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Poll: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 10 Discussion

Dec 10, 2:31 AM
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GenesisAria said:
Skyguardian said:
Again. It isn't pseudoscience just because you are not smart enough to understand quantum mechanics.
I know quantum mechanics, and it's still pseudoscience.

A) what she is saying is not accurate to quantum mechanics
B) majority of quantum mechanics is ill-founded hypothesis and unscientific speculative mathematical modelling anyway
C) don't insult someone else when you yourself don't know it.

It's not really worth cringing at... the point is that it's Futaba's speculation and hypotheses based on her hobby interests. She's dabbled in the subject so she draws some arbitrary conclusions, which may conveniently seem sensible, but could also be wildly off. I should stress that you shouldn't consider what characters say in a piece of fiction to be word of god to how things work in it's setting when any even remotely non-amateur writer will know that when a character speaks it's that char's perspective. In this story, Futaba's wild speculations happen to help Sakuta solve the problems, and he, being a wise boi, consults people for input when unsure about things.

Dude, look at my post again. xD It was about retarded idol show. That was cringy. Futaba's pseudoscience shit is just a bit annoying at this point.
Dec 10, 7:21 AM
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I belife its less an explanation how, and more a comparsion between the scientific theory and the physical manifestation of the Problem.
It makes no sense, but its not ment too be, its just a metapher explained.
Skyguardian said:
SNDT said:
I really don't like this pseudoscience gibberish from Futaba. All that idol part was cringy as hell. I didn't like that arc.

Again. It isn't pseudoscience just because you are not smart enough to understand quantum mechanics.
Sorrowsenpai said:

Sunaki said:

It is. I remember a Article about a popular Voice Actor who apologice too his Fans, because he got married.
Fans want the phantasy romance, and taking what possibility abway is bad for buisness. And sadly Japanese are more one for all, and against all for one.

Voice actor Kamiya Hiroshi forced to apologise for marriage; may affect future roles in games

based on my upbringing in western society, that is stupid (to me)

It is.
Its a hell of an unfair treatment. In Manga, the workingworld, Idols... Japanese didnt even take more whan 2 Days Vacation, just because the work is soooo important. And overtimework is normal.
Its the same Kamikaze mentality from WW2. Everything for the Systhem.
Dec 10, 8:47 AM

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I can't wait to see the next episode. Seems like Mai can have some problems cause of the photo.
Dec 10, 3:34 PM

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That sudden switch made me shock. Still, I was more surprised that they made an issue about Mai and Sakuta just now.

Dec 11, 5:08 PM
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I find myself agreeing with those saying this was the weakest arc. That being said, I love this show so even it’s weakest arc is still good. I find myself completely disinterested in idol culture, so the arc really had to sell me on Nadoka, which I feel it wasn’t able to. She was just too simple, and unlike Koga, there wasn’t a lot of layers to make you appreciate her character.

I think people are being really hard on his parents. Yeah, what they did is shitty and inexcusable, but they are people. His mom had a breakdown and his dad didn’t know what to do. Sakuta seemed to be able to handle it well, so he unfairly left that burden on his son. I think Sakuta is mature enough to realize that, while his parents are not fully capable parents, they do care.

That being said, I’m hype for the next arc. I feel like these last episodes might start pushing Sakuta emotionally. We got a tease of him breaking his cool attitude in the first arc, and I’m hoping we get to see more of it coming up.
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