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Sep 6, 2018 10:43 AM
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I keep hearing people praising this anime, and so i watched it, and its fine, thats for sure, however its far from good and Maoyyu Maou Yuusha is superior in every way. Hell , even Owari no Seraph is superior to this in the only department that matters.

Why is Maoyyu Superior in every way? Well, lets compare.

Characters: Spice and Wolf only actually has 3 characters, the main 2 and the Sheppard Girl.(i have watched only s1, but from what i heard, s2 dose not change that , as much as it replaces the sheppard girls with someone who wants to buy holo)
Maoyyu on the other hand has more characters, nameless characters, but still..... Both pairs of Lawrence -Hollo and DK-Hero are voiced by the same voice actors, so in the voice department they are the same.
That being said, the main characters of Maoyuu are better in every way.
Lawrence is very passive and just dose what he is forced to do by circumstances, and is constantly saved by holo . Why is this bad ? Because passive characters are not good, they are dislikable. Secondly female characters being saved by male characters is fine, however the other way around is not fine , because EVERYONE judges man by what they CAN DO and nothing else. A dead man is better than an incapable man.
Hero is way better, because he actually dose stuff, and gets wiser along the way, and above that , he is not incapable. What i like about Hero, is that unlike most Main characters, he realizes his flaws early on, and despite being incredibly powerfull , he asks for assistence in things that cannot be solved with brute strength.
As for Holo and DK, well, Holo is just a typical sasy female character . I personaly dont like sasy females , especialy when there is nothing else to their personality other than that. DK on the other hand is very kind and calm, and she is not an arrogant at all, unlike Holo, although it makes sense, since Holo is probably the strongest character in her series, while DK is not.(some may think that DK is powerless outside of her knowledge , but from what i understand, she is pretty powerfull too, but we didint get to see that unfortunately in the anime although there was a scene where she said she can transform people in frogs)

Maoyyu Maou Yuusha offers both political intrigue and some economics, and unlike the economics of S&W, which are either vague or too simple , the economics in Maoyyu are simpler and CAN actually teach u something. For exemple in episode 2 the DK, explains the 4 stage crops rotation , something i heard of, since there is such a technology in Age of Empire 2, if i remember corectly but i never knew what it meant and this made me realise that "Overpopulation" is a lie , which is a lie that is thrown around very often as of 2018, and many people buy it. I dont think i learned anything from Spice and Wolf, and lets be honest, neither did u.

Animation and Sound : In this department Spice&W is horrible. Both the animation is bad, and the music dose not do what its supposed to do. Let me explain. If a show is heavy on dialogue , the music has to lift the atmosphere a bit, and make it a bit more pleasent to watch, since just talking is boring, no matter how u slice it. The music of spice and wolf is boring and very uninspired.
Maoyyu on the other hand has more collorfull characters, with better designs, since Most active characters of Maoyyu are not peasents like Lawrence and Holo, and better animation. The Music in MMY is very pleasent, lifts the atmosphere with songs that are filled with life, unlike the dull music of S&W.

As for why Owari no Seraph is better than this: U people don't actually care about the economics of S&W. I have never seen anyone talk about the economics of this show, or Youtubers make videos about it. People enjoy this this series because of the main 2 characters, and because Holo is a sasy Wolf-Girl. Well, i say Owari no Seraf is better than S&W, because the only character that people actually give a shit about in this show is Holo, and Owari No Seraph, allready has a sasy chick in it, and that sasy chick is actually rly fun to watch, because being sasy is not all she has, and she cant be sasy all the time, because she is not a powerhowse unlike Holo.

At the start i said that this anime is not good, and my main reason behind this, is that nobody watches this anime for anything other than the sasy wolf.

I look forward to responses.

EDIT: Hyouka is also S&W, but actually good.

