA. And such stuff should be basics for every animation studio ... but I guess there still might be some outside that don' pay attention too such details. (Where there might have the sound of rain completely stopped once the guy was inside even though door still opened. Stuff like that.)
Jan 8, 3:39 AM

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First episode was interesting. Seems like an anime i will enjoy so far :)
That opening is fantastic, too.

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Jan 8, 3:40 AM

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reeeeee gtfo out of my series normies
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