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Poll: Hatsujou Switch: Otosareta Shoujo-tachi - The Animation Episode 1 Discussion

Oct 27, 2018 5:43 AM
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All of a sudden too short skirt to cover the was. Well it was an okay ass and legs service. But the movement of the pantsu was really cheap, just like phasing through the ass.
How he discovered such a power and why specifically it would cause girls to crave the d and not just be horny?
Lovely body of her with the thickness and tone and cute face with the nerdy glasses girl look.
Quite erotic ahegao with all the fluids released out the face as well

How he senses where the switches are anyway?

Short skirts everywhere!
Second girl was most indulgent body and skirt totally exposed her crotch and ass even from standing position. What exhibitionist!
Just looking does not count as male molester (痴漢)XD if anything such exposure is called female pervert (痴女)
no way a body like that could be called frail XD
Personally I believe the police would believe the man considering such a slutty appearance...
What a bitch to blackmail for money
surprised such breast grope and commotion alerted no one.
Well no bra was expected with that shape and pointiness of nipple poking out, although glasses girl was about the same even with a bra.
Clearly she was a pervert to want to be impregnated at the end.

3rd girl looked as if her ass was awfully high in the squat. Perhaps relatively long lower legs. in any case, a most exposed spresd of legs, but whose position was a bit inconsistent.
And most thick body and short skirt as well.

A somewhat unusual pairing? She looks pretty cute and not delinquent, yet he was most punkish.
Eh? Actually fell asleep? Thought he would just pretend.
Oh? How found out her name?

Would of been lewder if she actually went totally nude, but probably that would of been too crazy.
coming in nude y shirt is also pretty perverted enough a thing to do.
So the switch seems to last quite some time? And instead of just fapping or doing it with the boyfriend, it somehow makes the girl only crave the guy?
Groaned quite painfully from the anal rape. And somewhat lewd how she was all slutty but got denied the pussy and had the anus used instead.
Didn't expect the guy to bring friends. Her saying it was a one time thing was a flag, and ended up in her being involved in more extreme play than she thought!
Conveniently, when she was away from her boyfriend now, she is fine with anyone's d
Quite baby voice like moans during the banging with his 2 friends
Loled at her questioning 'oh?' During the moaning to the phone
From the video, perhaps he could of figured out it was public toilet and gone to the nearest one?
Somewhat lewd how she moaned erratically from feeling it strongly
Wonder what would of happen if other men came into the toilet.

Overall showed off thick and shapely bodies well with body fluids and particularly perverted facial expressions. Animation was okay.
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Nov 17, 2018 1:04 PM
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Okayish hentai.

Lovely girls, but I was a bit annoyed with the amount of side-characters (like the punk or old man) - seriously, why are they even there?
The voice of the main character made me giggle a bit, for some reason it reminded me of Doflamingo's voice actor from One Piece.

I have to say, I expected more from this studio, they always have very original hentai but this one was just okay. I mean, it could have been worse, Seven did have some weird ugly bastards. I'll watch it again for science, of course. -_-
Jan 17, 2020 9:54 PM
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omg... how unlucky can i be?

5 hentais in a row but all of them horrible.

this one had old/middle age men + NTR, such bad tags

damn, 1/10
Apr 3, 2020 7:37 PM

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Took me many moons to watch this, I even would close it after 2min, it didn't really attract my attention.

But damn that revenge porn was next level. fuck you and fuck your gf lol.

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But my feels.
Apr 21, 2020 9:17 AM

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Meh I think that ganbang in this case is really unnecessary, why share your toys anyway?
Oct 12, 2020 7:05 AM

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Pls don't be bitch girl, rip last girl .. gangbang on the toilet, poor kanojo san
Jan 12, 11:18 PM

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Need to adapt more from the manga.