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How often has a discussion on MAL about an anime changed your opinion of that anime?

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Oct 9, 8:08 PM

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Everyone seems to love sharing their opinions, but it seems like a lot of users talk at people rather than talk to people.

So, in your personal experience, how often has this happened and with what shows? Did your opinion improve or worsen? To what extent?
Oct 9, 8:12 PM

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Not too often but sometimes usually in a negative sense. It's more of I thought too highly of a show but as soon as someone starts to point out the obvious flaw or such, then I start to realize
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Oct 9, 8:19 PM

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My opinion doesn't change much, but I sometimes aknowledge a show's flaws or qualities that flew under my radar when other people point them out.
Oct 9, 8:25 PM

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I don't think it ever has. Well, unless you count me liking SAO more and more just out of spite, due to all of the people who live and breathe for the sole purpose of telling me and everyone else how bad it is.
Oct 9, 8:30 PM
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usually my rating of an anime is not affected because i score base on my enjoyment when i watch it but im sure is affected even by the nitpicking things the vocal haters give it
Oct 9, 8:33 PM

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It's certainly questioned my opinions but never actually changed them but when some part of my argument is flawed I most certainly will acknowledge that.
Oct 9, 9:14 PM

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triple pls
And that depends on the extent of what you mean by "changed your opinion" on something.

Have I thought something is better or worse than what I thought it was before I discussed about it, perhaps because I hadn't taken notice of something or I didn't think of x thing on a certain perspective? 100%, happens all the goddamn time.

Have I completely flipped my opinion on something I like/dislike, and turn my opinion on the opposite side of the spectrum, because of a discussion? Not that I remember, no.

Usually I already have a proper opinion on something I'm watching, playing, or reading in mind before I even take to the interwebz. And usually they're objective truth well-formed enough that it'd already be kinda hard for me to lean to the opposite side.
Mind you that I assume most people, including me, don't really take a "mind-changing discussion" to something unless they have a really strong opinion about it.

If there's any form of anime or whatever that a discussion might sway my opinion on one side it'll be things that I thought was complete average. Meaning that stuff I don't really have a strong opinion about but "meh", basically almost everything I rated a 5.
However, I don't particularly go and join a discussion about these sorts of things anyway since, well, they're completely average and I usually have nothing too much to talk about it.
Although if I see a proper discussion about it, even if not including me, that might change my mind a bit. I remember thinking Legend of Korra was complete average then after some lurking I thought "oh, this is worse than I remember it to be".

Oct 9, 9:16 PM

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I remember when Re: Zero was first airing, I loved it. But as I read MAL's opinions regarding the show, and how they exposed the show's flaws, my opinion of Re: Zero became really negative.
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Oct 9, 9:18 PM

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Never! and probably never will since I don't discuss anime in mal.
Oct 9, 9:46 PM

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My general opinion rarely ever changes but discussions help me notice minor flaws or positive aspects I missed.
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Oct 9, 9:55 PM

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triple plz,
the discussion about shounen anime in general made me give up hope on the entire community so
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Oct 9, 9:56 PM

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I blame MAL for making me care about asspulls, power-ups and power of friendship in battle shonen anime :(

I could never see battle shounen anime the same way anymore (and derive the same level of entertainment from them) after reading how much criticized these concepts were here...
Oct 9, 9:56 PM
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Changing the opinion of the anime that i have watched, well this almost never happened, BUT, i have lots of anime in my watchlist that i haven't watch yet, and sometimes the review or discussion about how good or bad the show is makes me either want to watch it even more or just keep the show in the plan to watch list even longer...
Oct 9, 10:03 PM

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Personally (not to sound like a dick) but my opinion/score on an anime is unique to me and me alone. I don't care about what other people rated a show, and seeing people hype or trash a show doesn't affect my opinions on it in the slightest.

Oct 9, 10:09 PM

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No change in my opinion but I remember looking up some tatami galaxy discussions while watching it, made me like the show even more.
Oct 9, 10:17 PM
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Nithirel said:
I don't think it ever has. Well, unless you count me liking SAO more and more just out of spite, due to all of the people who live and breathe for the sole purpose of telling me and everyone else how bad it is.

Can't say the first episode of SAO's new season wasn't enjoyable!
Oct 9, 10:20 PM

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Never has and probably never will. I just find it interesting to read what other people think but that won’t influence my opinion
Oct 9, 10:20 PM
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Opinion is sooooo subjective. There's not a single piece of ART in the world some people won't like or dislike.

I'm able to acknowledge people's diverging opinions on an anime I've watched but I don't let it deter my personal experience, either great or bad.

