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Poll: Ma Series Volume 1 Chapter 6 Discussion

Dec 3, 2018 7:18 AM

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Wolfram "enjoyed" himself by imagining Yuuri crying to him begging for forgiveness. Wow! It was totally his fault to begin with, what a jerk!

Borrowed a new underwear from Conrad!? Will that even fit him!? Is Yuuri actually wearing that by any chance!? Maybe the thing Conrad went to buy was a underwear...

I wonder if Yuuri wanted Wolfram's G-strings to come off and embarass him in front of everyone XD Would serve him right, but I'm sure the fujos would take a completely different dirty meaning out of it.

Celi is being a bitch as always, only liking a sport because she can see naked men.

Wolfram himself boasted that Yuuri should choose the weapon and method in the previous chapter and he's already going back on his word because he lost, such a sore loser!

Ah, so receiving anything from someone is a sign of accepting their loyalty, I guess the pendant has more meaning to it than I originally thought.

And Yuuri please don't compare it to sitting on a toilet seat warmed by someone else T.T

Losing to a complete amateur even at sword fighting, Wolfram really is all talk and useless otherwise. Why does Yuuri keep on saying he's fine with calling it a draw, he clearly won twice, no need to feed that proud bastard's ego, Yuuri.

I don't like how Gwendal is stopping both of them from saving Yuuri. What Wolfram is doing is truly unfair. Conrad sure is brave enough to say he's ready to kill his big bro in order to save Yuuri.

Yuuri, I don't now if you've got some real guts or are incredibly foolish nah, it's just the author's doing if it was me then after what Wolfram did, I wouldn't want such a guy to be anywhere near me.
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