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Nov 22, 2018 9:27 PM

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-> Sakura: Her journey was about to begin. She had mustered the courage to take control of her destiny. However, her journey came to an impactful end. Her dream of becoming an idol is now becoming reality.

-> Saki: Her dream of taking over the world is becoming reality (being on top of the world by being an idol).

-> Ai: She felt like her journey had just started, but it met a shocking end. Now, she can restart her journey.

-> Junko: Much like Ai, her dream came to a crashing end. She can now rise up again.

-> Lily: She didn't want to grow up. Now, she will never grow again.

(Manager dude's dream is slowly becoming reality, as the idol group gains fame. We don't know anything about Yugiri. Maybe she wanted a child and got one through Lily? Can't say much about the Legendary Tae though. Maybe she wanted to become Legend.)