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Poll: High Score Girl Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 2, 12:03 AM

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man this show is great
i love the street fighter parts and how its actually legit
ive never been around arcades, but i always wanted to and just love the atmosphere they bring in this show

also the romance is cute af


Jan 3, 12:41 AM

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So I was on the fence about the series cause they would write something really terrible with an inkling of potential, but slowly the characters develop actual personalities and this episode is a good culmination of that. Definitely ended on a high note and would be interested in how the triangle ends.
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Jan 7, 8:21 AM

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Wow what a cliffhanger ending, hopefully we see this all come to a resolution in the 'Extra Stage' episodes (13-15) come spring, Hidaka is sick of being ignored, good for her!
Jan 8, 6:11 PM

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Honestly my main complaint about this show so far is a lack of interaction between Oono and Hidaka, the two rivals need more than that one scene! Oono especially doesn't even realize yet there could be someone waiting to snatch her gamer nerd from her heh.

Never thought an anime about playing video games could hold my interest like this but here we are.
Jan 9, 3:35 PM
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gswelcome said:
Honestly my main complaint about this show so far is a lack of interaction between Oono and Hidaka, the two rivals need more than that one scene!

Well, Oono was gone in chapter 3 before Hidaka made her appearance in the story so they didn't know each other back then. When Oono came back, Hidaka only got hints of her existence from Haruo, and they don't attend the same schools. Oono is also very restricted in her spare time and Hidaka wasn't even interested in arcades - the only place you could occasionally find Oono.
Jan 10, 6:33 PM
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this series was AMAZING I truly hope it gets a 2nd season and I am looking forward to the OVA.
Jan 16, 3:09 PM
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Wait, it was a last episode? I hope there will be second season, because it kinda looks like unfinished...
Jan 16, 5:49 PM
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There will be 3 OVA episodes coming out on March 2019 :) Then hopefully a season 2.
Jan 17, 4:41 AM

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Amazing series with a lot of funny games moments!
Jan 17, 6:37 AM

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9/10 for me

It would've been a 10 if it wasn't for the crude CG animation.
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Jan 19, 10:24 PM

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This was very enjoyable watch. Can't wait for the OVA and hope the OVA concludes the story.
Jan 23, 6:45 PM
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No, the OVA can't end the story. The manga still has many volumes to go. It would take a second season to conclude the story.
Jan 25, 2:01 AM

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The first half was super cute and sad and the second half was cute and sad at the same time! How can you make two likable girls in the same show, and about video games, too?

This was such a gem that I am a bit conflicted to have to watched it as it aired! I am okay to say that this was probably one of the top 3 anime of 2018 (alongside VE and Yorimoi).

Cannot wait for the OVAs. I really hope we get a proper sequel but perhaps the OVAs will pull a ReLIFE on us now that the manga has ended.

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Jan 29, 12:18 AM

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This pan out was really stunning and reminds me of Kingdom Hearts eheh <3

OMFG, this encapsulates their relationship so well XDDD boyfriends are so fucking dumb sometimes but they're so cute and funny like that xD

The perfect purikura for them :D

It was sosososo cute when Ono tucked him in and stared at him a lil bit when he was asleep huehue~ I do that too when I have a bf <3 Sleeping guys are the cutestttttt -^___^- they're like little puppies hehehe

Haruo's mom is awesome as always. Whatta good mama ^.^ I LOL'd with the backscratcher-- I don't think I've seen it in an anime before LMAO. Do other cultures use these too or just us Asians? Bwahahah xD

The PS start up sound was like heaven to my ears. I used to not care about it back then bc it was the norm lolol but now it hits ya like a pile of bricks in the face xD love it.

I busted out laughing when Hidaka hit him with the Saturn XD all these cute, violent girls Haruo's attracting hahhah X] now he gotta win to be with Ono :3 new goal instead of the Jouran High entrance exams lulz


The series was absolutely perfect.
10/10 from me; damn straight :DDD
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Feb 2, 7:09 AM

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I really wasn't in to the character drama at first, but I won't lie, this episode fucking gripped me! The scandalous hotel stay! The sweet tuck into bed! The Puresutee visit! And my god, that confession D,:

At first I was only in it for the video game history and 3D animation, but by golly I'll be watching those OVA episodes when they drop.
Feb 10, 9:32 AM

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Look this episode was great, and the way they developed the characters I like the most. The only think I dislike was the Pink haired pervy girl early in the series.

I know, it looks like Hidaka may not have a chance, but she had the vacation date with Yaguichi, and came to see how he was going when he was sick. Haruo may desire to thrash Ono, but let's get real, he's so far out of his league with her, and he will never get real affection from her with the way things are going now.

Hidaka clearly has more to offer him in that department. The problem now is with the challenge she has put herself in a lose - lose scenario. If she loses to him, she might lose him forever, and if she wins, she might force him into a relationship for a while, but it might not turn out how she thinks.