(I have only watched S&W once, while i watched the other 2 twice, but i dont think it matters much.)
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Sep 6, 2018 11:01 AM
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Didn't watch S&W so I can't compare but Maoyyu Maou Yuusha is one of my favorite anime.
Sep 6, 2018 11:16 AM
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Then how are u here? Didint i post this on the S&W forum??

MMY is also among my favourites.
Sep 25, 2018 11:27 PM
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LOL, sure I'll bite and respond.

It's been a long time since I watched Spice and Wolf so my memory is quite fuzzy but my favorite part about the anime was the interaction between the two main characters. They complemented each other well and their personality matched quite perfectly in that yes--she is sassy-- but no, that doesn't faze the main character. His personality matches well with her sassy side in that he had more a relaxed personality and most importantly, he had wit. Their interaction and conversation with each other was/is quite the highlight of the show trading blow for blow in their responses. This is the "action" of the anime. And no, just because you like the interaction of two different main characters from another anime does not make this one bad or irrelevant.

I'm not quite sure what your problem with a "God" saving a man really is. He's just a man while she is a God. It would have been more stupid to have a human outdo a God in saving each other from harm. Following right back in the the old cliche of, "I'm Mr. Hero and I save the day." Perhaps you should try Sword Art Online as Kirito is quite the "Mr Hero" while Asuna, one of the most powerful players in the game, became useless in a second just so Kirito can express his "Mr. Hero" powers to "save" her from Mr Bad Guy. I would have dropped this anime completely if he would have "saved" Holo when she can transformed into a gigantic wolf and tear everyone apart while he's just a human merchant. That's right--a Merchant! I mean, what's he going to do? Throw an apple at the bad guys? I'm sorry but not all folks are born fighters and warriors. He was a merchant with wit and nothing more.

If you like the idea of Mr Hero comes to save the damsel in distress, so be it. That doesn't make this anime bad nor does it make the Main lead character useless. He was far from it. He was a clever merchant yet he still made mistakes--mostly due to the fact that he fell in love with a Goddess. The anime made a point that he was human and like all humans, we make mistakes and we are not these "Mr. Hero's". I think you missed that point in your assessment and viewing of this anime: Being a lowly human and merchant, with his wit, he still managed to captured the heart of a "sassy" Goddess.

I believe the reason for your distaste of Spice and Wolf, does not come from the fact that this anime was poorly animated, written, or directed but by your dislike of a main character who doesn't fit the "Mr. Hero" persona. It also seems you have an issue with a woman being able to save a man, but that's neither here nor there, as that is a different argument all together. But again, you seemed to have missed the point that she wasn't a woman but a "God".
Sep 26, 2018 4:44 AM
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" my favorite part about the anime was the interaction between the two main characters."- Seems the one who dose not get the point is u. This quote is pretty much my whole problem with the show. People watch it only for this interaction and nothing more. By this standard there are many anime that do it better, and that aplies even to many action shows where the focus is on action. The problem with their interactions is that:

1: Lawrance is a passive man who just surrenders to circumstance, and that is bad for any character, but especialy for a man character(again, just like in real life man are judged by their action)

2:U say "His personality matches well with her sassy side", I say that she has nothing aside the sassy side, because its her only side. Thats why i like Shinoa from Owari no seraph more ,since she is sassy only in moments of relaxation, and when problems actually arise , she drops the act.

"I'm not quite sure what your problem with a "God" saving a man really is"-My problem is not the saving itself. And i think i explained why allredy.

"Perhaps you should try Sword Art Online as Kirito is quite the "Mr Hero" while Asuna......"...........sigh. Rly???!!! Again, my problem is not the saving , as much as its circumstances. Why did Lawrence need saving i ask u? He needs saving for 1 of 2 reasons. Either its cus of his stupidity or exactly because he has Holo with him. Again, i dont like Holo, for reasons i wrote before, so from my point of view the solution to his problems is dumping holo and going his own way ,which he dose not.

"That doesn't make this anime bad nor does it make the Main lead character useless. "- The anime is bad for several other issues. Lawrance is not bad for the saving, its cus he is a passive pussy.

