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What series did you randomly start watching that completely blew you expectations?

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Nov 12, 2018 1:18 PM
Resident Yandere

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Steins;Gate, Re:Zero, pyscho-pass
Nov 12, 2018 2:11 PM

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Yuuupie said:
Ergo Proxy for me. I saw one good artwork of it and decided to look into it. Couldn't find much on it online so decided to just go by the 3 episode trial tactic. Before I knew it I was hooked and finished it in one sitting.

Don't think Ergo Proxy is everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of my favourites and is the best example of me going from not knowing anything about it to 10/10.

Couldn't get past the first ep, it was way too confusing for me. Should I continue?
Nov 12, 2018 2:42 PM

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Chihayafuru for me. I heard a lot about this show in the past and since i been a fan of Asami Seto from her role in Tokyo Ghoul i decided to give it a try. Honestly at first i wasn't too keen on it since i didn't think card games would make a good subject matter but the first episode completely blew me away.

Watched the full season in 4 days and added the second on to my to watch list soon after.
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Nov 12, 2018 2:44 PM
The Dub Queen

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Ultimate Otaku Teacher, it literally blew me away. It was just amazing!
Nov 12, 2018 2:55 PM

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InuYasha - I randomly downloaded a few episodes to entertain me while I was camping and without wifi... its now my favorite anime, even if it isn't a good anime, it has a close place in my heart.
Assasination Classroom - Didn't know anything about it, but my siblings and I were bored while home alone and picked a random anime. We honestly thought Nagisa was a girl, and that it was a serious thriller or something.
Kimi Ni Todoke - Yea yea it's an over dramatized romance... I knew that at the time, I only watched it because I was tired of seeing it on my on-hold list from my friend making me watch some of it. Still binged the entire thing in a day.
Girl's Last Tour - Everything about it surprised me.

Honourable mentions: Sankarea, Violet Evergarden, Youjo Senki, Little Witch Academia, Kino's Journey
Nov 12, 2018 3:00 PM

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the disastrous life of saiki k and little witch academia (tv). both were on netflix and i was bored and started watching some random animes on netflix which i didnt knew before and those two are so much fun to watch. saiki k is hilarous und LWA is very unique. great art great music and beautiful characters with a bit of moe.
Nov 12, 2018 3:03 PM

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Id say Quanzhi fashi I just finished watching the irregular at the magic high school or whatever the title is called lol and I saw that it had a similar premise and decided to give it a try the animation is horrendous but it was a great experience overall
Nov 12, 2018 4:10 PM

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I agree @saengdao
Nana was really good

I also was blown away by Assassination Classroom, March Comes in Like a Lion, and The Ancient Magus Bride
Nov 12, 2018 4:15 PM

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Madoka Magica, School Days and Zero no Tsukaima, and the last two weren''t in a good way
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Nov 12, 2018 4:45 PM

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For me, it's WIXOSS. Best underrated and underappreciated anime I've seen.
Nov 12, 2018 4:57 PM
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Kekkai Sensen. I originally decided to watch it because I found the ED and thought it was cool, little did I know it would become my top 3 anime.

Cardcaptor Sakura. I started watching it just a few days ago because I couldn't find any of the other anime I wanted to watch for legal streaming, and it blew me away, I love it with all my heart

Madoka Magica. I wasn't even into anime, but I saw it on Netflix and it had the same rating as Soul Eater and Fairy tail ( the only two anime that I had seen at the time) and so I watched it out of boredom. It's the reason I'm on this site today.
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Nov 12, 2018 4:58 PM
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Golden boy man that was funny series.
Nov 12, 2018 5:07 PM

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TheAskald said:
Tsubakiaka said:

i watched all of naruto (both series) in less than 2 weeks man...i was not in the best place lmao i had a lot of free time.

Naruto + Shippunden? The 720 episodes literally don't fit in two weeks even if you watch them back to back. But I get the idea.

not counting filler and some skimming of flashback stuff- but i lost sleep over it
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Nov 12, 2018 6:21 PM
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Robotics;Notes, Chihayafuru, Bunny Girl Senpai

Started watching all of these driven by mere boredom, and they were like pretty much insanely compelling.

