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Poll: Nanatsu no Taizai Movie: Tenkuu no Torawarebito Episode 1 Discussion

Dec 31, 2018 12:46 AM

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Nice to see Meldiodas group all together again

Dat Escanor's Rainbow puke tho

Ban's and Meliodas fights are always amusing to watch

Pig Mom is damn OP no wonder why she's called the mother of chaos

Dec 31, 2018 1:30 AM

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This was a very bland movie for me, not gonna lie. But still not the worst movie I've seen by any means.

Action looked good enough for me to not hate this movie.
Dec 31, 2018 1:38 AM

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i don't really know what to say about this. it was quite normal, i've now come to accept the fact that movies of original series aren't as entertaining.
Dec 31, 2018 2:50 AM
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Wasn't the best movie but it wasn't bad.
Dec 31, 2018 5:26 AM

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it was an okay movie, it's always good to see anything nanatsu related
it was funny when that lion demon said that he's the lion king of the jungle infront of escanor
not a good choice of words when you're up against the real thing

i liked the spirit bomb at the end
also solaad and elle are the one shot versions of meliodas and elizebeth, i found that little trivia cool
hawk mama is a beast

and poor baltra lol
if you're getting a very very rare fish like skyfish let ban cook it such a waste
i don't know if they were expecting any different reaction to meliodas cooking


Dec 31, 2018 9:52 AM
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Watching this, just like eat at a new restaurant, the food taste not good but not bad either. And you wont eat at that place again or recommended to other people
Dec 31, 2018 11:49 AM

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Rather entertaining and hence a gratifying, mainly to see all the Characters of this franchise back, side-story movie for me!

Solaad was your average typical main character throughout and a bit wimpy at times but nothing much of a turnoff or so to say. Seeing the usual ways of life of the 7 members of the Seven Deadly Sins was a fascinating treat too! Other celestial characters, such as Erlatte, Granny Banes and Warrior Zoria, All has their moments and that’s always pleasing to see! Hawk and the Granny’s jokes throughout the movie was cho-very hilarious and it’s always nice to see the ‘Captain of Waste Food’ at his very best xD. Comedy of the Movie in general, as such, was great and so was the glorious Sound Department which really elevated some of the scenes off the charts, that’s typical Sawano Hiroyuki for ya! Action choreographies and just the animation as a whole was brilliant for this movie, some of those background sceneries were mesmerising, so that’s another yet great Department. Storyline could’ve been better, to say the least, and I’m honestly glad the movie was lengthy enough for it to be fleshed out, but at the end of the day it’s just a side-story movie(aka cash grab, nothing wrong with this though). Lots of really cool moments in the episode too, particularly some of the scenes focusing on Meliodas of course(such as the high five there with Ban during a really pivotal moment, the scene where his demon side kicked in and he effortlessly broke the demon’s sword and the final Seven Deadly Sins Combo: the Seven Deadly Sins manoeuvre among many) but also for the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins too(Escanor was prideful and a delightful treat as always, Ban was the usual giving off a really cool aura and Merlin was badass as ever among the more significant ones). Antagonists of the show sadly were just thrown in to the fray to make some kind of a story out of and so we hardly ever got anything out of them except for some cool action scenes. I so wished for at least a short clip of his past with Meliodas or something of the sort, but sadly there was nothing of this sort. Hats off to Mama Pig though, she really stole the spotlight there by swallowing the whole menacing jutsu there and then burping(?) to knock the demon off his ground! Whatever Merlin said in the end though, maji de? Mama Pig could well be the Mother of Chaos but it’s just hilarious thinking about it, even the final scene of her skin fading away to show white spots made it even more hilarious for me. Damn, that embrace by Elizabeth and Erlatte to their respective man though. And xD Meliodas actually cooked some disastrous food for Bartra, what an ingenious birthday present!

All in all, it was a really entertaining and a fun watch, solid 7/10! Hoping to see an announcement for a 3rd Season in the near future now, once enough Chapters are present and we’re good to proceed further!
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Dec 31, 2018 12:45 PM

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Berlion was definitely inspired by Boros(OPM) lol. also same VA

Jan 1, 3:51 AM
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The movie was fun and had a good time, but I've got some questions for manga-readers. Is the movie safe for anime-only fans?

I don't remember Hawk carrying a bag containing items that turn him into a monster which was prepared by Merlin. And Hawk's mom can fly. The movie looks like it took the events after the Commandments arc so I wonder if it contain subtle spoilers.

I'm asking this because I don't read the manga and my bro is very sensitive of spoilers. What do you think?
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Jan 1, 6:27 AM
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Love this movie, the 7 deadly sins are back vs those 6 knights...

