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Jan 2, 10:53 AM

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Yessss! One of the very very few harem anime I enjoy.

Let's talk until our tongues go dry.
Feb 7, 8:47 PM

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Apparently there'll be a massive time skip, and it'll be about Tenchi's children.

Tenchifan30 wrote: "Guy who created Tenchi has to know how many years fans have been waiting for Tenchi to choose some one and for them to just gloss over it like nothing?! Come on man."

But isn't that precisely the most quintessentially Tenchi Muyo way to handle that? :D This franchise gradually became a masterwork of dissatisfaction.

I really thought I'd die without ever seeing him with anyone in the OVA timeline.
Jul 12, 6:52 PM

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This has been the frustrating thing with following the Tenchi Muyo franchise in recent years. Series creator Masaki Kajishima's been known to create a good number of novels and doujin material that expands on story and character elements for the OVA continuity. However, much of it has never gotten any kind of release outside of Japan (beyond the recent Western release of the True Tenchi Muyo novels) and from what I gather, Kajishima hasn't adapted any of it to anime form because he hates to repeat work he has done in the past. As a result, only diehard Tenchi fans in Japan have access to the extra media materials and will be able to know and follow what events transpired since the prior Tenchi titles because they have access to materials that those outside Japan don't have.

This made things frustrating for my viewing of the 4th OVA series because of characters and conversation on events that were apparently brought up from a novel series written by Kajishima that greatly expands on story material in Tenchi Muyo GXP. I imagine this won't be any different for trying to follow things with this new OVA series since it's a sort of follow-up to a later doujin series done by Kajishima.
Yesterday, 5:25 PM

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Official announcement:

Scroll down to my post in that thread for a bit of cautious optimism. Though of course I'm excited to see this timeskip setting, even if it does turn into even more committee meetings.

Copied from a post I wrote on ANN: "Just a wishful thought, Tenchi teaching his child(ren) about their Juraiian heritage and passing on the legacy would be a great thing to see, regardless of its place within a novel narrative I know nothing about."