We're all entitled to love whatever we love and to crap on whatever we want, as long as we respect eachothers as human beings.
Oct 9, 10:28 PM
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My opinion never changes because I'm never wrong. Just kidding- It hasn't been changed yet but I haven't spent much time on the site.
Oct 10, 1:01 AM

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Nithirel said:
I don't think it ever has. Well, unless you count me liking SAO more and more just out of spite, due to all of the people who live and breathe for the sole purpose of telling me and everyone else how bad it is.
Basically this; hanging out here was partly responsible for encouraging my picking up SAO II and getting some SAO in my system (because I'd dropped the first season for reasons unrelated to the usual criticisms).

And whadya know; I actually appreciated the experience. It wasn't perfect, but there was a reasonably interesting lead character, a reasonably intriguing story, and a pretty nice ending theme.
Oct 10, 1:02 AM

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Anytime fujoshi start their crazy talk, my level of hatred towards specific anime rise numerically.

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Oct 10, 1:05 AM

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I don't really look at anime episodes discussion, though anime discussions, yes I look at. But either of them hasn't changed about that anime.

Oct 10, 1:09 AM
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I acknowledge everything as long as they are right. In fact, I'll be thankful that someone has corrected me.

Thats a part of learning process.

Still, there are things that are subjective and no one can change your opinions about it.
Oct 10, 1:15 AM

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Not very often. I find reddit to be a much better platform when discussing such things. MAL forums don't particularly do a great job at convincing people as they tend to revolve more around downright shitting on other's tastes.
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Oct 10, 1:15 AM

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0% of the time since mal is filled with little children who dont know how to discuss

Oct 10, 1:47 AM

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I respect and appreciate people's opinion, but i don't find mal discussion changed my opinion very often.
Yes, it happens, once-twice. Even though it's changing very slowly
Oct 10, 1:56 AM

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Lol, never. Not even one time. Ironically, Mal is trash for anime/manga discussion.

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Oct 10, 2:33 AM

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I'm really easy to manipulate, so quite a bit I guess.

Oct 10, 2:40 AM

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People will talk about what's popular or trending. It's a give and take situation so I don't mind as long as I'm interested enough to read what they have to say. They won't change the way I see it because it's the show that impress me, not them.
Oct 10, 2:59 AM

Joined: Jun 2012
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I don't think I've ever changed my opinion on a show based on what someone said to me. If I didn't like a show I didn't like it. I will never like Cowboy Boobop no matter how many people tell me it's a masterpiece and I will always enjoy rewatching School Days.
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Oct 10, 2:59 AM

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erm... like.. never

anime is something you like or not doesnt matter good or bad so if somebody else talking about it wont make me like or hate anime itself since i dont bother with caring about plot and cliches
Oct 10, 3:06 AM

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It's not necessarily discussed on MAL right? I don't change my mind whenever someone points out 'flaws' or 'qualities' or something like that, no matter how much flaws there is if i enjoy the show then no one can stop me re-watch that show for the 100th time.

But it can change the way i view said anime if it's something i haven't watched yet. It's like knowing what i should expect before watching said anime, if it's something not into my liking, i won't add it into my watch list but if it's the opposite, i would gladly put it on my watch list.
Oct 10, 3:08 AM

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Discussing is something I do for the sake of it, somebody's opinion would have to be really weak to change it with a few posts.

My mind has yet to be changed, at best I doubted myself, rewatched the show in question and concluded I was right all along, wasting some time in the process because of dumb uncertainty.
Oct 10, 3:08 AM

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I don't really care about opinions from others though

Oct 10, 3:27 AM

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They haven't changed my opinion at all. Whilst other opinions are interesting, i doubt they could get me to hate a show i loved or something.
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Oct 10, 3:38 AM
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Arkab said:
I blame MAL for making me care about asspulls, power-ups and power of friendship in battle shonen anime :(

I could never see battle shounen anime the same way anymore (and derive the same level of entertainment from them) after reading how much criticized these concepts were here...

Man, that sucks. I mean, not being able to enjoy something anymore.
Oct 10, 3:47 AM

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My opinion on a show barely changes, if the show is good to me. I would have to be very convinced to say and believe that a good show has stopped being good
Oct 10, 3:57 AM

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i thought SAO was good until i started participating in the forums and i agreed with all the haters
that was back in 2016

Oct 10, 3:59 AM

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It used to but then I learned how to develop my own opinions instead of agreeing with some random on anime forum.
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Oct 10, 4:16 AM

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Never because I watch the anime myself to form an opinion not some random elitist on the internet
Oct 10, 4:18 AM
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Never. Could also be because I don't care much about discussions on MAL. I've talked about anime on other forums and no one managed to change my opinion about an anime anyway.
Oct 10, 4:30 AM

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Episode discussions often helped me to understand better what others liked, but it rarely affected my opinion. My opinion is based on my own experience and enjoyment I've gotten out of the show. So even if others point something out, like it's bad cause it had this flaw or it's good cause it fleshed out this aspect, it doesn't really matter when it didn't affect me while watching and eventually I still prioritize my own experience.
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Oct 10, 5:07 AM