And well I LOVE THE BATTLE SCENE!!! Its a great one...

Overall ive enjoy this one...
Jan 1, 8:53 AM
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Boring movie, skipped everything and just watched the fights. I’m afraid the slice of life moments or comedy of this series is just...trash in comparison to when the story started. I guess even the movie couldn’t change that.
Jan 1, 12:01 PM
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Felt like a very average movie with average writing to me. 6/10 because of some of the funny scenes, the suspense one and the battle sequences... but story wise... meh :x
Jan 1, 2:13 PM

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It was wonderful I love that fight "7 no taizai vs any demon clan" just one big minus is that annoying pig things... I skipped like 5 mins in total because of that annoying pink pig... except that it was so good :) just I think 6 knights died too easy I though they will be match equally to 10 commandants (or how it is writting) they would next time make more of fights time instead of praising for pig...
Jan 1, 2:35 PM
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So when does the movie take place or is it not canon in the main anime?
Jan 1, 2:47 PM
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Not entirely sure about the canonicity, like all movies, they tend to wrap themselves up quite neatly. No traces of any of it happening, any introduced characters can't come back, and nobody else knows about them.

As for when it takes place, I'd guess roughly half way into what would be Season 3. From a little bit of research, it seems Hawk's Mom countering the big magic attack is an already established feat, which happens in a chapter past the anime.
Jan 1, 5:08 PM

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doctereleven said:
So when does the movie take place or is it not canon in the main anime?

As a manga reader, This movie is definitely not canon since I know what happens after the events of season 2.

The only canon thing about this is the six black knights.
Jan 1, 5:19 PM

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The first half was decent and had the same fun character chemistry of the series. The Hawk moments were pretty good.

The over arching story was pretty plain. While there was a few good sakuga moments the fight themselves boiled down to the heroes fighting the villains without any interesting characterisations or motivations.

Jan 1, 6:20 PM
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The movie was funny and the battle scenes awesome even when they made the enemies look weak... but I love to see the protagonists OP/powerful so it didn’t really matter to me. These Heaven People and Soraad(?) didn’t interested me and even annoyed me a few times. In general I enjoyed the movie.
Jan 2, 9:00 AM

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really enjoyed it so i give it a 9/10
Jan 2, 9:09 AM
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Bowman145 said:
doctereleven said:
So when does the movie take place or is it not canon in the main anime?

As a manga reader, This movie is definitely not canon since I know what happens after the events of season 2.

The only canon thing about this is the six black knights.

Thanks for letting me know :)
Jan 2, 4:29 PM

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The movie was truly awful and how did Berlion not recognize Meliodas?
Jan 2, 7:54 PM

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Thanks to Netflix I get to watch this. Anyway, a lot of great action, Hawk is adorablenas fuck as usual, transpork lol!. And ofcourse we get to see Hawk mama to eat another powerful attack she's really op! All this time I knew she was the oshiro.

Jan 3, 12:11 AM

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I have one thing to say...
Jan 3, 4:34 AM

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Yonaga-san's character is indeed an important character, to the extend that both worlds mistook him and KajiKaji's character at first when he tried to run away. So that flying fishes are from another world...

Also, I cannot judge if the YouTuber (or a member of YouTuber group) did a good job on voicing the robot-like demon (or iron demon?) with that sound effect.

PrimeX said:
Thanks to Netflix I get to watch this.
Oh, I was wondering why it was released before BD & DVD release on February 27.
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Jan 3, 6:28 PM

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This was garbage, every bit as bad as the Fairy Tail movie.

Why do these anime movies always feel compelled to have some little annoying kid in there?

And the pig...he already ruins the anime series but he was even worse in this.
Jan 5, 1:30 PM
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Had a wonderful time watching the movie...Meliodas's double full counter in the end was amazing
Jan 5, 4:39 PM

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Really lovely movie and just great to see everyone again working so wonderfully together. That combo was just to epic to be honest, really liked that part.

Really loved that ending giving Hawk Mama a whole lot more depth as a pretty static character, and for a movie it really did feel like a short ova as the pacing was that excellent!
Jan 5, 7:15 PM
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It was a "okay" movie, I dont expect much anyway with a film of a series that isnt canon. The fights where good tho but they had to nerf mah boy Escanor but that is understandable 6/10 for me
Jan 6, 5:57 AM

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I actually thought that this movie was fairly enjoyable despite mediocre plot.

