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Poll: Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 23, 2018 1:31 AM

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Uh wow.

Just finished this. And now I'm kinda just sitting here with my jaw half-open wondering what the fuck I just watched.

It was actually so bad I'm having a hard time putting it into words. And the most jumbled mish-mash amalgamation of shit I've ever seen.

The entire first 10 minutes is them creeping through a building with some weird Scooby-Doo level shit going on. Followed by zombies. Followed by dude who managed to get his arm ripped off and not only feel no pain, but somehow didn't instantly bleed out. This then led to an almost rape scene, a Naruto level kung-fu scene out of fucking nowhere, death by toilet, double double-crosses, zombie dog, comedic chase scene, and the bell drop. Uh...did I cover everything? Oh yea, and the one survivor who is about a 999/10 on the traumatized scale. I feel like I just typed out the plotline to some 5th graders wet dream fan fiction that he keeps in a secret journal in his desk. But you cant make this shit up.

I mean, if we're looking for positives here, at least there were titties? And the gore was pretty graphic and uncensored; which isn't a "wow huehue look at that edginess" so much as a "wow at least this travesty is uncensored in general".

And I guess Euphrosyne and Alma were generally some friendly zombies, outside of the whole murdering people thing. Had they just gotten the stone back right away perhaps it would've turned out much friendlier.
Sep 13, 2018 9:10 PM

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At the 27 min mark right now, wtf are those "friends" who didn't even bother responding to his plea for help.. what a bunch of entitled bitches.. Even characters from American horror movies would be smart enough to sense that there's something wrong.. Jesus Japan.

After finishing it, I feel like it would've been much better if the characters weren't dead annoying (no pun intended).. it does have some dark comedy potential but it took a whole hour for the characters to die.. It's just ridiculous how Euphrosyne got hindered for a whole 30min by normal humans.. she should've pulled out an arm or two on the first punch.

Sayaka was also dumb and annoying for not feeling even a tad bit of fear of getting ripped apart and killed, it's ridiculous to even talk back to some undead with superhuman strength. Her friends were even dumber for not even trying to convince her to return the stone. As shitty as the egomaniac dude was, he's probably the most sensible one here.

This is a miss for me, as 90% of the characters were annoying asf. I was rooting for the zombies all the way, and had to watch the plot nerf them so much to drag the story out for another 30min. 30 whole minutes of nothing.

I agree with OP though I guess, that there were at least titties and uncensored gore. Blood spurting out of a severed arm is weirdly kinda amusing to watch. The brain eating reminded me of a youtube goat brain cooking video that I watched a while ago, kinda disgusting but hey.
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Sep 27, 2018 2:28 PM

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this is the most retarded anime i have ever watched...

10/10 no regret, everything was pure gold
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Oct 6, 2018 2:04 AM

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I had a great time with this. Great gore and just consistently funny.

Some great death scenes... Loved the part where the guy has his arm pulled off, how slow he is to react and how everyone just ignores him.

Especially loved the scene when she just mops the floor with the annoying karate girl. Snaps her arm like a twig, then smashes her into the trees. Her boobs are all hanging out, then she smashes her face into the ground so hard her freaking eye pop out. Finally she throws her off a cliff where she lands into a garbage dump.

Another funny bit was when the main character's head came off in the basketball hoop and she puts it back on with superglue.

Very fun and entertaining movie overall.

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Oct 26, 2018 7:53 PM

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This anime doesn’t get get much love but it’s actually pretty decent.
Nov 7, 2018 6:31 AM

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Poor karate girl, she had some happy herovsmonster fight, she tought she might survive , then in 1 sec she was nothing more than a trash lol a shame she had a cute face

But seriously the guy loose his arm, no reaction at all, how much drogs he used to feel no pain like that, even if it was cause of drugs, with that much he shoudn't be able to walk , this part bothered me a lot, also the fact the anime doesn't tell us who's the main charzcter, usualy the main character is one of the first characters you see, not the zombi that pop at the half of story
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Nov 24, 2018 5:31 AM
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Have Japan ever did any slasher movie?
If any, I never heard of it.
Dec 2, 2018 1:16 AM
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gore, betrayal, ecchi, action, insest history, zombies, mummies

Kung fu at a distance haha, it's the first time I hear about that. It would be interesting to do an online kungfu course xD

The premise attracted me although it was silly, the beginning is intriguing but everything goes to hell at 20 minutes, when the deaths begin, as the plot progresses one would believe that they are justified with the fact that it is a production that seeks to be alone gore and splatter honest, BUT the irregular and almost null soundtrack, the almost null expressiveness of the characters and the bad direction only hinders even more things

good animation and art (how weird that I did not see any gif of the zombie with the flowers, I think it's very nice/pretty that scene

It looks like a horror movie of the nineties ... It was not very scary, but ... I must say that it entertained me for a while. just a while
I give him a 4/10 for the breasts well animated, without him I would have given him 1

This anime had its trailer in 2012, the truth is I'm not seeing gender gore, maybe that's why I did not like it very much. If you want they can not take into account my criticism to the I do not be of his public.
I think this movie / story can be saved if the two zombies get better, along with a story and development in a next sequel. (or have a charming character, with whom you can love / feel identified ... that would make me like it more)

I do not read the novel, and in myanimelist it appears as if it were being published, I wonder if the film adapted the novel well. And how much the Zombies changed in the future, good people ... or just as bad people.

They killed all of her friends in front of her, they traumatized her for life and let her live ... it makes sense.

-----------Who is the bad guy in Aru Zombie Shoujo no Sainan?

While most anime follow the good vs bad script Aru Zonbi Shōjo no Sainan is not one of them. We have two sides: the zombies, and the zombie adversaries. Neither can be described as good as both commit immoral acts. For example, the zombies kill innocents (the caretaker in the first place), while the zombie adversaries constantly betray each other.

Nevertheless, the story of Aru Zonbi Shōjo no Sainan can be understood as a clash of values. In Euphrosyne Studions worldview, loyalty plays a major role. This is demonstrated by her punishment of Masahiro Abe and her venturous rescue attempts to save Alma.

The college kids on the other hand are betrayed by Sayaka. Who is betrayed by Takanashi. Who is betrayed by Mako. And I nearly forgot Abe tried to sell his group out too.


Why did that zombie cat appear? Does it appear in the novel later, or is it something I'm not noticing? ... For example, the scientist (or whatever) also did the experiment with othe

Did she have the philosopher's stone?

PD: innocent old RIP and the dog

Summary of my criticism level 99 Diamond taringuero: it is gore, has breasts without censorship and the story / plot is typical of the nineties
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Jan 9, 1:06 PM

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I actually enjoyed this. I've watched waaay too many horror movies, for an anime it had decent gore, silliness and unlike most movies I didn't get bored at any point.
Mar 5, 8:07 PM

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A horror b movie, full of horror b movie tropes, plus a few anime ones.

Do not recomend.
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