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A Halloween-Christmas event.
Hosted by dorisukai and Cypsela Imperium

It was just another regular winter day. Empress Hershey of Cypsela Imperium missed her dear friend, the Princess of dorisukai,
and so bringing along her guards and chancellors, she went to Princess's kingdom to have a tea party. When they reached the
Princess's garden, the retainers of the Empress maintained a distance which gave the Empress and the Princess some privacy
but also near enough so that they can respond immediately in case of an emergency.

From the distance they can see the harmonious atmosphere between the two and hear some occasional laughter. But then,
a gust of wind blew and the surroundings quietened. The guards noticed that they can no longer hear the two rulers talking.
Something was amiss, they realized. The Princess's Advisor and the Chancellors went to check up on the two and they were all
dumbfounded! Their dear Princess's and Empress's faces changed and now looked like zombies!

Just when they were thinking of what to do, a vague silhouette appeared, startling them all. The guards immediately drew their
weapons and were about to attack when the silhouette opened its barely discernible mouth and said,
"Until the end of HaroKuri, you must accumulate enough treats or else, your beloved rulers can forget about their
past appearances and adapt a new one! Hahehihohu!"

Before they could question any further, the silhouette disappeared leaving behind a group of distressed officials.

Just how many treats should they accumulate? And even after they have obtained enough, what should they do with them?
How can those treats bring the Princess and Empress back to normal? How to accumulate the treats?

In the midst of their brainstorming, a piece of worn paper dropped from who knows where.
The Princess's Advisor picked it up and began to read.

The crow casts its curse on the allies' thrones
With magic gathered from the depths unknown
Before the time of the dead and the frost ends
Solution must be found or chaos descends.

The dreaming and the nuts, together hand in hand
Must find the pieces scattered throughout the lands,
Acquire special cards and claims from the two domains' artists,
And catch the undead lest the curse persists.

Time is running dry
So do make haste to try
The first clue lies in town square
Traverse the streets if you dare.

After decoding the meaning of the poem, all the officials were called in a meeting. They all reached the same conclusion that their
most important goal is to get more treats. And thus, they began drafting announcements and circulating those throughout the
various places in the kingdom and the empire.

Princess and Empress Hershey are urgently requesting the assistance of their beloved citizens to complete these tasks:
๐Ÿฌ Request for cards from card editions of dorisukai and Cypsela Imperium (Reward: 2 treats) ๐Ÿฌ
๐Ÿฌ Participate in claims (Reward: 3 treats) ๐Ÿฌ
๐Ÿฌ Find the hidden treats (Reward: 5 treats for every hidden treat found) ๐Ÿฌ
๐Ÿฌ Catch the zombie santa (Reward: 1 treats) ๐Ÿฌ

Citizens must start doing the tasks on December 07 and the tasks must already be completed at the end of Harokuri (December 31).
Enlistment will be open until December 05.
Please only sign-up in only one club since it's the same thing.
Participants will be randomly grouped into teams. The groupings will be announced after the sign-up period ends.

[color=#f75f1c][b]Name: [/b]

To those who are willing to participate, Princess and Empress Hershey extends their heartfelt gratitude and wishes for your success.

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Comments/Questions: always feel amazed by people who write narration/ story lul. nice effort. i will give it a go :o

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Comments/Questions: Uuuu~ I love zombies hahihuheho :v

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