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Nov 3, 2018 4:55 AM

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I just was gonna polish up my ratings and saw that I rated Noragami an 8.

I was surprised why I liked it so much then the scenes hit me again like a flashback.

This show is almost 4 years old.. it won't get a season 4 probably.. I ever forgot that this show existed..

Feels bad..

Or did it boost the manga enough and sold enough?

Can anyone confirm?
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Feb 19, 7:59 AM

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I'm late on this thread, but uhh...the manga is doing great in Japan. Volume 19 sold 190k in two weeks and volume 20 just came out.

But the chances of season 3 happening are very low.
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Noragami is the best anime ever.
Feb 21, 11:48 AM

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If only the studio wasnt tied up with such a successful anime series right now...Noragami absolutely deserves another season. Hero can take a break.
Apr 3, 7:51 PM

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I wouldn't say it'll never happen but Bones studio is also doing Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs AND Mob Psycho 100... so yeah.

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Apr 3, 9:20 PM

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I haven't read the manga, so I can't tell if there is enough material for a S3, but the author is sick rn, so chapters are very rare.
Apr 3, 9:55 PM

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Never say never, I've seen miracles happen when it comes to anime getting sequels.
Apr 3, 10:44 PM
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Exactly, you never know with animes....
May 7, 6:12 AM
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Wasn't season 3 announcred?
Come on man,where is that Noragami season 3 masterpiece.We want it, Bones!


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