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Poll: Macross Δ Movie: Gekijou no Walküre Episode 1 Discussion

Sep 3, 2018 2:22 PM

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Wow, the movie was actually good. I didn't have any expectations after the awful second half of the TV series. The love triangle, one of the Macross franchise most important points, in the TV version was terribly executed and I'm glad the movie actually skipped all that cringe and focused more on the plot. Also, Delta has some of the best songs (on par with Plus, I'd say).
Overall, 8/10 for me.
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Sep 4, 2018 7:47 AM
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An improvement over the television series (that second half was abominable) but, alas and as a big Macross fan it hurts me to say this, Delta still continues to be one of the weakest iterations in the Macross universe. Paper thin characterizations and basically a rehash of the final battle of Frontier left me feeling rather indifferent to proceedings.

It's a shame. After the success of Frontier I thought that the franchise would enter a new golden age, but even after all the time Kawamori had for developing this, the result was still meh at best. I got the feeling that the series was no more than a vehicle for marketing and selling Walkure records.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with marketing and selling records, but I felt the other parts of the classic Macross triangle (the love story and the transforming mecha/aerial battles) were very neglected. Frontier got the balance right.

Lets see how the new tv series coming in 2019 fares.
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Sep 5, 2018 1:30 PM
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Is this recap movie or it is new material ?!
Sep 7, 2018 2:37 PM

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thepath said:
Is this recap movie or it is new material ?!

The story retain several elements of the TV series, but it's a new one...

It wasn't as bad as I feared. Actually it was better than the second part of the TV series

Sep 8, 2018 10:38 PM
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Well I just got my copy today, and I just finished watching it. Basically they did what they did with the other Macross movies: rearrange some scenes, add some new ones, and make it flashy. You can tell that they were kind of rushing it based on the character art. It looked really iffy on some spots. And compiling the story, they had to pull a DYRL and make Hayate a pilot right off the bat. Even though some scenes were reused, they put some different context in some of them to make the story flow easier. They put the background of Walkure in the beginning this time instead of near the end of the second half of the TV series, thank God. Like the Zentradi in DYRL, the Windermeres were pretty shallow, but they actually added just enough to get behind Roid and Keith. The love triangle was ditched entirely. Macross fans might dislike that, but I personally felt that not having the triangle made things better rather than having some forced drama. and I don't think that there would be enough time in the movie for it to play out. One thing I really noticed though is Hayate constantly saying Freyja's name. Freyja this, Freyja that. Mirage...well...given the compressed version of the story and each character getting less time, I think Mirage got her share of the spotlight. They made Hayate and Mirage feel like Max and Miria fighting together, and I liked that.

Macross punching Macross was epic af, and seeing the valkyries fly under it was a great shot too.

The action scenes were beautiful, from Hayate's dancing to Rune ga Pika, to the Frontier-esque ending. Speaking of dancing, I saw them giving Hayate some flips and stylish shots during the last battle. Glad they added that to retain Hayate's style. And I was waiting for Walkure ga Uragiranai. I was like "LET'S GO!!!!"

Finally, there was one little aspect of the movie that I found very surprising and very impressive: The Main character. Let's say you watched the TV series. If I asked you who the main character was, you would most likely say Hayate or Freyja. But when I watched the movie, do you know who I think felt to be the main character of the movie? It should be easy to guess. The character that stood out the most in the movie...was Kaname Buccaneer. She was a total boss from beginning to end. From being Walkure's instructor, to singing for Messer, to protecting the girls when confronting Roid, to the final scene in the movie. I considered Freyja to be the best character in the TV series, but in this movie, Kaname just dominated. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

And let's not forget Mikumo having the best line in the movie:

Despite all the notable flaws, artistic faults, and compressed story, I had a lot of fun watching the movie, and I plan on watching it again.
Sep 9, 2018 1:24 AM
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At least it was much better than the TV series, the dogfights, transformations and music were top notch for me. I wish they focus more on the romance, it was clearly Hayate x Freyja this time again and Mirage was left out like a supporting character.

Character development was just like the last time, thin as a paper.

The last 30 minutes was a blast to see, with full of action, upbeat songs, and I thought I cried when I saw Mikumo singing DYRL in Protoculture.
Sep 10, 2018 2:34 PM
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A few days ago I had the opportunity to see Macross delta film - Macross Δ Movie: Gekijou no Walküre and I was pleasantly surprised.

I came with the prejudice that it was a simple summary of the series in order to sell us more albums of the band walküre, having as a precedent the macross delta series, I did not expect much from this movie

But here the surprise, the film is VERY GOOD, it is noted that Kawamori this time took the place of director, although it retains the technical cast of the series, the direction of Kawamori was noted.

Not only the story unfolds very naturally, but it does not bore and unlike the series is not a compendium of good pop songs with a forced story, no, it is a story of a band of idols with their conflicts and how together they surpass all the challenges of a world at war.

The characters are better achieved than in the series and although the film ends the same as in the series, the development of it makes reaching that end enjoyable and logical.

It is like a building that one rises little by little and culminates with a great battle (classic in macross at this point) and unlike the series the film leaves us a teaching.

Kawamori eliminated all the inconclusive arguments that the series raised and that only hurt the central script, this time each song, each dogfight, each character play a certain role to reach that final climax and, yes, gentlemen, the macross delta movie CLOSES THE HISTORY , GIVES A FINISH TO MACROSS DELTA HISTORY, giving rise to new deliveries of this franchise without having to continue exploiting the history of macross delta.

Here is the analysis:

Note: it is a personal opinion based on what I saw in the film and comparing it with the series and other series / movies of the macross franchise.

