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Poll: Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 7, 2:47 PM

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Mob was so cute this episode x)
Jan 7, 2:51 PM

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What a nice , heartwarming episode! Mob is back !!!!!!!

Jan 7, 2:56 PM

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Probably one of the best first episodes of an anime I've seen... Looking to be a great season.

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Jan 7, 2:59 PM

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I forgot how awesome Mob Psycho was. Damn 5 out of 5 episode
Jan 7, 3:01 PM

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i gotta watch S1 real quick so i can hop on this
Jan 7, 3:20 PM

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Mob is so precious, I want to give him a huge hug.
I was smiling thoughout this whole episode :)
Jan 7, 3:25 PM

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Jan 7, 3:29 PM

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Oh my god you will not believe how excited I’ve been for this. Mob Psycho has been one of my favorite series ever and I’m so excited for another season because more of this genius manga needs to get animated. Animation was fucking wonderful as always, glad to see my good man Reigen again, and I LOVED the new opening. I almost think I like this new opening more than the first, and that’s so hard to top because I loved the first as well. I am beyond excited to see more.
Jan 7, 3:36 PM

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Great start for Mob's return. That speech was priceless!! The scene where he fixes the ripped novel from Emi was nice of him, he's so caring of everyone. Tsubomi happened to watch Mob fix up that Novel.. Just a coincidence or?
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Jan 7, 3:38 PM
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I am very happy that Mob is back.
This first episode was great.
It seemed incredible to me that Mob showed his powers to Emi, knowing that he is very cautious about his powers.
The beginning of the episode was great, that root monster was incredible and again Mob demonstrated his power and ability and Reigen continues to use Mob for the exorcism business.
Mezato decides to help Mob to be the new president of the student council, so Mob can call the attention of his beloved Tsubomi and Mezato Mob has more confidence and so she drag him to be the leader of the rare cult in which she is , but obviously Mob gets so nervous that he fails in front of the whole school. I was surprised at all the support that Mob had, his brother, the guys from the bodybuilding club and I guess the kids from the telepathy club.
The confession that was made to Mob was a total surprise, after seeing him depressed this was quite good, despite that Mob rejected Emi, but even so they both went home together and shared fun moments despite not being boyfriends, but It was sad to know that Emi confessed to Mob for a bet, the worst and what bothered me were Emi's friends, they made fun of her novel and they smashed it in her face, but Mob could not stand it and I face them, I also liked it when Mob gave his opinion and told them that they were wrong. The part in which the pieces of the novel that Emi wrote were my favorite, it was a noble detail of Mob to use his powers to recover all the pieces that were blown by the wind and he put together the novel of Emi. Tsubomi witnessed Mob's act of kindness, I hope that he called her attention even if it is a little bit.
Mob Psycho continues to have a very good animation, the Opening is the best along with its animation that was incredible, those sequences of action that we see in the Op left me amazed, the Ending I loved, it sounded a little melancholy, I hope that in the next episode let's see the animation of Ed.
Jan 7, 3:44 PM

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What a great start to 2019

That bookshelf tho, LOL

I guess BONES is going with the same "throw money at the animation team and tell them to make it look awesome" approach that worked so well with season 1
Jan 7, 4:30 PM

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Ahhhh it was so good! Can't believe season 2 is finally here! When Mob was tearing up it made me start to tear up a bit. The scene where he put the novel back together was so well done. Can't wait for next week!
Jan 7, 4:36 PM

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wasn't feeling the first half besides a few chuckles but part b while predicable was really nice ,besides all the awesome animation i just wanna see more character development for mob and the other characters going forward and that was quite good in the aspect already.
Jan 7, 4:54 PM

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man I've missed Mob Psycho 100 since the manga ended, I'm so glad season 2 is finally here!!
this was a really touching episode, it shows how Mob has changed since season 1, and its still as hilarious and well-animated as ever
Jan 7, 4:55 PM

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I accidently spoied myself on this episode this morning, but I decided to wait until I watched it myself before I say anything

The stuff with Mob and this new girl was beyond cute and I honestly kind of want to ship him with her over his school crush (Her reaction to Mob fixing her papers/revealing his powers to her was odd though)

But other than that, this episode had me dying of laughter lol, from seeing Reigen's prices/deals for their business straight up to Mob just freezing up on stage during the election period was just way too hilarious xD

Great start to the new season
Jan 7, 4:55 PM
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1st season was already really amazing and hard to surpass as it was, but I'm already getting vibes that this 2nd season's gonna have no problems one upping its predecessor.

