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Poll: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 3 Discussion

Nov 17, 2018 4:48 PM

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What a phenomenal episode, so heartbreaking, it(s only been three episodes, I just can't imagine how intense and hard this would get.
I totally I'm all for the main ship, although it wouldn't hurt if we get to see more of the girl he met at the part that day.
This whole atmosphere thing is still a bit confusing to me, like how did they still managed to remember her before even when they could get all the sleep they needed, and what assures them they aren't going to forget about her the day after?
Nov 19, 2018 7:19 PM

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Man, this little arc was really good. I felt so invested with this couple in just 3 episodes, I'm really surprise with this show, being honest.

Personally, that confession felt really awkward but I guess that's the point I mean, if the point was to break this "atmosphere", what a better way to do it by doing something that everyone will remember even after graduation.

I also like the fact that Sakuta remembered Mai in an unconsciously way. Since "consciousness" was the main reason of Mai's problem, Sakuta remembering her again didn't look like something "out of nowhere".

I kinda wish this series ends here but that's not the case. I just hope the next arcs to be as good as this one.
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Nov 19, 2018 9:56 PM

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SouthRzVa said:
Man, this little arc was really good. I felt so invested with this couple in just 3 episodes, I'm really surprise with this show, being honest.

Personally, that confession felt really awkward but I guess that's the point I mean, if the point was to break this "atmosphere", what a better way to do it by doing something that everyone will remember even after graduation.

I also like the fact that Sakuta remembered Mai in an unconsciously way. Since "consciousness" was the main reason of Mai's problem, Sakuta remembering her again didn't look like something "out of nowhere".

I kinda wish this series ends here but that's not the case. I just hope the next arcs to be as good as this one.

Yeah, that arc was amazing. I haven't watched anime since darling in the franx in early summer, and then years before that point, this show is reminding me that every so often I'm missing out on something great.

I really, really, really like this show so far.
Nov 20, 2018 7:16 AM

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Eoussama said:

This whole atmosphere thing is still a bit confusing to me, like how did they still managed to remember her before even when they could get all the sleep they needed, and what assures them they aren't going to forget about her the day after?

Basically the atmosphere is synonymous to the social norm of a particular environment. It became the social norm within school and eventually the general public to slowly forget or outright ignore Mai's existence. It was a gradual thing as what became normal changed over time. Sakuta was someone to go along with what the social norm is but Mai is what sparked this desire to go against the flow. This coupled with his very personal connection to Mai made him hold out for so long. Kunimi & Futaba were able to hold out longer than the majority of people because they had a closer tie to Mai through Sakuta.

As to why he managed to remember her? Well, you see the atmosphere tends to differ depending on the social environment. The atmosphere of the general public can differ compared to the atmosphere between two people very close to each other. This atmosphere between Sakuta & Mai pretty much fully manifested itself in that study session. Why? Because for the very first time both of them did self sacrificial deeds for each other. Both of them were willing to sacrifice their own well being for the other's safety. The box was opened, the cat was alive and it was determined what their bond actually was. This very personal tie that was built in that moment engraved itself into who Sakuta is because it's something surpassing his general consciousness. He's not merely aware of Mai through his consciousness but also through his emotions.
Nov 25, 2018 10:24 AM
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That confession gave me one of the biggest cases of second-hand embarrassment ever, but I'm glad it worked out in the end. The moment where Sakuta starts remembering Mai again was really heartwarming.

So I'm guessing this show is split up into mini-arcs that deal with different girls and phenomenons each time? I'm down with that.
Nov 29, 2018 9:13 AM

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Okay, Mai's "arc" is over, I hope it does not happen as in Monogatari, Senjougahara was as a supporting after his "arc".
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Dec 1, 2018 9:35 AM

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I almost died from secondhand embarrassment when Sakuta was yelling outside like a maniac.

Though I was more impressed at the sheer volume he was able to yell without even losing his voice.
Dec 1, 2018 2:36 PM

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The turn of events was so fast. But I like its flow.
Dec 2, 2018 10:52 PM
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don't you just love it when a show is already anime of the season at episode 3?

shit's an easy 8/10 right there, but there's a lot more to come. didn't read the source so i was scared shitless that it'd be an Amagami SS type thing. glad they settled my heart right at the beginning of episode 4.

