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Poll: Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Episode 9 Discussion

Nov 11, 2018 3:17 PM

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It did seem for a while that the only option for the demon girl in the ED was the Demon lord Rem's been carrying around (I don't want to look up or try to guess the spelling of her name ^_^) after the elf business it seemed too late to introduce another character who hadn't even been mentioned yet, and the preview for the next episode seems to have confirmed it. I think the resolution won't be the battle Diablo has been expecting
Jan 10, 8:36 AM

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Lol holy knight my ass what a total fucking loser. I think what needs to be spread around about Diablo is that he can fucking reflect any and all magic attacks back at you. Then I wonder if there will still be more to challenge him.
Apr 8, 7:48 PM

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Diablo's magic ring too OP please nerf ~
Also did he really just get it from an event? Wonder what kind of game event that was to have that kind of a reward

I feel the same way about Alicia. I couldn't trust her yet. Dunno it's just my instincts telling me something is afloat with her

Next up is the Demon Lord summoning. Will it be a success/a failure? We'll see

Apr 10, 12:17 PM

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He won the ring by being the first player to defeat the demon king in an event. It's a unique item, as are his other game changers. But all of them have limitations. The ring only reflects magic, it doesn't stop physical or attribute damage. His clothes reduce physical damage, but strong opponents suitably armed can still break through that (he was severely damaged in the fight with the demon army). His horns allow him to regenerate hit points slowly over time, but also force him to maintain his demon appearance (charisma hit). His ring also has one special power that will come in very useful in a dire situation, but even that has a limitation.

Up until now he's been dealing with opponents of around level 50-80, so of course he's overpowered as a fully equipped level 150. But he's located in a hunting area that's geared for that level player in the game, and which is reflected in the current real world he's in. That will change and there are some opponents he cannot defeat on his own in this world.
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May 13, 3:51 PM

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alica is demon lord worshiper, she wants him to reborn

XiferVP said:

I feel the same way about Alicia. I couldn't trust her yet. Dunno it's just my instincts telling me something is afloat with her

ikr something is ferry off with her
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