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Poll: Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 8, 2:31 AM

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Man that was an emotional start... But glad Mob is striving to become more 'human' now.
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Jan 8, 3:06 AM
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It was truly great, nothing more to say.
Jan 8, 3:18 AM

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Mob's power are personification for Love.
It is the first time that Mob showed his interest, his love, his power to someone else (except from reigen and all the psychics).
I really loved the metaphorical sense of the last scene.
Jan 8, 3:20 AM

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I also really like how he is making people better without even trying to.
He made the girl saying out loud that she's into novel's writing but before meeting mob she was hiding it.
Jan 8, 3:23 AM

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Jan 8, 4:06 AM

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Holy cow starting episode was wholesome AF!
Jan 8, 4:17 AM

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Off to a great beginning. Emi's my fav girl :^)
Jan 8, 4:23 AM

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What a beautiful first episode!
Jan 8, 4:27 AM

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This was a wholesome episode
Mob deserves happiness and a hug
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Jan 8, 4:45 AM
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Didn't expect to get emotional so fast when Mob started to tear up.
Jan 8, 4:55 AM

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I'm glad most people loved it. I saw some people saying it was boring and that felt like them saying, "I hate character development".
Jan 8, 5:21 AM

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Wow, I really missed this show and brought me back memories.
Jan 8, 5:33 AM
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how the great first episode of the season,,
mob look like trying to accept his feeling and dont try to hold it and blow after 100%,,
Jan 8, 5:44 AM
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I LOOOVED the first episode

I was beautiful with great animation and I wish it was Monday right now so that I can watch the next episode
Jan 8, 5:47 AM

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KyouKaiTen said:
This is the very definition of overrated

All your favourite anime are the very definition of overrated
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Jan 8, 6:18 AM

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Old_School_Akira said:
KyouKaiTen said:
This is the very definition of overrated

All your favourite anime are the very definition of overrated

\whoosh said by someone who like pretentious anime
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Jan 8, 6:23 AM

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Pretty fast paced... The only thing i didn't really enjoyed. Beyond that, this just felt fresh. The op ain't 99 but 99.9 ain't bad. I like the orange tone.
Jan 8, 7:54 AM

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Can I just give Mob the biggest hug ever ? Anyway great episode, it will definitely be one of the best shows this season
Jan 8, 8:05 AM

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Eh. I dont know how I feel about this show becoming a romcom.
Jan 8, 8:20 AM
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That was a sweet episode.
Jan 8, 8:42 AM

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That was amazing. The OST sounds great so far. I feel like the emotion you feel when Emi confesses to the dare is the same one Mob feels. It's like a suckerpunch, but it doesn't really feel that bad. He was just being considerate, but he had to sort out some thoughts because of it.

Mob confronted the girls and it was so hard for him that he cried through it. Smol boys need to be protected.
Jan 8, 8:45 AM
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Pretty good first episode. A little surprised that they've started off with an abstract subject, but oh well...
Jan 8, 9:03 AM

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Mob Harem 100? :' )
I just want my avatar animated someday......
Jan 8, 9:17 AM

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I missed this show too much and so glad it came back so strong.
Jan 8, 9:28 AM

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Oh my god... OH MY GOD! The second half of the episode instantly became one of my favorite parts of the series. Like damn!
A brilliant opening episode. Hopefully this second/last season only goes upwards from here.

And now i'm going to re-watch the OP again because it looks like Mob Psycho will go classic shonen during the Claw parts. Which is again something i enjoy.
Jan 8, 10:06 AM

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Soooooo fucking happy this show is back, and if it turns out to be 24 episodes that would just be amazing
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Jan 8, 10:43 AM

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ok wow Mob and the girl and the crush at the end was also impressed.... such a great episode for a first one
Jan 8, 11:30 AM
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More than just the fighting we actually get to see Mob's feelings and how people feel about Mob.
What he did helped him with his crush and inspired the writer
Jan 8, 12:25 PM

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Really strong way to start a season.
Jan 8, 2:00 PM
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Finally S2 is here!!! It was kind of surprising for Mob to show his psychic powers to someone else. And I guess a relationship is brewing!!!!!!
Jan 8, 2:55 PM

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What a fucking amazing ending, I was like I can't believe this shit poor Kageyama until the part where he manned up for the girl, then it became so wholesome!
Jan 8, 7:07 PM

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I still like Tome and Ichi better as female characters. That episode was good, a lot happened, farm scene was cool, Mob figured out a new way to use his powers, Mob going for student council president was LUL material. Lastly, Mob and Emi part was very heartwarming, especially that ending - Dimple finished it off with some good comedy.

