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Dec 6, 2018 6:38 PM
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It was nice but because the score was so high in Mal and the praises I thought it was going to be a masterpiece
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Dec 6, 2018 6:41 PM

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It’s almost as if people have a different opinion than you do. Who would have ever thought?
Dec 7, 2018 6:58 AM
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this time u actually tried to even make some reasoning around the topic sub human
im proud ... jk
go kill yourself ...;3

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Jan 18, 2:13 AM

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The score is really high tbh. If it were only 4 or 5 episodes long I would have given it a 9 or 9.5 It just got really repetitive, predictable, and didn't progress very much towards the latter part of the season. I understand the author wanted to make Saitama stronger and even more powerful than you thought throughout the season but it doesn't create any nice tension when he can do just about everything.
Jan 30, 2:05 AM

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I don't think so and please stop putting "OVERRATED" through the forum discussion

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Mar 18, 5:52 PM

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indeed, mal's users taste are so shit

the humor and comedy not that good, they cant balance and distinguish the serious part and funny part, many case tht hype scene ended with lame nonappropriate way.

the moral value is none, all character are shallow.

the only shit worth is the visual and premiae (audio is average).
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Mar 20, 4:34 AM
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I bet this thread would be locked but I agree same with ONE's other work....
Mar 23, 5:42 AM
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I’m quite dumbfounded also. The score is overwhelmingly high and yet the story is quite average: the plot doesn’t make much sense, I don’t quite understand where the story is heading to (he wants to be a hero and yet he’s already stronger than god himself) and the fights are quite repetitive and predictable.

Mar 24, 1:33 PM
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It is a masterpiece. It's somehow funny, action packed, AND visually appealing with cool characters.
Mar 25, 5:12 AM
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One Punch Man is a hero for fun and thats what the anime is all about. Its like a parody for shounen, all it has is a hero that wins in single punch.Its good for Comedy but lacks everything like character development, story line ,etc. But its amazing if you want a hero for fun.
Mar 25, 5:20 AM

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Weak bait, try again later.
Mar 28, 3:03 PM

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nah it is amazing one of the best anime of all time. Comedy, animation, characters, music, all these things are 10/10
Mar 31, 7:04 AM

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Mob Psycho 100 >>>>>> One Punch Man.
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Mar 31, 7:12 AM
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One Punch Man >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mob Psycho 100

Not even close. Boros fight was better than anything in Mob Psycho, and one of the top fights in anime history
Mar 31, 7:14 AM
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This thread already exists if you want to discuss whether or not you feel certain series are overrated.
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