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Poll: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 1 Discussion

Today, 2:01 AM
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Good and good and good
Today, 4:33 AM
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Where's episode 2???? Is it today or
8 hours ago

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I like this way better than some guy on some series getting all the girls instantly.

I wish he'd become an avenger who would turn against that country.

5 hours ago

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Hoenstly the first half was generic, predictable, and honestly boring. However that second half was MUCH better. Mainly because Naofumi became a man and not a little bitch of a MC.

Also Tanuki girl? Hell yes I am in for this one.
"So I told her 'Nice try, Granny' and sent her to the back of the line."


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4 hours ago
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i just fucking knew that bitch is up to something because of that book naufumi reading in that library.
man it also teaches you that face is not everything you know
he just got fucking catfished
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