Haven't been as excited for a currently airing anime like this for a while now. Excitinggggg
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Jan 7, 5:07 PM
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I realy love this first episode , one of my top anticipated anime this year
Love Mob
Jan 7, 5:20 PM
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Finally!! Second season of Mob Psycho.
Looking forward to see more of Emi and Mob´s powers.
Jan 7, 5:42 PM
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This episode was really wholesome, loved it!
Jan 7, 5:50 PM

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I see people have written reviews already, the hype is really real!

Great start up episode. Mob being in the student council sure backfired badly, but I liked the compassion he showed that girl. I guess now Mob will have an admirer in her.

Again great opening episode.
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Jan 7, 5:50 PM

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For a first episode, this was pretty great, but the second half of the episode is what sold me. Mob is such a genuine character it brings tears to my eyes. And the animation when he used his powers to get Emi's book back was pretty great. That's why I love this show, simple yet unique character design, yet characters so relatable it hurts e.e

Also, did anyone else read the titles of the books on his bookshelf? BIG mood.

Way to kick off the second season!
Jan 7, 5:56 PM
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Ah man, how I really missed this show.

Loved seeing Reigen and Mob back again doing what they usually do. Pretty damn funny how Mob "trained" to give his speech but didn't utter a word at all.

Mob is such a nice soul. Even after being told a lie by Emi he still defends her work and picks up the pieces of paper. That scene was just beautiful overall.

Just like with season 1, the OP for this season is a total banger. The track and visuals are just top notch awesome. Easily the best OP of the season.

10/10 start for the season. Can't wait for the next episode!
Jan 7, 6:01 PM

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And just like that, the first episode almost manages to tear me up.

Mob is such a great character. I especially love how he used his psychic powers to fix the book only after the strong wind blew away the pieces: he does it because he prefers that people don't know about his powers in fear of how they would react to it, but in this case, I also think it's because it was something that he felt to do without his powers, unless it was really necessary.

Anyway, it's really hard to me to think of a show as wholesome, funny and action packed as Mob Psycho 100, and all of that in the same episode. It's great to be back to it.
Jan 7, 6:01 PM

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Something like this helps me to continually keep the faith in new anime. Great characters and visuals. Ahhhh<3
I want to say I missed it but I rewatched s1 about a week ago and this season's start felt right at home.
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Jan 7, 6:32 PM
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HELL YEAHHHHH depression is GONE thank god 2019 is starting with season 2 of mp100 we're starting the year right!!!!! i have something to look forward to every week now yayyy ^_^
Jan 7, 6:41 PM

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That CGI monstrosity in the opening is amazing. I'm almost positive, going frame by frame, that the animated effect is purely from spinning the model and doing effective framing. Every aspect of the opening switches with every frame cycle (animated by ones) while the CGI model is changed by twos.
I just thought that was a cool detail.
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Jan 7, 6:43 PM
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What's Luffy's straw hat doing here in the beginning
Jan 7, 6:49 PM

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These past 2 years of waiting paid off real good

Awesome start to the new season
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Jan 7, 6:51 PM

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really good way to start this second season
Jan 7, 6:54 PM

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  • First episode was great, I hope it will keep like this!
  • That was indeed smooth ~

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Jan 7, 7:00 PM

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The young saitama returned xD
Mob is someone humble, I loved the scene of the novel.
Jan 7, 7:06 PM
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Didn't Tsubomi know Mob has psychic power when they were children ?
Jan 7, 7:24 PM

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This might be the best pilot episode of this season. Great animation, cool soundtrack, it has everything. The directing is strong and mostly well executed. But the bigger deal is I didn't expect the story and the humor to be this good in just one episode.
Legit thought the girl was legitimately fall in love with Mob, didn't saw that feels coming in the end.
Looking forward to episode 2, I need more animation fest in this show.
Jan 7, 8:03 PM
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That was beautiful. I teared up when Mob teared up. The scene where he used his powers in front of Emi to piece back together her novel was magical. What a wonderful way to start the new season with some touching content.
Jan 7, 8:24 PM

