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Poll: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 5 Discussion

Feb 2, 9:49 AM

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LOL, Mai should've just accepted that almost bare naked hug! Either way, her reaction was still cute!

And so for the whole term, Sakuta is dating with Koga. I just like him even more when despite being calm and almost rarely having a distinct expression, he's constantly reminding Koga of the butt kick incident and kept making jokes about it, these are genuinely hilarious! Of course, it's even better when Koga herself responded in a cute manner!

Kamisato is just annoying with her bitch ass tsundere personality, but my boi Sakuta always got a roast to deliver to anyone including her.

What is it about rumours in this school? Something happened and rumours of it spread like wildfire! And this time a rumour about Koga...
I'm glad that Sakuta directly confronted that basketball guy. The whole 'bully-beatdown' scene was goddamn satisfying and especially that shit-smelling-kick to the guy's face. Topped off with him shouting at the guy debunking his rumour about Koga. Satisfying indeed... They ain't really dating, but they do care about each other.

Ooof, is Koga jealous of Mai in the end there???

EDIT: Damn Mai was in the station!
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Feb 7, 5:33 PM

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So in the end, she's realy the demon, albeit unknowingly. I bet one wish that she would change her places with Mai next to him brings them into lot of mess the next time. Whole situation is hardly over and her bitchy and possesive side is yet to be revealed. Funny thing because she only got interested in him after that confession (aka it's always the same - a man is more desirable by other women when he was seen with antoher woman before).

She will probably try to steal him now, but knowing him, that's not gonna happened. In the end, Tomoe would probably be the one who rewinds everything back, erasing this big case of lie. It's true that good friends are hard to find but the flag was already there and I really hope she ditches her fake Line friends and goes with Yoneyama who fits her a lot more. One true friend is more that ten false ones.

Meanwhile Futaba is getting flustered and those were some great scenes! But if I was Kunimi I would thought they are very close instead. Although there are too many women around him right now so the situation gets more and more complicated.
May 4, 9:07 AM
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This show is the show that keeps on giving. I definitely liked this better than the last episode (not in terms of quality, this show's pretty consistent).

How Mai handled the situation is... admirable. I mean, most people would NOT have handled it that way. She's really mature or she's abnormal. Either way, I like it. Though I still don't much like this concept of fake dating. But her banter with Sakuta is still top-notch as ever, I find myself waiting for them to interact. Also, she's so lovely with Kaede. Really love seeing them interact and get closer!

Sakuta is pretty dang awesome. I'm not sure how he manages to not develop feelings beyond mere friendship for Koga after spending time like that. I mean, I believe most guys would have at least some romantic feelings. Also, awesome fight. He owned it. Really used his brains while his opponent used only his brawn. That was bloody awesome. And Sakuta is a really good guy.

I'm charmed by Koga. I still think this whole fake dating thing is bad, but she's quite charming too. I'm getting vibes that she's really developing romantic feelings for Sakuta. Especially that ending scene, I think that probably gives the whole thing away. Really interested to see how it all develops. At this point, I'm already taken by her. I hope everyone gets peace by the end of this arc. I want her to be happy, but I don't want her to interfere with Sakuta and Mai.

Gave a 4 not because of quality, but because I just felt somewhat sad and apprehensive about the current situation.
Jun 19, 3:00 AM

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Lmao when the bully gets bullied
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Jul 6, 7:42 PM
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Sakuta actually winning that fight was cool and refreshing. Didn't even last, and the fight ended with words instead of fists. Wish more high school protagonists were like him.
Jul 20, 6:40 PM

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Best episode yet (not a very high bar, though). Sakuta standing up to that punk was great. Tomoe is a far better girl than Mai, I'm sorry but I gotta be honest. I would totally go for her. Though... if I had already gotten close to Mai, I'd probably settle with her anyway. Since she's not bad either, I guess.
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