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Poll: Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 1 Discussion

Dec 2, 2018 8:19 AM

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Episode 1 aired today at C3AFA Singapore

It ended at the Mother looking at Conny’s doll. Pretty much a cliffhanger. And the animation is pretty great. It practically takes the manga art and puts it in motion. The director mentioned that they were recording episode 9 as of this moment and commented that it was the climax. So maybe we can assume 12-13 episodes?
Dec 2, 2018 11:02 AM

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Pretty much the entirety of Chapter 1 was adapted into this episode.

The soundtrack and visuals were amazing. The way they handled the twist was also really good. Great first episode.
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Dec 4, 2018 10:09 AM
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I am excited but the drawing seems tha5 has a bit of problems
Dec 4, 2018 10:51 AM

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:( i wanna see it too can anyone bring it up somewhere ?
Dec 13, 2018 3:43 PM

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If you who watched can send me a PM with the episode one link I will be so thankful!!!
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Dec 13, 2018 5:55 PM

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Impossible_Youth said:
I am excited but the drawing seems tha5 has a bit of problems

I don't see problems in the drawing, it's just a different form of art, but in some frames of some CMs of the anime you can see hidden errors.
Dec 13, 2018 6:52 PM
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JHAHunter said:
If you who watched can send me a PM with the episode one link I will be so thankful!!!
They can’t, they watched it at a convention.
Dec 18, 2018 5:35 AM
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Where can we watch this when it airs officially subbed? Is it going to be simulcast?
Dec 19, 2018 11:18 AM
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in fact there was even the first episode showing at an event. it's not lie
Dec 25, 2018 11:11 PM
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The episode is a 20 or 40 min episode? Is it rushed?
Dec 27, 2018 10:22 PM

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I love The animation,voice acting,music, and art tbh (the transition between some scenes is a bit "rushed" tho).
they did a pretty good job
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Dec 28, 2018 12:37 AM

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Haven't seen it, Is it as great as the mangas?
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Dec 30, 2018 3:05 PM
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Did they confirm how many episodes this season will have?
If its 12-13 then they will rush and take out some good parts the manga had.
(Not saying is a bad thing though)
Dec 30, 2018 4:09 PM
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ZekeMan said:
Did they confirm how many episodes this season will have?
If its 12-13 then they will rush and take out some good parts the manga had.
(Not saying is a bad thing though)
It will be 11 or 12 episodes and the anime is adapting the first 37 chapters.
Dec 30, 2018 4:14 PM
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Magichic19 said:
Where can we watch this when it airs officially subbed? Is it going to be simulcast?
It will be, here is where it will be streaming:
Crunchyroll: North America, Brasil, Portugal, probably more
Hulu: United States
Wakanim: France, Germany, Russia, Nordic countries
Animelab: Australia, New Zealand
Amazon Prime Video: Japan
Jan 9, 7:26 AM

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VanishingKira said:
must have had an advanced release cause it's already out on nyaa

it's on crunchy now.
Jan 9, 7:28 AM

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Ooh that opening song is gorgeous. I love it!

The animation quality looks good and the first half introduced a good amount of characters. The way they protrayed the innocence of the children like Conny made this episode even more thrilling to watch.

And the truth revealed...poor Conny.

I'm ready for a wicked ride this season even if it's just a 1-cour. Loved the soundtrack/OST too.
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Jan 9, 7:32 AM

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Didn't expect this to air earlier. Good. Really excited as to how they'll handle this arc. OP visuals looks pretty good, song sounds like a bit too much like Odd Future though.

Is it just me or is the frame rate really low at the part where Norman and Emma was walking towards the carriage? Overall I really like the direction of the episode. 5/5
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Jan 9, 7:59 AM
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Very good, this debut was very good. The production was great, animation, soundtrack. I already read the manga, so what happened did not surprise me. But it still left me tense. Yakuso no Neverland has a great chance to be the best of the season
Jan 9, 8:02 AM
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I got spoiled the plot twist a long time ago but that episode was still effective af.
Jan 9, 8:05 AM

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The episode was handled well. I'm glad this series receives the attention it deserves when it comes to this anime adaptation. The opening however doesn't really fit the show imo.
Jan 9, 8:07 AM