But it made up with good action and I like the cast anyway soooo overall an above average movie for me.
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Jan 6, 5:42 PM

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This felt more like a filler arc than an actual movie... And yes, I know those are not canon, so are technically fillers. But this felt like a filler in being cheap. The animation was cheap, you can usually make the difference between a movie and an anime series by the animation quality. And the story was cheap too. Bring copies of the cannon villans, but really really weak in comparison. Parents that don't recognize their child. The cliche old hag for comic relief. The main villain with whom Meliodas had too much trouble, while the others wiped out the others too easy... meh. It was fine at best... 6/10
Jan 10, 1:03 PM

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Mama pig FTW!!!!!
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Jan 13, 8:53 AM

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NIce story and all I guess it was a stand alone story
Jan 13, 5:28 PM

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A generic but enjoyable shounen movie.

It feels really convenient that the celestials just happened to look like Meliodas/Elizabeth.

Action is what made this worth watching.

Mama hawk really is broken!
Jan 23, 12:30 PM

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The enemy was too weak this time, but it wasn't bad.
Hawk's mom was the star of this movie.
Jan 26, 6:44 PM

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Mama Hawk best girl

Jan 27, 4:02 PM

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I felt like the story was super weak as they seem to have recycled the Elizabeth story, where she had to find another being to help with the affairs of the country. It became similar with Solaad where he had to seek out Oshira to help against the demon clan as he was weak like Elizabeth. The whole Solaad/Meliodas switch wasn't executed well enough to be a good plot.

But nonetheless it was enjoyable as hell for me, the fights were amazing and the animation was super fire. I liked that Hawk's momma was given platform too, but I also enjoy seeing Hawk as he is my favorite pig after Porky Pig. The other deadly sins were jerks though in this movie, so I didn't like them. The whole Meliodas dying in the middle of the plot is starting to get tedious, please stop that shit.

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Feb 2, 3:28 PM

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It wasn't a good movie unfortunately. The fight scenes were great and the sky island was beautiful.
It was fun seeing our gang back at it but at the same time they didn't introduce any good new characters, expect for the Elizabeth look alike. She was one of the better "Elizabeths". Solad was wimpy and weak asf, the only thing that'll make him strong is that OP sword.

Cringe moments here and there are what we're used to with Nanatsu no Taizai so I'm not gonna critique that, but I accept that because the series always makes up for them by having the most epic moments. The movie stated them but couldn't make any of them satisfying. Nanatsu no Taizai as a whole is around a 8/10 (except for season 2 being close to 9 because it was to freaking epic), but without the epic moments it's closer to a 6/10 in my book.

So that's what I'll give this movie, a 6/10
Feb 2, 4:33 PM

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As we suspected from the start of Nanatsu, the pig mama is God.
Feb 2, 4:38 PM
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yeah i cant expect something amazing from a movie so, it was ok i guess
Feb 7, 7:25 AM
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First of all.. this is my only opinion..

Story, 8/10
This is a side story where they (Nanatsu no Taizai) is "maybe" finish fighting with 10 Commandments, and introduce a new enemy.. 6 knights of something.. who is basically a jealous member who's not being recruited as 10 Commandments.. and a new place where it didn't affect the original story, which is the sky..
Contains some new Characters who is similar to Meliodas and Elizabeth (but have different attitude)

Fighting Scene 10/10
If I can give 11 I would already do that.. Seven Deadly Sins Combo is such a Masterpiece for me.. a deadly skill like Merlin's Exterminate Ray, Gowther's Blackout Arrow and Escanor's Cruel Sun.. and being Full Counter-ed by Meliodas which is make even deadlier..

Humor 8/10
Even tho I really didn't noticing.. there are some part which is really funny, such as Hawk and Granny's in the movie (actually I really didn't noticing xp)

Overall.. yeah u maybe know that already.. and the plot that Hawk's Mom is actually "their God" is got me good.. that's why she can swallow Monspeet's Birds of Hell and Indura's Beam (I make 'em up) or Derieri's first punch of Combo Star
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Feb 17, 4:16 AM

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This movie is actually pretty decent! But it's not without its share of flaws...

The story, quite cliche in general, but the Nanatsu no Taizai version give it a nice twist making it really interesting, especially how they connect the story to the real events in the original canon story.
Characters in the movie are not really sticking out, but it's amusing seeing how there are Meliodas lookalike and Elizabeth lookalike in the same time and world. Getting to know more about the known characters is also great. Turns out there are some demons who got hung up after not being chosen as the 10 commandments, such as the blued demon dude. But what's the most interesting is the fact that Hawk Mama is Oshiro AKA The mother of chaos That is definitely not some made up thing there, especially for the fact that it's a surprise reveal near the end of the movie.

However, still, besides all the great thing going on the story, depite being interesting, is not really engaging and the characters despite being intriguing is not really likeable...
Aside from story and characters. Animation... Simply freaking amazing! Absolutely epic! The OST are also used excellently!

