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Yuri fans im just stating my opinion. Ironically you just triggered by my comment and i watch 3episodes ,and the show is slow so i on hold it.
2 hours ago
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Afezeria said:
GweAnakJakarta said:
By that extremely flat environment criticism, he's probably making a remark on how all the girls in the show doesn't have large breast and seems way too realistic, which doesn't tuned in with his preference. And regarding the so called pacing issues, like I said earlier, they're begging for that asteroid to fall into the city, thinking that action is a hidden genre for YagaKimi, eventhough it's supposed to be, you know, a show that focused on character's finding their identity and objectives in their particular environment.

maybe he just want his daily does of big tiddies typical ecchi + harem with no story or character development at all
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