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Nov 18, 2018 5:30 PM

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It's a reskin of the Endless Summer layout by Cateinya! You can change the characters too, after installing the layout code to your list.

How to install
See my guide if you don't know how to install a modern layout to your list (see 0:35 to 6:00).

The layout code is below for you to copy!

Modern layouts:
Classic layouts:
Fix and repair layouts:

Layout Code

How to change characters
You'll have to download new renders from MG Renders for the character you want.
Upload it to Imgur (I recommend logging in) and get the direct link or share link.

Copy that link. Go to the layout code and delete whats in parenthesis just under CHARACTER 1. Then replace it with your new render's share link or direct link. If the link doesn't have .png or .jog at the end (like this: then add .png to the end (so it looks like this:

Save the code. You can do the same for CHARACTER 2 to change the character on the right! The BACKGROUND image can also be changed. All these codes are near the top.

Classic Ecchi Designs
If this new modern layout isn't your thing, try one of these classic designs:

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