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Aug 20, 2018 4:56 AM
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Yea so Ishida was a shitty guy in elementary school and bullied Shouko. Although looking at the first chapter, he did try and warn her a few times about "holding people back".

Regardless, he did at least try and redeem himself and even saved Shouko from her suicide (seems like his arm has been permanently disabled). And since we could read his though process, we at least have an understanding of why he did what he did.

But this Shimada fucker? He's like the worst scumbag in the series. Not only did he join in the bullying, he then bullied Ishida and tried to murder him a few times throwing him off the building.

And I don't get why? He was not inconvenienced by Ishida. He's not some fucking white knight that's trying to give Ishida payback. Ishida didn't even try to throw him under the bus like he did to Nao and Kawai so he has no reason for it.

But ok, let's say Ishida did deserve the bullying after the Shouko incident (maybe ostracized, don't know about the murder part). This Shimada scumbag made sure to spread rumours and shit about Ishida in Middle School and High School.

All the while he had the smug look on his face. He didn't even try and reflect on his actions like Ishida did.

Nao and Kawai joined in the bullying of Ishida too but as we can see, they were afraid of Shimada and partially because Nao thought Ishida liked Shouko and was jealous (Shouko was cleaning his desk, though Ishida was bullying the girl he liked) so she might've been jealous. Although in the end, at least both of them kinda reflected on their actions (Kawai getting a a taste of what it was like to be targeted in class). Still don't know why Kawai suddenly like Mashiba.

Severely disappointed that Shimada did not get any retribution for his violence.
Sep 25, 2018 5:53 PM

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I thought Kawaii and Ueno are bad, but seriously. This guy is the worst. He is this weird guy, who is always bored by everything and anytime and cares about nothing, but would everything for a little bit fun in his life, who gives off this psychopathic vibes.
I mean, I think I remember this small line. He wrote in a message "Ishida fell. Lol."
Why the fuck would someone write a lol in such a situation.
Kawaii is selfish and wants to be portrayed in a good light, Ueno is a crazy and takes her jealousy too far, but Shimida stands there for the lolz. These people are seriously terrifying to me iR.
Jan 15, 2:23 AM
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Have to dock a point for letting Shimada get off scottfree.

This psychopath piece of shit should've been thrown off a building.
Jan 15, 5:24 AM

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I mean look at his empty,souless eyes.The guy clearly has no empathy.

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