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Dec 4, 9:49 AM

Joined: Jan 2018
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kinda not into anybody from around my area, I've only had like 2 boyfriends and they didn't last long unfortunately. Im kinda quiet so I kinda mind my own business and I have a few close friends and my bros from my job.
Dec 4, 9:53 AM

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i doubt it. besides, im not ready for feelings like that.
Dec 4, 9:55 AM

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What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
Dec 4, 4:07 PM

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Technically speaking not right now, but I always feel lonely and may easily create boundings with someone, I know this might be an issue of mine, but still, what can I do? Love is complicated for me...
Dec 5, 9:24 AM

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I´m in love with my anime husbandos.....does that count?Jokes aside,it´s hard for me to even make friends,which is why i can´t even imagine myself in a relationship at this point.
Dec 5, 9:31 AM

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Yes. I love my fiancée. She is my one true waifu! That said we have history and I am no fool. I support MGTOW and I am prepared to move on with my life should she betray or leave me. I know my sexual market place value. I am an educated black male in peak physical condition. I will always have options. Although I do love being in love and don't ever want to go theough the dating gauntlet again. Which is looking more difficult to navigate with each passing year.

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Dec 8, 6:51 PM

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Right now I have problems to fall in love like in past after 3 failed attempts and 1 broken relationship.

But I have someone, maybe it's not exactly the love but I would be really happy to have a chance to try go out with her and maybe create some relationship, but the problem is that she is 5 years older than me and doesn't have alot of time because of studies and job and we barely see each other so we only chat each other through messenger :/
Dec 9, 12:52 AM

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YES! with anime characters..

unrequited, doesn't exist (╥﹏╥)
Dec 9, 10:07 AM

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Why yes. I'm in love with the person who makes post #111.
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Dec 10, 8:54 PM

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No, I'm not. I used to be a few years ago but he didn't reciprocate or show any signs of liking me even as a friend. We drifted apart and now I haven't been able to feel that way for anyone ever since.


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Dec 10, 9:03 PM
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Man, I wish. Being in love used to be so much fun and now it's hard to :/
Dec 10, 10:03 PM

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While I'd love for that to change, currently no. As a romantic that loves to grandstand, my peak power level is always when I'm enamored by someone.

But if I went full weeb I'd probably go hyuk hyuk I'm maddly in love with mai waifu.
Yesterday, 12:52 AM
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I told her my feelings but she rejected me. going into no contact currently and not hearing about her in any way to make me move on
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Yesterday, 8:32 AM

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I hate to be cynical (well not really) but “being in love” is something your brain does to fool you.

At the core of every human we strive for pleasure and self-interest in order to maintain said pleasure.

“Being in love” is the opposite of that selfish self-interest that in all honesty GUIDES and drives the majority of us in life.

The notion of putting someone ahead of your own self....especially a stranger is illogical.

But you do so for the LONG game...

“I love her so much, I’d do anything for her!” ♥️

But in reality it’s for YOU...we crave attention and companionship...and we think IF we’re “in love” that affection, companionship, and all the pleasure it might bring will be reciprocated.

Of course I’m not saying it’s impossible to be truly “in love” but the majority of people simply fool themselves into thinking that way.

Why do you think MOST marriages end in divorce or with one of the partners cheating or eventually drifting away?!

Because eventually, that self-interest that guides the majority of humans becomes much stronger than being “in love”.
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