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need to get used to the art since face bit weird for me, good start i guess? and quite interesting story tho i thought it was some human slavery shit, or some experiment, not this man eating monster. i liked the ed
Jan 9, 8:09 AM

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It wasn't a 100% perfect adaptation of the first chapter but they managed to capture the feel of it and still included all of the necessary information and scenes so I'm very satisfied with how it turned out

Visuals were alright, the OST was quite fitting during the scenes where it needed to be, I'm VERY GLAD that they didn't censor or ruin the Connie reveal, and the OP and ED were both pretty great imo

Hopefully the adaptation remains like this because if it does, all you anime only's out there are in for a real treat this season with this series....Apart from Hero Academia, this imo is easily the best new series in WSJ post the Naruto/Bleach era, so I can't wait to see all of the great moments of this first arc be animated

Great start overall #RayIsBestBoy
Jan 9, 8:14 AM

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Really didn't expected that. Can't wait for the next episode. This was pretty solid start and I felt sorry for the children. I am wondering how they'll survive? Lately the mystery horror genre wasn't that good, but if this continues like that it'll be great.
Jan 9, 8:16 AM

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Bruh that was brutal. Almost jumped off of my chair as I saw Conny laying there lifeless, same with Isabella with a hold of the doll at the end. Intriguing start, if this carries the horror element throughout, it'll be fantastic!
Beautiful visuals too. Also very good OP.
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Jan 9, 8:18 AM

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they really nailed the atmosphere. loved the ost and the character animation.

thats some deep shit.. Livestock for demons. I already like the main characters, especially norman.

the designs for the demons were sick too. The backgrounds were definitely lacking in some scenes, and there was too much depth of field sometimes.

God damn so many great animes currently airing!!
Jan 9, 8:24 AM
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If only i’ve known that this manga adaption getiting an anime before reading it..Now i can’t enjoy the plot twist.
Jan 9, 8:25 AM

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THIS TWO SCENE MAKE ME ALMOST JUMPED OFF OF MY CHAIR, even though i already read the manga from the first chapter. Nice direction and storyboard.

YES, the demon isn't CGI. and their eyes is creepy. Its good.
Jan 9, 8:28 AM
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Good adaptation so far

I fucking loved the first arc of the manga so I can only hope the anime lives up to it in the long run too

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Jan 9, 8:36 AM
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This was such an excellent episode and a surprisingly great adaptation of the manga.

I read the manga initially and got chills from Emma and Norman's discovery, and the anime gave me those same chills again. Really amazing.

The animation was great and I loved the facial expressions during the discovery. Made it feel even more terrifying.

Overall, a fucking great start and I hope the anime keeps this consistent quality for the rest of the show.
Jan 9, 8:38 AM
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Hmm... everyone seems already like the adaptation. But for me, so far, I think it is just a decent adaptation at best. The animation doesn't look that good but thankfully they manage to make "the demons" and mom look creepy and scary. I kinda like the ending song more than the opening (btw the opening is kinda spoilerish with K**** appearance). But, the things that make me worried about this adaptation is they seems like to cutting all the monologues which is an important part on this mind-battle arc. This results in many altered and combined scenes on this episode. So far, I give this adaptation a 7/10 at best, but I do hope I change my mind and improve the score
Jan 9, 8:47 AM

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Voice acting is terrible, the annoying voice fits emma but ray one is disgusting that's terrible
Hey :)
Jan 9, 8:52 AM

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that's my experience summed up. Intrueging first episode. Lot of promise. Also WHAT THE FUCK
Jan 9, 8:55 AM

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The Music is superb in this show... anyway well I guess this is what happens to animals
Jan 9, 8:58 AM