1) History: 8/10
Finally the history of macross delta is understood, not only there is an outbreak of a virus called Var, which is fought by the tactical sound unit: walküre, the story is mature, leaves aside all the sub-frames that hampered the development of the series, it is understood that the original idea of delta was not bad, it was only badly scripted and misdirected, this time with a revised script and a good direction, each fact, each moment of the film allows the development of the story, THE BEST: the macross delta film closes the story of Delta, allowing the continuity of the franchise with new ideas and visions of the Macross universe

2) Characters: 7/10
The story focuses on the band Walküre and it shows, the secondary characters are relegated to a supporting role for the development of the story, the story does not revolve in a single point, it is the story of a group and the members of walküre mature as characters, with unique characteristics, they finally stop being "one-dimensional characters", I highlight the work of improving the characters of Roid, Messer and Reina, but I also criticize "the decrease" of characters such as the air knights and the members of the squadron delta especially Mirage that does not have even half the role she had in the series.

3) Love Triangle: 4/10
IT DOES NOT EXIST, although the film implies that Mirage has feelings for Hayate, the script is responsible for making it clear to us that Hayate likes Freyja, which is not bad since it solves the romantic plot in a clear and forceful way.

4) Art of the characters: 7/10
You can see that it is a movie, the colors are improved and a very good CGI animation was achieved in the part of the concert of the song change !!!, negatively the difference between the new animation and the "borrowed" animation of the series is very evident

5) Mecha design 7/10
There is nothing new with regard to the series, one could add the transformable ships class macross Elysion, the "armored" version of the vf-31 sigfried and for the fans "hard core" of the macros mecha: the vf-31 with the Lil Draken modules as if they were fast packs and the Sv-262Hs Draken III with mirage´s colors.

6) 3D animation and battle choreography: 8/10
The improvement with respect to the series is noticeable, not only the battles are more dynamic, the part of the walküre concert that takes place in al shaal, the "battle" with music by the group is very well achieved, 3D point capture technique was used for the movements of the idols during the choreography of the song change !!!, that gives them more natural and realistic movements.

7) Music: 10/10
Macross delta stopped being a covert advertising campaign of a group of idols called walküre and transformed into a production worthy of being called "macross", the music is better suited to the point that the musical themes are reflected as in frontier what that happened at a certain moment, to the point that the lyrics of the songs seem to be narrating what is currently happening on the screen, also highlight the instrumental music that is responsible for highlighting key moments in the story giving it an identity of its own.

It highlights the fact that unnecessary scenes and musical themes of the series that did not contribute to the development of the plot were eliminated

Walküre musical themes that DO appear in the film:

Walküre ga Tomaranai (without Freyja)

Bokura no senjou

Run ga pika tto hikattara

Namidame Bakuhatsuon

Giraffe Blues


Ikenai Borderline

God bless you

Koi! halation THE WAR

Hear the universo

Hametsu no junjou

Axia-daisuki de daikirai

Ruchetto Arukan (song of the stars)

Ichido dake no koi nara

Absolute 5

Walküre wa Uragiranai

Giraffe Blues (kaname solo version)

Dancing in the Moonlight

Musical themes that were heard in the series but that are NOT in the film (to the delight of some and sadness of others)

Fukakuteisei cosmic movement
Silent hacker
Neo Stream
Kaze wa yokoku naku fuku
Onya no ko-girl
Love! Thunder glow
Zettai Reido Novatic

Highly recommended for those who did not like the Macross Delta TV series, you can see the movie even without having seen the delta series, very good work by Kawamori.
Sep 11, 2018 3:25 PM

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As a Macross fan since way, way back (first series) this TV (Delta) show was my least favorite of all the titles in the franchise having said that I think the movie pacing was better than the TV show some of the trimmed fat made the movie more enjoyable but at the same time some of the supporting cast suffered for this (like the Windemerean's pilots and their motives) this was a tiny bit improvement that I hope Macross 2108 carries & learn from Delta mistakes…

On a side note:
R.I.P. again Messer although in this movie your death was more badass...
Sep 11, 2018 10:21 PM

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At least Messer went out with a better fight and got to very nearly confess his love for Kaname. And her anguished scream when he passed? There's no way their love isn't mutual.
I still don't get how characters thought Kaname liked Arad.

Freyja having Hayate sing "Wow woh wow woh" with her was the sweetest part of the movie.
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Sep 12, 2018 7:47 AM

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Ok. First off all, what's up with the yuri fanservice in the bathtub?? That was so unecessary -_-" I wasn't picturing Reina to be this pervert untill I watched this movie. Poor Freyja...

The moment was very obvious and I already new there was somethin hidden in Messer's heart and it was about time time he opened up and confesses his love to Kaname, but it wasn't supposed to be in this way ;_; It was a very touching moment. Now the biggest question is why Messer died in the end? I was very happy to see the shot didn't reach him like in the show, but dying in Kaname's arms was very cruel and emotional! I was hopping this time they would save his life.

R.I.P Messer

The movie was ok, although I sang along everytime I heard the songs from the show :P Good songs. The new songs were pretty cool too.
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Sep 12, 2018 9:41 AM

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so its an altered recap.. i liked the chemistry between the two mains in the series but this felt forced and just feels like a waste of time when you couldve just watched the series instead..
Oct 3, 2018 11:22 AM

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I felt very disappointed with the little changes they make, I thought this movie could be a redemption for the Tv series. Its really a shame, I think Delta can be a good Macross or at least acceptable if they do it right

But alas all they wanna do was just selling the songs, which I do like it a lot !!

Well they do have a new movie or series I guess, maybe that could be the silver lining