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Jan 17, 9:12 AM

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I've seen a lot of Isekai, so it would be hard to tell who is the best one.

But there are some who stood out among everything else.
> Youjo Senki
> Konosuba
> No Game No Life
> Re:Zero

Surely I have forgotten some of them, but these would be my choice for best Isekai (that aren't airing).
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Jan 17, 9:51 AM

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Rei366 said:
Wow, I hadn't answered until now...

It's pretty obvious. It was made around the second half of the 90s and it didn't need any kind of book to come to life. (it's called Tenkû no Escaflowne if some people didn't know yet.)

@CodeBlazeFate Any suggestion?
That and Problem Children are the only ones I ever thoroughly enjoyed.
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Jan 18, 8:50 PM
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i can clearly see that some of you can see what makes isekai anime so amazing; overlord, konasuba. then there's inuyasha, and rayberth which are far too predictable with horrible animation. i'd try death march, knight's & magic, or in another world with my smartphone. then you'll be hooked
Jan 18, 8:54 PM
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Overlord or Konsuba I would have to say and i’ve watched quite a few
Jan 20, 11:39 PM
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I'm going with
1. Overlord
2. Slime (shit be having me rolling)
3. Re: Zero
4. Angel Beats (if this counts)
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