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Poll: Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 4, 7:03 AM

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I still dont understand the part where quinella fused her soul with cardinal & returned as admin. what does it mean? does it mean her personality is overwritten by cardinal system's prime directive & no longer hungry for domination?
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Jan 4, 7:11 AM

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Tarotist said:

"System Call. Generate Thermal Element. Form Element, Arrow Shape. Fly Straight. Discharge". Gee it takes a long time to cast a spell...

Exactly. the MC in no game no life would've slashed him while he recite all those commands lol (even the minor antagonist in Isekai Maou to shoukan shoujo knows better.. he quickly attacks & close their distance while Maou is casting spells)
Jan 6, 6:07 PM

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Terrible episode. Sword Art Online's pseudo-intellectual and wankery bullshit is so frustrating, made even worse when it's an ENTIRE episode. This season is going downhill and fast. Started off so good too.
Jan 11, 11:24 AM

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Of course one of the Original Four had to be corrupt. Unfortunately, that makes sense for humans.

It was pretty cool learning about the world building though. I wonder how the story plays out from here...
Jan 21, 9:42 PM

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Umu umu padoru padoru
Jan 31, 4:23 AM

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Nice to see Cardinal and Quinella's story.
Jan 31, 9:15 PM

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This is why I don't like admins.
Feb 9, 8:03 PM

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Feels good Kirito finally found someone who knew about the real world. Before that he's been pretty much alone for over 3 years in there.
Feb 21, 1:02 AM

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That's pretty cool that Kirito's immediate response to taking an arrow was to remove it.

Looking forward to more of the "ja" and "desu wa"

Feb 21, 3:24 PM
Kurumi Best Girl
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Alice and asuna are best girl
Mar 27, 1:18 AM

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That was quite a whole lot of information to go through. The fight was good too.
Jun 23, 12:12 AM

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-If the main character was Eugeo and we started from his perspective, this would be some Matrix type stuff. Putting one of the Underworld people into the robots would be a "Welcome to the real world" moment.

-The accepted religion is wrong and a sham for subjugation, insert truth of creation here. Naturally one of the "gods" is an ass, cuz humans gonna human.

-How come the Cardinal system didn't detect her as a threat? Figured once she attempted to access the master command list that they'd be onto her... However, the librarian does suggest that she may have received outside help, and now she's primarily concerned with preserving the current state of the world with her at the helm. Glasses dude we're on to you. He's probably that mad scientist not going along with the villain's plan, more concerned about the preservation and prolonging of his creation rather than allowing them to grow to the stage where they'd be put to their intended use by the evil boss. We'll see though.

-Do all Integrity Knights have their memory blocked? But they go to an academy to become one, where they form numerous bonds and friendship though?
Aug 19, 11:38 AM
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Oh, we got a lot of history on their world. So, she's basically the one that holds everything, the system itself, that's nice.
Oct 5, 3:56 AM

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So, backstory for the Taboo Index and we know the main villain from this season. On that note, pretty good episode.
Life has no meaning.
Oct 24, 10:23 AM

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When I heard that Umu I was like "Yep, that's Nero" lol.
Quinella looking fine as fuck wew, too bad she inherited that selfish trait.
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