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Nov 2, 2018 3:15 PM

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I don't remember him being like a mentally disabled person in Season 1. But in this one he's just a walking numbskull who's only good for opening doors.

I get that he doesn't have other skills and doesn't have common sense, but that's not how he's portrayed here, he's barely functional in this season. It just seems like he got a lobotomy.
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Feb 11, 4:41 AM

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well, considering he nearly had his head removed by someone he could do absolutely nothing against by the end of season one, and given the fact he doesn't know when or where this person could show up again, probably he'd be on edge but doesn't know how to handle it so instead he's afraid,
adding the fact all of his friends are in danger because of this somebody, he's constantly worried about them too -or that's my guess,

Jyugo got so much on his mind and he doesn't know how to deal with it all, so he just "is" and tries to go back to how things were by just following his mates around like usual, while also trying to figure out the purpose of himself; what he wants.

Him finally wanting something was an important part of the story, and the things that are important to him is his friends. so during this season he's painfully aware that he's powerless vs. that person from the first season, and that the only things he care about are under constant threat from this person showing up again. adding to that is that many people know about his weird powers, and he's worried what others might think of those- not wanting to be viewed as a monster and hated by everyone.

So Jyugo being very off and slow this season would have plenty of reasons.
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