"He was a clever merchant" Aside his responses to the sass of the wolf lady, he lacks any wit, or cleverness.

"but by your dislike of a main character who doesn't fit the "Mr. Hero" persona"- Do u honestly belive , i have only watched shows where the MC is only the Mr.Hero guy?

" I would have dropped this anime completely if he would have "saved""-This is a strawman(or some other logical falacy). Just because i didint like the saving, dose not mean i would have liked it the other way around.

"LOL, sure I'll bite and respond."- I am not a troll m8. I am seriously a man who wants a debate on this topic. Also i wanted to find out if the people of S&W can enjoy the series and point out its flaws too, just like i can for several of my favourites shows. For ex: The comedic parts of Maoyyu should all be erased. Kishimoto fuking destroyed his fantastic characters fro part 1. And, Rokka no Yuusha is the only light novel that i read, because i liked the anime that much, yet i am capable of criticizing its flaws, like how the whole Volume 3 is pretty stupid.

That being said, ty for the reply.
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Sep 30, 2018 5:04 AM

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Indeed it is

The anime isn't bad and it does everything decently
But it is just meh nothing special

if holo looked like some harem girl ,the anime wouldn't reach the rating of 7.7
Oct 6, 2018 2:38 PM

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There are a few reason why I love this show:
-Holo (Horo) obviously, she's involved in some best girl memes on reddit Waifu poles
-Character interactions (Lawrence and Holo compliment each other really well)
-The amazing background artwork
-Amazing intro song (watch the full op)
-The economics and scheming lol

But yeah we are all biased towards this show if that's what you really want to know.
Nov 19, 2018 9:36 PM

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This post feels like high quality bait...
..must resist......
Nov 20, 2018 7:18 AM
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Its not @Cneq......Just bring good arguments.
Nov 21, 2018 12:24 AM

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gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 . . . 8 8 8 8 to reach character minimum
Dec 11, 2018 12:56 PM

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This anime is only getting carried by the quality relationship between both main characters plus Holo being a perfect waifu.

Everything else surrounding it is boring and borderline stupid. For someone who's supposedly a pro merchant, Lawrence just fails at basically every single challenge he's facing throughout both seasons. The one with the tinkered scale for instance was just spectacularly stupid. A supposedly seasoned merchant doesn't even have his own calibrated weights? How did he not immediately go bankrupt before meeting Holo.

Straight at the beginning he's talking super confidently about doing trades with just exchanging wares instead of being payed with money. Wow impressive, you just described how trading worked before money was invented. Overall the whole economics and scheming was supposed to be an interesting twist compared to animes where fighting and combat are the central element. But it simply fails to captivate me as a viewer. It's in fact so boring and predictable that all you do is wait for the next Lawrence & Holo interaction cause that's the only drive the anime has. And it's a good one, for sure. But if the anime really only boils down to that yet receives insane ratings, then yeah. Arguably overrated.

Oh and yeah, it doesn't even have a closure. A 10/10 rating for this is just beyond me.
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Jun 13, 5:34 AM
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@Reuteli. "Straight at the beginning he's talking super confidently about doing trades with just exchanging wares instead of being payed with money" I dont quite remember most deltails about S&W, however i can honestly say u misunderstood the quote u just said. Let me remind u that the Male MC has no house or land to speak of, so just from this and some of the few things i remember from the anime i can say that what he meant was that he allways exchanges favorably. As in he trades x Product for Y Product and from this exchange he basicly gains value equal with Product X plus the money needed to get into an inn and buy food. Rinse and repeat.

However "Lawrence just fails at basically every single challenge he's facing throughout both seasons" <<<<<------this. If he rly manages to live off of trade as i described, he should have dumped Holo on the fuking spot. He cant make mistakes taking into account his lifestyle and should not be able to take 1 more person with him. Also as u and i both said, he is rly incompetent, so i take into question the fact that he ever should have managed to do trade as he said he did.