it's 4:50 right now and i have a full day tomorrow fml lets gooo

edit: also i haven't read the entire thread but if no one has mentioned Clannad and AnoHana then i'll be the first one to. if you're loving what you're seeing here then go watch both it immediately. same central plot mechanic -- person is forgotten by everyone but MC remembers her through the power of luv. two of the best shows of all time. oh, and Your Name. it kinda threads those waters as well. watch them. bye
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Dec 8, 2018 1:27 PM
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Nokkun said:
Amazing, emotional, borderline perfect. Those are the words that came to my mind as I watched this episode.
Sakuta's dedication was so very well depicted, and really showed his true character. Till this ep, it could have been nothing but a crush, a simple ephemeral feeling. Yet, all doubts were cleared today, as Sakuta did everything in his power to remember Mai. When she opened her hand, and showed the pills, my heart skipped a bit. It has been a while since a scene made me so mad, scared and pissed, as part of me thought that would be it.
Also, Mai crying made me instantly tear. I think we got to see all sides of her character this ep. Her tsun side, mixed with her caring, lowkey sassy and shy nature is just wonderful.
The ending was just perfect, him "facing everyone", confessing to her, and believing he could bring her back was just wonderful. The moment she said "You don't have to say it in such a loud voice, I hear you", I must have gotten the silliest, stupidest smile lol. "Baka.. Baka, Sakuta", indeed :p

As it was already said here, I just hope Mai doesn't turn into a side character now, as it will make me wanna drop the show, not to mention how it would screw the show for me, emotionally speaking.

Now, I'll be a fan boy for some mins and put a silly 9/10 on that score.

Man with the way you talked about the episode i thought you'd put a 100/10 on that score.
Dec 8, 2018 1:28 PM
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This episode was so emotional, perfectly handled. I thought tbis would be the epic finale but we got this in episode 3, it's ridiculous the fast-paced pace they have on this but it's even more ridiculous that they handle it well.
Dec 10, 2018 12:18 PM

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It was fine episode i think
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Dec 22, 2018 7:04 AM

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Forgetting someone in this day and age, you know it's convenient that Sakuta doesn't have a cellphone cause watching himself tell the whole issue with Mai is more compelling and will bring back memories of her in an instant. Like dude Kevin Hart made a tweet about something homophobic a decade ago and people dug it up and now he got fired. Loooooool. But seriously despite the ridiculousness of it all, despite this show treating itself so seriously what with the schrodinger's cat's thing, despite all those it's still very entertaining. Also yeah this is starting to feel like the monogatari series.
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Dec 25, 2018 9:25 PM
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I was pretty dissapointed with how they wrapped up this storyline. I was expecting the plot revolving around Mai's dissapearance be more intricate, or well explained. I still would say i liked the episode, it just didnt live up to the previous instalments. I would have been more content with how they wrapped it up if they had taken a few more episodes to uncover more of the depth to what is going on. It just felt so sudden, with what i thought was to be a 13 episode storyline wrap up in 3, and also have our main lose some realistic character traits by doing the "love you with all my heart" thing after knowing someone 3 or so days.

That being said, it was still very enjoyable to watch. Everything leading up to the conclusion was pretty good. I am excited to see where it goes from here. Because even though I complain about this being wrapped up too fast, I am a sucker for the multiple short storylines surrounding different girls format. Hopes are decently high to see how they uncover more about adolescent syndrome through the coming storylines.

P.S. Kaede is adorable, hope she gets a main storyline where we can learn more about what happened to her when the syndrome hit, or perhaps relapses.
Dec 27, 2018 5:57 AM

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Comes one point reveal of this adolescent syndrome problem: it can't be scientifically spoken as said in this episode by itself. Well, I don't think I could take this well unless I must believe that that's how the world in Seishun works. Feels like from episode 1 to 3 here, it's like saying that we have this straightforward with chemistry couple and the author wants this; and then add with this adolescent and taking hints problem to make it as a story. It's just three episodes here, let's see for more I say.

Yeah, this is funny.

EDIT: How does Mai know Sakuta's reason for not sleeping? Did I miss something? And the 'scientist' we have is our explaining machine on this world's problem system, you'd think we need to rely on her.
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Dec 30, 2018 11:36 AM
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This episode was amazing. Seriously, Sakuta with that confession and the whole school looking at him... Sakuta is amazing.

I'm surprised with the pacing of the show. I expected this at the end of the series, not in the third episode, but I'm astonished at how well done the series is. The quality is amazing and the characters are, in my opinion, extremely good. Honestly a 10/10.
Jan 1, 6:09 PM

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Yeyyyyyy~ dat confession *O*

Surprisingly, this disappearance issue resolved quite fast lmao. It's only ep 3 X) hope they have more content to show to keep interest :P
Jan 3, 8:20 PM
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alright, decided to give episode 2 and 3 a chance after i thought episode 1 was meh at the beginning of the season and put it on-hold. Its a little bit better, enough to bump my score from a 5 to a 6 for now but i still dont get all the praise surrounding it. Also, the directing in this is pretty fucking boring.
Jan 5, 11:51 PM

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Damn.., the confession is really funny,cute and awkward i can't stop laughing while smiling and cringing at that...