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I know its already gonna be better then season 1 now
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Jan 7, 8:39 PM

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Really enjoyed this episode, at least when they moved from the fields to the city. What I like about Mob Psycho 100 is that, despite not trying to be cerebral or philosophical, it still stands out when trying to reflect insecurities in teenagers in an iinteresting and fun way . Im gonna say the production team cheated with that music to create feelings, but Im fine with it because they did it properly and It didnt felt tearjerking unlike your average highschool melodrama setting.
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Jan 7, 9:12 PM
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She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it! She saw it!
If they are childhood friends then mod definitely got a big chance.
Jan 7, 9:16 PM

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finallyy airedd~~
great first episode~~

ps: i loved ED song!
Jan 7, 9:41 PM

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Let's see...
Reigen is still the best even if he doesn't have much screentime - Check!
Mob is adorable - Check!
Animation is amazing - Check!
Instant opening of the year - Check!
Body Improvement bros are great - Check!

Yup, Mob is back! And the first episode of this season was MUCH better than the first episode of the previous one.
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Jan 7, 9:48 PM
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Anywhere I can find the OP's lyrics?
Jan 7, 10:02 PM
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Wow episode one already pack with actions and love drama.

Can we press F for mob kun got rejected for first try.

But not saying got rejected in bad way. The girl got motivated to created novel again because mob.

I believe she like mob.

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Jan 7, 10:32 PM

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Reigen is checking a case in in some crop fields, he called Mob to solve the spirit situation; the spirit showed itself, but it was destroyed by Mob, getting some farming equipment as payment. Mezato is part of worship related to Mob, but they don’t really know who is the person that started it all (Mob), she thinks that actually Mob is not a leader, so she tried to convince Mob to become the president of the student council, he failed. A love letter was left in his locked by a girl named Emi, she confessed him, but Mob rejected her, despite that, they started to spend time together (Mob became kind of motivated). After a week Emi confessed Mob that the whole thing was a bet with her friends and she left the place. Mob met Emi and her friends destroying her novel (Emi wrote a novel) and he started to pick up the pieces to finally use his powers to fix it (Tsubomi was watching). Emi got inspired by Mob to write.

Finally, the second season is here, Mob’s temperament is always cool, it looks that he doesn’t take the things personally but he really is a sensitive person, he could feel empathy with Emi. I missed this animation and drawings. Very funny and comedic. The scene where Mob fixed the novel was awesome, incredible determination about the use of his powers to do something good. And it seems like he touched Emi’s feelings.
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Jan 7, 10:32 PM

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Damn Mob got a gf lol I was happy for him and envious and then too bad it's not real but their bond was real at least, I hope Emi appears again coz not sure if she'll be a love interest to Mob

Emi > Tsubomi well at least for now imo coz we don't know much about Tsubomi speaking of her does that scene at the end imply Tsubomi is a Psychic(esper) too?
Jan 7, 10:54 PM

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It's like I'm watching a diff show for the second half lol what're these feels

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Jan 7, 10:56 PM

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That was smooth Mob-kun!

Jan 8, 12:36 AM

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I rewatched the first season to remind myself how great this anime is, and god damn this first episode was good! love me some emotions, and comedy lol
Jan 8, 1:09 AM

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That was a really nice episode.
So Mob-kun finally got a girlfriend!
The last scene was so good. He finally began to understand his feelings..

But you know, Tsubomi chan was watching..

Opening song was good, though the ending song was pretty lit. Waiting for its scenes next week..
Jan 8, 1:34 AM

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I think I need help. I've been rewatching the last few minutes of the episode way too much. The emotional weight of Mob expressing himself through teary determination and finding it in himself to use his esper powers for a pure act of kindness, the beautiful animation as he collects the pieces, and finally that really, really amazing transition to the ending song with Tsubomi's appearance. It's as she said, that was smooth.

This adaptation is in good hands.

I like the first OP better, but the ED is amazing. I've had it on repeat for a while.

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Jan 8, 1:37 AM

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This is the very definition of overrated
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