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Not too often, I guess. Usually on here, it feels like the priorities we're focusing on with the series just vary wildly different than what I liked or disliked about it, and so I just kind of think of it as some sort of perspective sharing sit down more than an actual disagreement and can lose interest pretty quickly if we're not sharing a similar basis for what we're disagreeing on. I talk about this, other guy talks about that, I care about this more and talk about why I think it's good, other person didn't care much about what I really liked, they tell me what they really disliked and why they think it's bad, I didn't care much about what they put emphasis on. Congrats, the other dude and I didn't really talk to each other much, just kind of past each other while turtling up and getting irritated they don't share our own priorities and want to accomplish the same shit as the other. Cool.

Like, take ERASED, which is a series I really liked but pretty much never discuss on the basis that I can't really meld in to why I disagree with people on it - people criticize the hell out of it for poorly done narrative/mystery mechanics, whenever what I took away from it so much was basically an absolutely enthralling atmosphere and tone to it, kind of creepy but kind of relaxed and kind of tense at the same time with some cold-weather scenery that could vary between gorgeous and just looking freezing depending on the time. So if somebody tried to talk to me about it, and they were so entirely focused on the mystery elements, it's just...I don't really care, honestly. The whole narrative felt like a vessel for the tone and the atmosphere to me, and I greatly appreciated the tone and the atmosphere in of itself. If that's what I took away from it, and the mystery elements weren't of much importance to what I got from it, then...why should I really put much stock into somebody disliking the mystery elements? etc etc. It was always less about point A to point B with me. The vibe the series gave off, the setting and the schlock, the way it could pull me in just through how it used things like lighting and scenery and how the things were being contextualized and the parameters they were taking place in - a predictable villain and a goofy conclusion aren't going to be things I really care about all that much. Do they need me to give them a pat on the back and a gold star sticker for telling me what they were wanting out of it if we're disagreeing on that basis?

"Ah, yes, I acknowledge your opinion and I am not very concerned with changing it, but I do not view the series lesser because I did not weight these things very much into what drew me into it, and this is what I cared about more."

"I see. I did not care very much about that and was more concerned with this."


Either that or they just start calling each other dumb shit because we communicate shit like this like we're fucking neanderthals most of the time.

And while I'm glad that treating "it's just my opinion" is becoming less valid given it can be used as a means to just escape discussing things and holing up behind their wall and hearing out nothing else, there are cases where I genuinely feel like it does apply and that trying to clash and make somebody change their perception wouldn't actually fucking benefit anything, other than some superficial superiority assertion in what's going to boil down to little more than either an endurance competition or a fucking prose contest.

At that point I just don't think we would really have anything to discuss and would just rather drop it and end it there, rather than continue on that path that doesn't seem capable of being more than "Who can articulate themselves better" whenever it'd be difficult to convince me that either is really all that wrong for what they're doing on the base level. I didn't sign up for this site to have fucking writing competitions, I just want to talk about anime and shit and keep a list >_> If the focal point of their praise or criticisms are things I'm not very interested in or put much weight into in the first place, then, well...sorry, I'm just not going to be very interested in acting like I care more than I probably do.

So, it usually feels like adopting a lot of these kinds of priorities often would be entirely self-defeating to achieving the type of thing I tend to focus on and care about most in anime, and I'm certainly not just going to cede their position by calling everything I do shit and treating it as some kind of guilty pleasure or "I like it but it's trash," whenever I don't think it is at all in a lot of cases. It'd be disingenuous and conciliatory of me, but I've just never felt the vast majority of more individual-series oriented discussions on this site can really ever evolve past that because of the sheer amount of friction in just in establishing a mutual foundation over what they're actually discussing. That's how it always feels like it plays out to me.

And if the series is something I actually care about enough to discuss and we can establish a mutual basis on what's important to us, then totally, I love doing that and that's the most fun I have in discussion and that perspective can potentially prove worthwhile to me. I'm just disinterested in getting into a screaming fight about things I very likely have very little concern with in regards to the series in the first place. And I admit that I do it on here sometimes with ecchi as a general topic, and those are some of my most forced and more draining posts to write, but I just feel the need to make my voice heard in those cases so it doesn't feels so homogenous and people know *people like me exist* rather than operating in a same-think bubble when it comes to what would be good for ecchi, and it's rarely meaning more than that to me in those cases, I've come to discover.