To be fair , the movie is really enjoyable though!!!
Especially whenever there's Ban, there's some high quality comedy! Such instances are when Soolad called Dianne a monster, causing her to SMASH Ban coming outta nowhere and also when he fucking fainter after being pierced! These scenes got me laughing so damn hard!
Mar 10, 2:12 PM

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rainbow-color puke,
but wow, Escanor excel in everything he does, doesn't he _xD?

scared by giant- runs away- meets random guy- suddenly crushed to a bloody splatter on the ground,
Ban's immortality is so hilarious, i just can't handle it _xD

-movie started good, got slightly less good,
and the ending of the movie made me feel like i watched a PreCure movie- the only thing missing was the free lightwands handed out to the cinema and some character chanting to use them, just.... just a super-silly ending, ugh.

the ending of this movie brought it down too much for me; it felt very dumbed down compared to the rest of the anime, like it was made for an audience several years younger -w-'

overall; a great disappointment
and obviously; Ban was best character.
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Mar 26, 8:45 PM

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When Escanor began to puke I had think on Gintoki from Gintama hahahaha, so good. Meliodas will never be a good cook I guess :D

Overall it wasn't to bad. The setting was nice with the sky island, but at some points I found it a little bit weird. The Black Knights were obviously absolute no opponents for Meliodas and co. That wing sword was quite powerful if even Meliodas couldn't handle it. The fights were okay. Merlin definitely is also toally overpowered omg.

That fight against the Indura was okay. What I really liked about it was that last combined attack of the seven deadly sins. With this and the arc the Indura got pretty rekt.

Poor Bartra almost died because of the dish of Meliodas haha.


Apr 28, 12:29 AM

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Liked this animation , tv show was like lets put one attack then it end , but those fight in this movie , expecialy fox guy fight, but what the hell with story, mc got a new "nanatu no taizai attack that send a rainbow dragon lol
And i dont realy know where this movie is , they talk about the ten comandment , so i guess its after the season 2 , but eli use the season 1 glothes, so i tought it was after season 2 , but they arent together , its like on half of season 2

I guess its not realy time related, maybe alternate story
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Apr 30, 2:31 PM
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Typical action anime movie... Not worth to watch!!! Same shit again and again
Jul 16, 7:05 AM
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wow theres to Melodia And Two Elizabeth,, but this movie show how strong nanatsu taizai is or the enemy is too weak for them,
but lucky for the sky village they meet nanatsu no taizai, before it end like fairy forest,,
and yeah they fight is great with legendary super power and beat the enemy at the end using nantsu no taizai combination mix with full counter that very great,,
then the Hawk mama is the creature that live 3000 years ago that written in sky village legend,,
this is the new info lol..

the movie story is ok i can enjoy this,
the grapich not look like movie,, its average like ussually anime series, i hope its show more hd motion like no game no life zero is better then series,,
then the ending its good enough,,

Aug 17, 4:28 AM

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A kid being chased.
His face.
Diane. Ban. King. Gowther. Merlin. Escanor.
Dat Merlin body.
lol at Meliodas. Pantsu air best air.
Dat bite. Dat light. Dat...
Dat light.
Dat boy.
Diane a bakemono.
Diane oppai jiggle.
He jumps to avoid Ban.
Merlin oppai.
Above the sky.
Ellate. Wings.
Solaad is attacked.
Gara from the 6 knights of black.
To the sky.
Turned green.
The souls.
Neckless Dahaka.
Meliodas saves Zoria.
Full Counter.

And that was the end of the Sorajima arc. It was ok.
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Sep 2, 1:21 AM
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I really, really enjoyed it. If I was rating it based on enjoyment alone, 9/10, but if I had to place aside my bias for the seven deadly sins and rate it objectively, it would be 6/10, maybe lower. As everyone said, the plot was mediocre, the characters' motivations were weak or even never explained, the villains were disposable, a few plot holes here and there. But damn do they know how to choreograph the fights and build up hype. I wanted to watch one and a half hour of my beloved sins destroying some baddies and I got that. I mean if they were able to improve the character development and plot, maybe even humanize the villains, explore the rift between traditional and new thinking in the celestial realm, hell yeah it would have been great, but you know sometimes you just want to see some good ol beat downs.

This movie gained my respect back for the franchise, especially after that shitshow of a season 2. I don't know what the hell happened to the animation, character development, pacing and overall directing in the second half of that season but it was handled ridiculously poorly to me. I think they adapted the manga panel by panel, which basically robbed them of the freedom to improve on the pacing (which made sense for the manga but not for the anime) and to change any weaknesses (too many flashbacks, unecessary characters, unorganized separation of the sins, weak training arc, etc).