Then there is Coppelion. It's not like I didnt expect too much of it in the first place, it's just that I kept being sceptical because the MAL-rating was so low. Yet it still turned out to be pretty much one of the top tier anime I ever saw and made me read a full manga series for the first time in my life. Guess MAL-rating is not what people should rely on :D
Nov 12, 2018 6:23 PM

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Zankyou no Terror. Now it's one of my faves
Nov 12, 2018 6:55 PM
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I would definitely say Rin:Daughters of Mnemosyne, When I saw the Shoujo Ai tag for the show I was thinking to myself “uh oh, It’s gonna be like Citrus or Strawberry Panic.” But when I watched it, I was completely wrong. It was a really damn good anime, It was very mature and the Yuri(oh a lot of Yuri) tied the plot together and wasn’t forced, it was part of their character.
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Nov 12, 2018 11:48 PM

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For me it would be Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru. Didn't expect it to be emotional.
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Nov 13, 2018 12:12 AM

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For me it was 3-gatsu no Lion. At first I thought it was a boring sport anime about shogi shit or something, and I ended up crying almost every episode. Definitely not expecting it to be my favorite anime ever.
Nov 13, 2018 12:14 AM

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Made in Abyss - I thought it was going to be a fun adventure story for younger audiences but it turned out to be one of my favourite anime of all time.
Nov 13, 2018 4:45 AM

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This happened with Madoka Magica. I was in a rather neutral mood when I started it, and was even preoccupied that I was going to watch some girly garbage.

And when I finished it, I came to the conclusion that it was actually the best anime I had ever watched; almost nothing in anime has come to win me as much as Madoka Magica has.
Nov 13, 2018 4:48 AM

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My Hero Academia!!! I just randomly started it without knowing anything about it and oooof I loved it tbh. After that it became really famous so i felt good cause it deserves the publicity it is getting :):)
Nov 13, 2018 4:54 AM

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Prison school and Aho girls.
I was stunned after watching prison school and aho girl. Because I really didn't expected to be this hilarious
Nov 13, 2018 6:28 AM

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S - i thought it be another girly show like the season 1 but it turns out to be a dark one im like wtf

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism - i thought it will be another copy cat of harem anime with a generic mc but its much better lol

Kara no Kyoukai 1-8 - the plot blew my mind
Nov 13, 2018 7:59 AM
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Sora yori mo tooi basho and made in abyss.
Nov 13, 2018 8:09 AM
Listen to AJJ
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91 Days. Had no idea what it was. Just saw the name and clicked on it and decided to watch it. Lol
Nov 13, 2018 8:12 AM

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All my favourites basically, since I usually just start anime at random and they ended up being my favs.
Nov 13, 2018 10:53 AM

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Yuuupie said:
Ergo Proxy for me. I saw one good artwork of it and decided to look into it. Couldn't find much on it online so decided to just go by the 3 episode trial tactic. Before I knew it I was hooked and finished it in one sitting.

Don't think Ergo Proxy is everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of my favourites and is the best example of me going from not knowing anything about it to 10/10.

Totally agree, I think the same. It had a rather interesting concept. Not something that I expected.
Nov 13, 2018 10:57 AM

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kurumiass said:
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

i think this is some random ecchi show but when i watch it change my mind

then you haven't seen enough random ecchis cus so far bunny girl is just a random ecchi

For me it's

> Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai: Under the Innocent Sky.
the best anime there is, no contest. Didn't expect shit. Got insanely good story with some of the best humor in the anime-verse that all comes together from different angles and makes sense that's portrayed in an unique (and confusing at first) way which is pretty believable

> ReLife
was in a very long anime draught/break because it feels like i've seen all the stereotypes now and that i don't really want to watch anime any more but this one took me by surprise

> Neon genesis evangelion - i guess - been forever since i saw it but i remember i had no expectations about it and towards the end/ the movie obviously blew out my expectations.

