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Poll: Free!: Dive to the Future Episode 0 Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 27, 2018 3:40 PM

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Makoto as Iwatobi-chan was funny and Haru as a cheer squad did sort of help him in the battle. That backstroke kickoff was awesome, nice win by the way and it's too bad he won't do it again.

I guess there was no swimming in this one, just guys doing it for their town and I see Ikuya and the rest didn't get much screen time except for Rin and Gou.

Good episode though, its too bad I watched the series first.

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Nov 24, 2018 9:18 AM

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Highschoolers from both schools enjoying spring together.

University gangs trying to start their life. Red hair guy meeting Hisumi guy.

lol @ Makoto guy meeting the three representing Iwatobi-chan for mascot fight. He ends up being it, and main guy found the mouth. Shark senpai suggested to deliver it.

High Speed characters + Hosoya-san's character, too.

lol @ backstroke for attack.
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Mar 8, 8:16 AM
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This episode was really funny. I'm glad I've seen it after season 3 because before watching Dive to the Future I watched the movies (Timeless Medley and Take Your Marks) so I was expecting a lot from season 3 and I've been really disappointed by the fact that they spent too much time on Ikuya and Hiyori. So watching this episode helped me to forget my disappointment.

No swimming but it was nice to see the characters enjoying Iwatobi's festival (lol Rei is the only one who've missed his shot), the others in Tokyo... Even Natsuya and Nao got screentime.

I laughed a lot! Especially the part where Makoto is using his swimming moves to win. As expected from Gou she recognized Makoto's muscles xD
May 5, 2:42 PM

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I enjoyed this episode, as it was an easy 10/10 for me. I haven't started season three yet, so I thought this was a fun intro to the series!! :) I was overall, really happy to see the seniors adapting to life in Tokyo, and to see all the juniors do well back home.

I'm happy our Iwatobi and Samezuka swim team members met up and had fun. I laughed when Rei was calculating the distance and the wind direction, because he wanted to score points, but LOL!! Nagisa pointed out that the wind suddenly changed direction, and Rei missed XD Unsurprisingly, Momo got points despite his strange form when he kicked :p

It was a nice and short family moment to see Gou and Miyako visit Toraichi's grave, and Gou asked her deceased father to watch over Rin. Even though Rin didn't interact with anyone this episode, it was nice to see him motivated for his future! Good luck in Australia :))

It was a nice fun fact to learn that Sousuke's family runs a restaurant. Thankfully, Hanamura asked Sousuke if he will inherit the family restaurant, because we now know that he isn't expected to. x)) I'd like Sousuke to do whatever he wants.

I love that Nagisa, Rei, and Gou got the clues together to pinpoint that it was Makoto in the Iwatobi costume LOL. If Haru's around, it makes sense if Makoto is around; Rei recognized Makoto's bag; and finally, we had Gou who recognized Makoto's muscles on his legs :P There's somewhat of a fated feeling for Makoto to run into the people who were looking for Iwatobi's beak, which led Makoto to being their replacement, and then we have Haru who happened to pick up Iwatobi's beak and ran into Seijuro whom told our protagonist about Makoto's whereabouts. Sometimes, the world really is a small place, huh?

I don't know much about Ikuya and Hiyori yet, but it's nice to know they get along. Eating cake and drinking tea or coffee during the day is a relaxing way to spend time together. :) It's good to know Hiyori doesn't pressure Ikuya, like Hiyori didn't tell Ikuya to buy the suit that apparently looked nice on Ikuya.

It was good to see at the end, where Haru and Makoto found the suits they liked for their university entrance ceremony! This makes me look forward to season 3 ^^

I hope to see Natsuya and Nao soon too. I liked that Natsuya made the time to call Nao before heading to LA from San Francisco. It was such a cute fun fact to know about Natsuya buying Nao dolls as souvenirs. And Nao even lined the dolls on his desk in his new room x)) We'll probably see the kid Nao regretfully couldn't say goodbye to, before leaving his part-time job at the public pool.

Asahi and Kisumi meeting up was simple and cute!! :) Maybe Asahi will visit Kisumi at Kisumi's uncle's real estate agency more often. (:

EDIT: I love the series’ focus on friends growing up together. This episode could have made me forget that our characters are swimmers lol, but I do appreciate seeing how applicable swimming can be outside of the pool. :)) Makoto thought he would lose, but Haru encouraging Makoto to use backstroke was how Makoto won the wrestling match! I'm reminded of Assassination Classroom where Koro Sensei told his students to utilize their strengths, and that those abilities could be used in their studies, in their assassination attempts...anywhere. I think that's indeed very true. The skills we gain in life can be applied to more than one setting.
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