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Aug 16, 2018 11:49 AM
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Hi everybody. I finished today my third AMV on the anime Your Name. Made on ADOBE PREMIERE.

Anime : Your Name ( Kimi No Na Wa )
Song : Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

/! This AMV contains Spoil /!


Opinions ? Thank you.

Ps: I am French which explains my level of English
Aug 17, 2018 11:25 AM

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That was pretty good, i really enjoyed it to be honest.

The synchronisation was good even though there were some missteps but the good part far outweight the bad (like the scenes at 0:40 and 1:50, damn that was good).
The scene selection is quite inconsistent in my opinion, for the most part it's good but then there's moments like between 2:08 and 2:20 where it really doesn't fit the atmosphere and the structure of the song. I think you should have simply cut out that part of the song. It's not unusual to edit and change the structure of the music you're using to better fit the amv you're making.

And now, the technical stuff, because there's a few small things that bothered me :
- The logo at the bottom right. It really shouldn't be here for the entire video, maybe at the begining or at the very end, but not all the time.
- The colors. I don't exactly know what you did but there's a kind of filter on top of some scene and it creates a weird spot in the middle of the screen where you can't see anything because the contrast is inexistent. It may be just my personal point of view, but i find it very ugly when the effect gets more intense, as it just throw away the color balance. Colorimetry can be very complicated and it's really not something i'm good at so most of the time i prefer to not touch anything.
- Image quality. At first, i though it was just the source you were using that was in a very bad resolution and it was ugly, but that seemed weird because some parts are good and some parts are in very low resolution, and by watching your transitions a bit more closely i finally understood. When doing a transition with the 9 mirrored image thing (i have no idea of the technical term), because you duplicate the image and zoom in by 300%, you lose a crazy amount of quality, and it makes the pixels clearly visible and it's very ugly. You should really be careful and remove the effect layer as soon as the transition is done. Otherwise, people will notice the moment the image goes from 1/3 resolution to 100% resolution (not to mention the times where it was at 1/3 resolution for the entire scene).
- Slow motion. There are some shots where i think you tried to slow down a clip, but the result is pretty bad since the framerate also drops dramatically. I don't know of a way to to these effects with just Premiere pro, but i know you can use After Effect with a plug-in called Twixtor to do some really cool slow motion stuff. You should check out frame interpolation (interpolation d'image) with twixtor and then integrate the result into Premiere pro.

In the end, there was some flaws, but there was also some good ideas and i did enjoy the amv. I'm looking forward to more of your stuff. (I'm french too, so if there are some parts i need to clarify i can do it in french, might be easier for you :P)