> Hibike! Euphonium - never thought id like a trumpets anime but here we are. I even wrote that in my mini-review-blog-thing-self-thing

> Zetman

> school days (in a good way)

> Quanzhi Gaoshou - i liked it a lot more than i thought i would. Could sort of relate to it as well and it was made in a different way than other similar to it animes. Waiting for sequel+

> Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - the level of humor of that anime was out of this world at the time, blew out expectations is a soft way to put it

theres prolly a lot more but it's been some time, i don't really remember for most of these animes. I know that higher-score animes were usually fitting this criteria for me because i generally don't enter anime with high expectations and i generally try not to have any expectations but that's easier said than done cus you always have some

from more recent ones that i actually do remember clearly
> Goblin Slayer - I had absolutely no intention of watching this because i mostly stray towards romance and i only had all the shoujo/romance animes from this season to my plan to watch but i'm in a bunch of facebook meme groups so i can have entertainment while scrolling down and they just wouldnt stop posting goblin slayer this goblin slayer that and my expectations were low because i thought this anime is just some forced fake deep gore fest (based on people's reactions) that tries to shock factor you rather than actually be good but when i watched it - it turned to be exactly the opposite. It's basically a normal isekai but with violence (not gore) portrayed in a good way which raises the stakes and makes it more ' fun' to watch. Also Yosei is cute and goblin slayer is cool cus full plate armor is cool (cus i watch a ton of armor related youtube videos)

there are still 6 eps to go before its done but so far it's been way better than what i thought it would be
lots of music -
Nov 13, 2018 11:08 AM

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Made in Abyss and Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Nov 13, 2018 11:09 AM

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IpreferEcchi said:
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien was like School Days but with a happy ending.
That is the most accurate description I've seen for better or for worse.
Fuchsia said:

Looked like fujo-bait/ nigh yaoi, but it was a super fun watch.
This is basically my answer. Got the same surprise from these two shows:
Beryl and Sapphire
Shounen Maid
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Nov 13, 2018 11:15 AM

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Jormungand. I just wanted to watch something with a lot of action (and guns, definitely guns), and it turned out to be deeper and more emotional than I expected it to be, with surprisingly admirable character development, along with the delicious gunfights I craved. Watching it ended up being one hell of a ride for me.
Nov 13, 2018 12:55 PM
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Mahou shoujo madoka magica for all the known reasons. I just didn't know them when started to watch it, I actually thought it was going to be a kids show.

Hikaru no Go because I would've never thought I'd be invested in such a series. I watched the series in a week, which it's very surprising for me these days haha.

Also Banana Fish in a way. At first I thought it was going to be a mashup between 91 Days and Yuri!!! On Ice, but oh boy it isn't. It's a show of its own, that's for sure.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun was something too. I thought at first it was going to be one of those shoujo romance cliché type of show, but it wasn't at all...

Chihayafuru. The only reason I watched was because it had the sports tag and I thought it was going to be the cliché type of sports but with cards this time. I quickly changed my mind as I started crying in the first few episodes.
Nov 13, 2018 1:08 PM

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Shinseki yori,oh boy,that ending blew my mind,BTW

golden boy ,this was the most hilarious anime I've ever watched.
Nov 13, 2018 1:10 PM

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It would be totally Gintama,l understimated this anime so l was always avoiding to watch it,but yea one day l decided to watch it and now it's my #2 fav anime <3
Nov 13, 2018 1:11 PM

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i'm not particularly a blind consumer so i don't consume something without expectations but instead of expecting something that is random to to me, alternatively i just make a standard and one of the random shows that broke that standard of mine would be Kizu-story/kizumonogatari.
Nov 13, 2018 1:27 PM

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Wasn't expecting much from ReLife, decided to watch it because I had a rare empty weekend day and felt like some nice slice of life school anime. It became one of my favorites instantly, don't think I've ever cried like that because of a romance plot to be honest.
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Nov 13, 2018 1:31 PM
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It was Inuyashiki :D I actually started watching it because of the picture on MAL this anime have lol

And now its one of my favourites anime
Nov 13, 2018 1:39 PM

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iiKrina said:
Yuuupie said:
Ergo Proxy for me. I saw one good artwork of it and decided to look into it. Couldn't find much on it online so decided to just go by the 3 episode trial tactic. Before I knew it I was hooked and finished it in one sitting.