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this was quality animation ma guys. It almost cured my depression. Then it pulled it straight back from the pits of the abyss.
Jan 9, 9:02 AM
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As a manga reader I can comfortably say that after the adaptation of chapter 1, this series is in good hands and I'm extremely happy to know that. Can't wait for next weeks episode!
Jan 9, 9:04 AM
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I haven't had an anime give a chill down my spine like this is a long time. The music was amazing and the tense moments just keep you wanting more.
Jan 9, 9:05 AM
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A bit disappointed with how they showed the monsters. Sure, I felt fear upon seeing them, but it was because of Emma and Norman's reactions as well as the general rendering of this scene, it wasn't because of how scary they looked.
Other than that, the episode was really good - I'd even say perfect. Extremely good voice acting (Emma's scream and her dialogue with Norman in the room later on!!), some not-so-noticeable soundtracks that still did its work (or maybe I'm just bad at noticing when a soundtrack is playing. That's probably it.), really good animation too
I'm kinda sad they chose Uverworld for the opening though. Just like their other recent opening (*cough* My Hero Academia *cough*), there are some parts where it works perfectly, and others when it just... don't. But, oh well, I'll have to get used to it I guess

EDIT : I forgot about it when I was writing this review but oh boy, that last shot with Isabella...
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Jan 9, 9:13 AM
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Jesus Christ... that was terrifying AND horrifying.... i've had this on my manga to-read list for a long time and now i wish i'd read it just to be a bit more prepared! Really great episode! Had me on the edge of my seat and i can't wait for next weeks episode! Seems like this is gonna be one hell of an anime!
Jan 9, 9:14 AM

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"Sure, go in blind!" They said. "You'll like it!" They said.

Aww, so cute! Hah, this isn't gonna end well is it?


They were right though, I did like it.
Jan 9, 9:17 AM

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Wow that was creepy, very effective first episode
Jan 9, 9:18 AM

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I read the manga very recently (at chapter 55 now) and I can tell you it only gets better. If you like nerve shattering tense moments with psychological mind flicks, this series is for you.

Conny is exactly how I imagine her to be. rip
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Jan 9, 9:26 AM
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That scene with Mama at the end. perfect! I still felt very on edge even though I have read the manga. It only gets better with the tag games and also Mama. Can't wait for the next episode.
Jan 9, 9:33 AM

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Well, the twist was painfully obvious, I guessed it as soon as I saw the numbers on their necks, and the opening was a waste of a good song with well animated but pretty uninspired visuals, but other than that it was fine. I don't really like the characters, but the music, the atmosphere and the facial expressions in the last few minutes are great. The voice acting was just ok during most of the episode but towards the end it improved, I could really feel the fear they were feeing.

A 7.5/10 so far.
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Jan 9, 9:36 AM
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Huh? This was fun. I wasn't expecting that. But, the source material is a manga published in Weekly Shounen Jump. It makes me worry that the quality might drop significantly after a few arcs. Let's hope this is an exception like Death Note.

I absolutely loved the foreshadowing done in the game of onigokko.

The Mama is my favourite character so far.

While I would have liked the characters to be slightly older, their current ages make sense. They need to be able to think properly, while still being weaker in comparison to Mama. Making them into teenagers would have worked too, but their current ages also provide a sense of innocence.
Jan 9, 9:37 AM

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I LOVED IT. I especially love how it's directed, with the shift in focus and the split of the screen. The character design looks exactly like the manga and I really appreciate it, because the manga has such a unique drawing style. It took me several minutes to get used to Emma's voice, since it's not how I'd imagined it while reading the manga, but I know it'll grow on me.
I loved every second of this first episode. They handled the horror scenes so well, and the animation is awesome. I can't wait to see the rest. The first arc of this story is simply marvelous. I hope we get a proper adaptation of the whole development of the plan to escape.
Jan 9, 9:37 AM
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What can I say, fuck yea I'm ready to see this animated. Great voice acting, pacing, animation and music, Let's go :)
Jan 9, 9:41 AM
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I have been reading this manga since the day it came out and loved it after the first chapter. I was so filled with emotion during this whole episode. A lot of crying.. I loved it wow. I think they did a great job at making it better than the manga and the sound track is amazing. This is definitely my favorite anime of the season so far but as you can tell I'm biased.
Jan 9, 9:46 AM

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The adaptation is fine. Not particularly outstanding but ok.
Jan 9, 9:46 AM
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Pretty disappointing tbh
All that hype yet you can tell what's going to happen from a mile away

For the people who've read The promised the plot twists get any better onwards
I didn't not read the manga for one of the most predictable first episode turn of events I've seen in a while..."don't even read the synopsis. IT WILL SHOCK YOU REEE" sigh 😅

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