Jan 8, 8:08 PM

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Besides the first part on the farm it didn't really feel like a first episode to a new season. It was still fantastic anyway. The ridiculous faces are as wacky as ever and man that new OP killed it. I loved when Mob revealed his powers to that girl (Emi?) as well, and the "Smooth" from his crush was great. I really hope to see more of Emi as well. The only thing I'm missing is Reigen's English voice. I can't wait to see the dub.
Jan 8, 8:13 PM

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Good guy Mob. So thankful for shows like Mob Psycho that don't rely on starting controversies to pull in viewers, which has been happening at an alarming rate lately. Mob Psycho 100 exists on its own merits. Mob's a good kid who treats others with kindness, while also trying to learn how to love himself. It's a show with a lot of empathy and heart. Glad it's back.
Jan 8, 8:34 PM

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Mob Psycho 100 returned and once again instantly puts its name into AOTY contention barely a week into the new year.
Jan 8, 10:02 PM

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What a beautiful start. AOTS? Lets see.
Jan 8, 10:27 PM

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A pretty underwhelming op. Hopefully I’ll like it more later on.

The girl has some pretty shitty friends.
Jan 8, 11:25 PM

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The HYPE returns! Welcome back Mobu S2!!!
Jan 8, 11:47 PM

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Man.. Shigeo is such a sweet child
Jan 9, 2:35 AM
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It was a very strongest 1st episode that I've saw in a decade! Even Violet Evergarden don't give out this much Impression on the first episode.
Jan 9, 10:46 AM
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I watched Mob Psycho Season 1 twice also i watched the recap 1 hour episode but i really didn't like it at all i rated the series with 6/10 in my list yet, i liked this episode so much good start hopefully for a better season.
Jan 9, 11:12 AM

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sweet start ..loved the romance aspect.
Jan 9, 12:57 PM

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I remember this part in the manga. I felt so sorry for Mob when that bitch tricked him. It didn't make me feel sorry for her when I found out her own friends were bullying her too.

Anyways, the animation is superb as usual. I keep rewatching the first season and rereading the manga because I love it so much. I love it more than OPM. ONE's original style in fluid, great animation is awesome.

I rewatched the first episode three times already.
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Jan 9, 1:18 PM
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this episode was truly beautiful
Jan 9, 1:51 PM
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Yeap, it's back.
It was fun watching the gang again.
Everyone is exactly as we remember them to be.
Jan 9, 3:27 PM
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before watching, i saw somewhere a comment that said there was 'dating' in this episode and i was honestly discouraged. i love this anime to pieces and since i did not read the manga (i want to avoid major spoilers) i didn't know what to expect, but 'dating' kinda bummed me. conclusion? i'm stupid. loving this as much as i do, you wouldn't expect me to judge this so stupidly. watching this episode made me feel so sad because mob was played again, but then it made me remember why i love him so much as well.

so, reminder to self: this show is not about psychic powers and fighting spirits, it's about a teenage boy who is awkward and just want to live his school life as best as he can, so obviously the kid will have crushes and whatever, it's part of who he is, so enjoy while you can you idiot. :D
Jan 9, 7:05 PM
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I feel like I like Mob pycho more than one punch man because I can relate so hard to these middle school problems, especially communication. I just want the full series to come out right now.
Jan 9, 7:20 PM

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I love the OP, so catchy.

It was a great episode, I really enjoyed it. The last scene with both Mob and Emi picking up the ripped pieces of her novel was very heartwarming. I hope I could see more of her in the next episodes, she seems to be a kind girl with just a few annoying "friends".

All in all, I'm really looking forward to seeing what things this new season will bring.
Jan 9, 8:52 PM

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This was such an emotional episode

I loved how Mob stood up for the girl despite the way she played with his feelings. It tells you how Mob is making a conscious effort to keep growing, and becoming a really good person. I love that aspect about his character.

10/10 episode for me.
Jan 10, 3:27 AM

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Heartwarming start I almost cried...

God I missed this anime
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