Don't think Ergo Proxy is everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of my favourites and is the best example of me going from not knowing anything about it to 10/10.

Couldn't get past the first ep, it was way too confusing for me. Should I continue?

The later episodes are even more confusing.
Still love it, though. The atmosphere is incredible, you'll straight-up feel the desolation.

As for the topic: Flip Flappers.
Went in not knowing a single thing about the show. Ended up finding a 10/10.
Nov 13, 2018 1:56 PM

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It has to be Sakurada Reset. I mostly heard bad things about this show while some people actually praised it. I was about to remove it from my ptw but I decided to try just one episode. The first episode wasn't amazing, but I heard it was going to get better. So I continued watching and to more I watched, the more I realized that this anime is actually brilliant and by the time I finish it, it completely blew my mind. It's truly a hidden gem from recent years and also one of my all time favourite. I feel so bad for the people who dropped it earlier. Similarly to how people dropped Shinsekai yori earlier when it was airing. They totally missed out a masterpiece.
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Nov 13, 2018 2:13 PM

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yona of the dawn...i started watching this anime with zero expectations but it was so good that i rewatched it so many times :D i still watch it whenever i feel like it :)

Nov 13, 2018 6:36 PM

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I kinda expected Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou to be my kind of show, but turns out it was even better then what I expected. A lot better.

Evangelion and Made in Abyss where a lot more fit to my taste then I thought they'd be.

Also, Ore Imo was actually very enjoyable.

Nov 13, 2018 6:52 PM
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3-gatsu no Lion and Eureka Seven for sure. I hadn't been planning on watching them, but they completely surpassed any expectations I could have had for them. Still some of my favorite anime.
Nov 13, 2018 7:01 PM
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Fantastic Children , no esperaba nada y al final se convirtio en uno de mis animes favoritos
Nov 13, 2018 8:48 PM
aidoru material

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hunter x hunter

it looks like a kids show at the beginning with all the happy tunes and boyscout moments until a certain episode when crime is involved
later on it became darker and darker i started to question myself on humanity
Nov 13, 2018 8:55 PM

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Back when I still used CR and had a PS3, I would just lay in bed and check out random shows on it. A show I found doing this that I enjoyed very much was Natsume Yuujinchou. Very relaxing show to watch in a relaxing environment. Strangely enough, I haven't been able to to finish the recent seasons, maybe because I'm not watching it the same way anymore.
Nov 13, 2018 9:06 PM
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Major and HxH2011, I wouldn't say it was random that I started watching them but they did blow me away and changed my expectations of anime and specifically the genres associated with them.
Nov 13, 2018 9:35 PM

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it was on tv.....

I switched to the anime channel to waste time with some re runs of nisekoi or hayate butlar crap and there was this cell ripoff and a wimpy cheetah, and I was like wtf is this? so I kept watching. and was hooked.
Nov 13, 2018 10:00 PM
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there are many. but the most recent is ballroom e youkoso

the story about a teenager who enter the world of competitive dancing: waltz, tango, and quickstep or something like that

im just trying to watch it as a filler and never expect this anime to be so good

the animation and music is so good. basically its have the same pattern with other shonen anime: seeing the MC grow to be something. but its just so refreshing to see

if you guys like anime about sport and art, Ballroom e youkoso is just perfevt for you
Nov 13, 2018 10:07 PM

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For me, Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Nov 13, 2018 10:08 PM

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Hanasaku Iroha is the show that instantly entered my mind. It was freakin' fantastic. Loved the characters and the drama, the art was stunning and it even gave me a dope movie afterwards. I definitely recommend it!
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