On the reverse side, Ono, doesn't offer as much as you might think, she has a large chance of losing here, because of how violent she has been with him over the years. She will continue to have family pressure, and if he does end up with her in the short term, I for see a moment, where she still ends up having to choose her family over him. She can't win in this scenario.

I think that's what makes this one so compelling. I'm clearly in Hidaka's camp, she's shown a lot more softness toward him than Ono, and has learned from Haruo's example a little bit also. The only way I see her winning, is if Haruo wins, and then says, Hidaka, I'm sorry that I never noticed how you felt. I was so focused on these games, that I didn't realize I was hurting you. If he can get to that point. THen Hidaka wins. But if he doesn't, and soon, he'll lose Hidaka, and likely end up losing Ono by the end too. (IE This seems destined for the double bad ending where he no longer sees either girl, and is alone.)
Feb 12, 3:00 PM

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Oono & Haruo together at a hotel seemed like husband & wife hahaha... That ending, I'm glad Hidaka confessed, she's so mature & amazing, I was shipping her, sad that she got rejected... Great anime, would've been wayyy better if it had a different artstyle.
Feb 22, 8:43 PM

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Aww that was really cute, glad I got around to watching this! I grew up in the genesis/playstation era and remember a lot of these, so this show was a huge nostalgia trip. Chrono Trigger, Mortal Kombat, Golden Axe... A lot of times he annoyed me on just how oblivious he was but I kept getting reminded that I was pretty much the same way when I was his age. Kind of hard to watch but also weirdly nostalgic.

I also like that they keep Ono silent for the most part, since finding out about her through the little bits of emotion and mannerisms hits a lot harder than just flat out saying it. In fact pretty much all of the emotion is conveyed without explicitly stating it until it's made pretty clear to us. I like that.

Only things I was bothered by was the show is Hidaka bringing the show to a crawl. Yeah, I get her, but she's not that interesting to me and bogs the show down a lot around episode 4-7. Also obligatory "the animation". Yea, it's not great, but I got used to it over time. The only times it became something of a problem is when its trying to show some of the heavier emotional moments. They just look kinda stiff.

I'll give it an 8/10. Very nostalgic and also very cute.
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Mar 1, 5:21 PM
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I just noticed something strange. This show looks strikingly similar, in style of characters and animtions, than PuPiPo. A show that aired like 5 years ago and the characters are just the same, but these shows seem to have no apparent connection. Maybe someone that worked on Pupipo also worked on this show, but still why did the producer than state that this show is the future of anime and something new?
Mar 10, 8:01 AM

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Cute episode and i loved the confession but was obvious she woild be rejected and its a cliffhanger end so i rlly disliked that... the art was rlly nice and cute :) and nice character development i think. (Tho the exam cramming was meh like you got 0s and then get to do the entrance exam for a special school made no sense)

This was a nice relaxing background anime for me rlly.. :) 7/10
Tho was debatting whether to rate it 7 or 8.. rlly wanted to rate 7,5 :p
Mar 19, 11:02 AM

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Blackbird said:
Koharu sure is much better than some mute person like Akira.
Whoever design her to stay mute.

Rensuke Oshikiri is the manga artist and creator
Mar 23, 6:57 PM

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So hyped for season 2
Mar 27, 10:47 PM

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That was great!!! And good I'm glad I waited until now to watch it, too big of a cliffhanger to have to wait for the ovas. 8/10
Apr 8, 8:21 AM
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Damn, I remember when this anime aired and it's rating was around 6 something. T'was the reason I didn't start it. I actually regret that now because its rating is now 8 q.q
Apr 11, 2:13 AM

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I expected a cute dagashi kashi type story about video games. I got a romance set in the 90s. Ok, I loved it, hidaka throwing the bomb conffesion was nice. Can't wait for the ova and the sequel. Now I go to the manga to quench my thirst. 9/10
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Apr 28, 7:04 PM
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Huh... I never knew that Puzzle Bobble existed, and that the dragons that show up to influence Haruo were from that game. I thought they were from Bubble Bobble instead (one of my favorite NES games of all time). Very interesting... it also seems like a very fun game to play; I almost want to break out my Dr. Mario for old time's sake.

I went into "High Score Girl" with low expectations, partly because of the unappealing animation, and partly because of the romance tag, but... might I say, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm actually slightly anxious for the next season, now. The bar has been raised, however, so it will be more difficult to impress me next time around. Hopefully S2 delivers.
Jun 14, 2:37 AM

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Damn. Oono x Haruo... Their relationship is so sweet and pure. T_T But Oono violet though hahaha

. aaaa Koharu's confession omg. Will watch the OVAs next!

Can't wait for season 2!! <33
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Jul 4, 3:54 PM

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that confession and then chalange, i am kind of impressed 😁
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