That sort of thing tends to play out a lot, I feel like, especially when people try to focus primarily on the narrative in works where narrative wasn't much of a concern to me. Talk about fanservice detracting from the narrative in an ecchi, as many do for some reason, and putting aside the "what in the actual fuck were you expecting the series to prioritize and focus on primarily?" - if I try to go against that line of logic in a discussion over show, it's just hard for me to actually care. And I tend to grind out a lot of really forced responses on the basis that I'm not really a proponent of a lot of these sorts of formatting and priorities being applied to ecchi. And it just kind of seems stupid and kind of tunnel visioned about what a series *needs* to prioritize to be acceptable or possess some kind of value, and lot of the time and that in of itself can be irritating and the most natural part of my responses tend to be covering these kinds of areas, but I digress. Somebody is disappointed that HSotD didn't focus enough on the zombie apocalypse elements and focused primarily on fanservice and action. Somebody wants something more thematic and mature and complains about a show being shallow and schlocky, whenever I liked the stuff being deemed shallow and schlocky. Talk about KLK and that I think it has shitty ecchi, I just get told "it's not supposed to be an ecchi," ironically by people who will criticize ecchi on the basis of it being ecchi a lot of the time, completely neglecting that it's pretty much just a vice versa situation there.

And rarely do I feel like I actually get into discussions about specific series that evolve from just different means of prioritization and compartmentalization like that. It's why I've always been more fond of general anime discussions about overarching topics rather than ones with specific shows - despite the wider breadth covered by the topics, I do kind of feel it's been generally easier to establish a similar basis in a disagreement and then having the discussion extend from there than anything else. It's why I like talking about the mechanics of what goes into a review or discussion and how we should try to approach it, because there we'd be disagreeing but we'd have a similar understanding in trying to put out our perspectives of what goes into communication and assessment and building on that, which is less vague than "We're discussing whether or not the series is good or bad," which is just far too vague to feel really mutual. Threads about the community and their responses to things and trying to piece together who is doing what and what have you. Not all the time, but occasionally I can get something fun out of those things with some sense of gratification. It feels *extremely* rare when disagreements over individual series can feel like I've actually got a sense of investment or reason to care about what somebody else thinks. Because I know I don't consume things totally mindlessly. I'm far from an intellectual writing critical dissertations or anything, but fuck, I can at least usually pinpoint things I like and dislike about something, and what I care most about and what I don't care about much at all. And usually it's just not going to be easy to convince me I'm actually wrong in caring about these things over what the other person is more concerned with.

So yeah, it doesn't happen very often, mostly because in these discussions I usually don't see a lot of the stuff being put before me as being worth factoring in too heavily in my own interpretation, and unless it's just me missing out on something that was present or not thinking too much on it, shifting my opinion based on somebody else giving me a well-thought opinion just usually feels totally fucking fake.

None of this is to say it doesn't or has never happened, though. I think it's entirely possible, but usually just requires some kind of fault on my own end as a prerequisite - usually having some kind of tunnel vision or not thinking things through enough. It's just that the majority of the best conversations on this site come from somebody not understanding why somebody is praising or criticizing something and somebody explaining why they do as much, and the reason for that is because they actually fucking share a mutual foundation over what they're discussing in the first place.
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Oct 10, 5:49 AM

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Depends on what my point of view was before going in.
If I already liked or disliked it beforehand then it'll have little to no effect, but if I was a neutral party I may have formed an opinion based on what I read.

All the Fate discussions are partially what made me check out Fate.
It's definitely enjoyable. Nice fights, fun characters, some mystery here and there.
Oct 10, 9:32 AM

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At first I thought HxH was just a bad show, but the more I read people's opinion on Mal about it the more my opinion became negative toward the show. I now hate HxH thanks to MAL.
Oct 10, 10:04 AM

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Yeah, in the past but not that much nowadays. Guess i've improved mentally LOL.

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Oct 10, 10:08 AM
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I dropped Shinsekai Yori around episode 9 but i picked it up again because of a MAL thread and i absolutely loved the anime.
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Oct 10, 2:00 PM

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This doesn’t happen often for me, and when it does it tends toward appreciating the show more due to a perspective that didn’t occur to me. The minutiae of criticisms don’t tend to sway me, but if you can convince me that I missed the main point of a show (e.g. 5cm per second) then I might question my own take.

I may or may not have different “feelings” toward a show afterward, but I do tend to find those types of discussions interesting.

The more specific criticisms only tend to mean something when I have a similar basis for watching the show, as @Manaban noted in his response. I do think I probably encounter that more than him since the niche of people who are willing to talk about how a character arc impacted the global narrative of some show is likely bigger than the niche of people who want an in-depth discussion on the usage of ecchi in some show (with the understanding that the ecchi doesn’t inherently ruin it, at least).

Still though, for as much as I am interested in discussion and opinion sharing I found it interesting that my own perspective does not change very often, nor does that of others. It makes me wonder if the majority of conversation on MAL is more egotistical than social in nature.
Oct 10, 2:04 PM

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I don't think I've ever changed my opinion about a certain anime after discussing it with someone.

Oct 10, 5:52 PM

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not that i can remember so it must be not many times if at all. other peoples opinions are not important to me
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