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Aug 10, 5:48 AM

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I think an adaptation should at least be faithful to the idea or the 'soul', 'heart' of the source material(well, only if its good... I mean if the source is bad, I think do as you wish with it tbh) while making full use of the anime medium and the creativity of whoever is in charge. Like they can change a lot of things to make it fit to this medium while still retaining what makes the source material worth consuming in the first place. Steins;Gate 0 is a good example of what im talking bout where they have anime only events etc etc (and I think the visual novel is the best goddamn vn I've ever read)

What bout you? Do you more or less agree with me? Or do you prefer a more faithful clone like adaptation that adapts events almost to a tee? Or do you prefer it to have a director's personality in it? Or what?
Aug 10, 5:51 AM

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Anything produced by studio madhouse.
Aug 10, 5:51 AM
Nana Deviluke❤️

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yeah putting in the spirit of the source sounds about right in my opinion
Aug 10, 5:57 AM

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Aug 10, 6:05 AM

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An adaptation that's faithful to the source material while taking advantage of the fact that it's a different media and making the necessary improvements. If it's a literal panel-to-panel anime adaptation of a manga with little to no differences, then what's the point? I might as well just read the manga, there's even some elements that don't translate very well from manga to anime and need to be changed because of it.
Aug 10, 6:13 AM

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I honestly just feel that capturing the essence of the manga, not removing too much from the source so that I can still get invested in the story/characters and getting the pacing right is good enough.
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Aug 10, 6:14 AM

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You don't read VNs, you play them. They're games, not literature.

Also I only care about being a good or bad adaption when I know the source and it taints my perspective. That's why I try to avoid that situation. I prefer being able to just neutrally judge and form opinions regarding whether or not something is a good show, period, without having to worry about whether it's a good adaption or not by constantly comparing it to the source, which is inevitable if you know the source.

Because when I do know the source and like it, I know I mostly care about it being faithful and not making up shit or - worse - skipping shit or removing/exchanging whole characters or arcs from the source. Maybe it is still good with the changes as it's own thing, but I can't get over the fact that the source was perfect and there is no reason to change it into a different story with different characters involved. Yes, TWD, I'm talking about you.

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Aug 10, 6:18 AM

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Any series that's been produced by Madhouse.

Johan_Liebert_ said:
Anything produced by studio madhouse.

+1 for this.

Aug 10, 6:20 AM

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being faithful to the manga and adding interesting elements to the animation thus making it far more enjoyable then a simple copy paste into television, good example: jojo.
that's what in my opinion, consists an awesome adaptation.

a good adaptation however, should be at least, faithful to the original story of the series, being sucessful in covering the story to it's whole content while still making it entertaining, a good example of it, would be the new season of shingeki no kyojin.

a bad/horrible adaptation is just self explanatory, few examples would be tokyo ghoul and the netflix deathnote.
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Aug 10, 12:33 PM

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Manga and LN are expected to be adapted with little change. Adaptations from other medium have more freedom
Aug 10, 12:35 PM

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a good adaptation means i enjoyed it more than the source.
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Aug 10, 1:13 PM

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probably if you can copy/adapt what was in the original surce material and do it the same or better.

also to NOT skip major important details and parts like for example, tokyo ghoul
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Aug 10, 5:28 PM
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To me a good adaptation consists of:

- Having an essence that I like about the source material and its maintained in the anime adaptation. Not by 100%, but for the most part that keeps it interesting and its still there.

- I'm aware that an adaption can't stay faithful by 100%, but to keep importance to certain moments and executing them to either their best result or working within the context given in the series.

Though then again, there's even places where I think the adaptation is fine despite being flawed.
Aug 10, 5:43 PM

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Johan_Liebert_ said:
Anything produced by studio madhouse.
Hahaha yeah.

Anyway I think it just need to keep the spirit of the source material. Change isn't bad as long as it didn't contradict what the source are trying to say.
Aug 10, 7:16 PM

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when you give me a reason to go and read the source beside just for continuation
so fmab is a bad adaptation

best example of what i feel constitutes as an adaptation
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adaptations that are better than their sources would also be considered a good adaptation, cause they managed to go above and beyond,
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Aug 10, 8:51 PM

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actually, it's kind of easy, it can satisfy both original source fans and attract new fans...
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Aug 10, 11:20 PM

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Aug 11, 9:25 AM

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An anime adaptation should be faithful to the manga (follows it to a T) and look like the manga as well (downgrading or changing the art drastically is unacceptable - I'm looking at you, shoukoku no altair).
Aug 11, 12:02 PM

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DepravedMagi said:
An anime adaptation should be faithful to the manga (follows it to a T) and look like the manga as well (downgrading or changing the art drastically is unacceptable - I'm looking at you, shoukoku no altair).

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 did neither of these things, and yet is one of the most ambitious and critically-acclaimed adaptations in anime history...topped only, and ironically, by its 2009 remake.

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Aug 11, 6:59 PM

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I think an authentic story but with characters having the same personality as the manga/novel.