I personally assume it might be the best episode for this whole cour even i haven't seen the upcoming episode. Since it seem it'll be moving toward new arc.

Still .... dat confession to proof someone existence, dat's legit i loved it :3.

Wonderful Episode, thumbs up love SakutaxMai :D
Jan 6, 6:11 PM
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I can see and recognize why everyone compares it to monogatari, haruhi and oregairu, But if you happen to have watched recently like i did, this 3 episodes of bunny girl sempai feel watching a remake of the movie with a twist, it's almost the same structure
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Jan 7, 10:39 AM

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The synergy with the two MCs is actually super cute, I love it.
Jan 11, 11:38 AM

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Well that sure was really lovely I must say, almost felt like an ending of the series but it's just the third episode! Really love this progression and looking forwards to see what happens next.
Jan 20, 8:30 AM

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The pacing seems rushed for this anime so far, but I can't say I don't enjoy their relationship. I didn't expect her problem to be solved so fast, but oh well, I'm glad we got a cute closure for it. I smiled throughout the embarrassing confession, so I welcome whatever comes, as long as we don't get love triangles, the bane of my existence.
Jan 27, 12:55 PM

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If you fell asleep, you'll forget... That fact is nothing short of a horrible event that Sakuto doesn't want to ever experience which is why he tried so desperately to stay up. I respect these actions of his so much! But in the end, the sleeping pill made him sleep anyway.

I was really hoping that Sakuta would regain his memories of Mai and once he did, I was overjoyed! But he didn't end there! He straight up declared his love and true feelings to Mai directly to the whole damn school and also to Mai herself that's beside him! They may have feelings for one another, but this episode sealed the deal and thus, Sakuta X Mai is sailing majestically!

Finally, Mai herself is no longer non-existing to everyone else.
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Jan 31, 5:26 PM

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Ok, so this really follows the same scheme as Monogatari or Kokoro Connect and the plot is split up by girl arcs...

The problem I have with it is that the story could basically end here if she (plot device) didn't give him one month ultimatum. My fear is even that he confessed, other girls would be thrown into the bowl right now and Mai would become irrelevant during their parts. What I would like to see is her to get more interactions with other characters instead but from the preview it's obvious Tomoe falls in love with him the next and that Futaba already loves him (and I kinda like her too). On the other hand, if this more like Kokoro Connect where relationships were honored than I'm okay with it.

Anyway, I kinda liked the resolution and I'm already loving all characters right now but the resolution (or the reason given behind her disappearance and whole puberty syndrome) was rather weak or maybe even a bit nonsensical to me. Whereas in Monogatari or Kokoro Connect I always felt the twist to click with me this didn't happen here, it just merely happened. Not saying it's bad or anything but I found Rio technobabble a bit on illogical side.
Feb 7, 8:54 AM

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Those were 3 solid episodes that made this series stand out to me.

Part of me doesn't want to watch the remaining episodes though, because this was a perfect self contained arc, that really doesn't need the sequel. I image those three episodes adapted first volume and following this we will not be as good... especially since I'm not watching it weekly but rather after the season ended and well... if the following episodes were as good as those three then this would be easy anime of the year for many people which it is not.

Regardless though, just for those three eps, the series is worth watching and as for the rest, I will find out soon. It shouldn't be too bad since this novel mimics haruhi with it's MC.

It's been a while since I watched an entire series in one sitting maybe this will be the one.
Feb 20, 4:10 PM

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It was cringey and heartwarming at the same time
Apr 21, 3:56 AM
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End to a pretty good arc

I hope the next one is better though
May 3, 6:33 AM
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Good episode. The quantum theory or Schroedinger's Cat and all that was complicated and I can't say with honesty that I fully wrapped my head around it. The decision by Sakuta to stay awake was not wise. The notebook was wise, but why couldn't he just tell Mai what was happening? And what did he hope to accomplish by not falling asleep? Eventually he would've fallen asleep anyway... or died from sleep deprivation. I don't see much point in him trying to constantly stay awake.

The confession was great. Really loved how they interacted, how Mai was actually sad that he couldn't remember her. The romance between those two is really funny for me, and the dry humour keeps continuing! Sort of felt second-hand embarrassment from his humiliating confession though.

Gave it a 4 out of 5 because I just thought the whole process was really really quick. It was good, but just felt like it went very quickly the whole thing. And how they progressed romantically too.

Curious what comes next!
May 19, 9:45 AM

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loved everything about this cept for how quickly Sakuta seems to fall in love with Mai despite having a prior love interest. Still ship though
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Jun 16, 5:19 AM

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Mai-senpai the dream girl for sure, glad he was somehow able to remember her!
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Jun 30, 1:03 PM

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Just started the series today, and I must say that this is a good episode!
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