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Poll: Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 15, 8:37 PM

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If it wasn't for Cheelai and Lemo's wish to the dragon, Gogeta would've annihilated Broly. Thanks to them, he was able to be transported back to his planet. I guess the girl loves him, I mean she even went as far as living with him on that planet (along with Lemo of course). I still cannot take away anything from Broly to that fight, damn is he strong! The guy was his first time turning into a super saiyan, but he was able to push Goku and Vegeta who've transcended from that power btw to their limits. The guy fought and was able to overpower them without even transforming, it just proves if he obtains the same powers he would be way way way stronger than any other being. I also enjoyed the beating of Freeza on his gold form, he deserved it after what he did to Broly's father. I hope they make a sequel, because I want another fight between them.

Overall this was great action packed stuff. The story was not that good though, but at least we got a backstory that explained how the saiyans and him started out. I liked how they showed us Frieza's tyranny over the saiyan planet and how Goku was shipped to earth. Broly's story was also interesting. The animation was super great, particularly the action scenes, because most parts of the movie were based on action scenes. This is my first entry of Dragonball, and I must say this is strange. It was also my first time watching in subs, I usually watched the English dubs way back. And I must say Dubs are better than subs on this franchise, vAs weren't fitting for the characters. Like why does Goku sounds like a granny and Vegeta sounds like a Japanese little boy bully:-D. shit!

8/10. for enjoyment.
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Oct 17, 7:09 AM

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All i can say is that the movie would have been better off without the bad CGI.
Apart from that, liked the movie and the new characters.

Also classic animation style was good. Some of the mixed cgi was good. But the full on broly cgi fights were terrible.
Oct 24, 8:50 AM

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Not bad, it's interesting they took another spin on broly to be honest, but with the amount of cgi I was a bit pulled back with that it pretty much looked like on of their video games.

Besides that story was it was not bad and yea lots of opening for anything like a sequel or other movies like they did with the dbz movies.

All in all a good watch.
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