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which is the best fantasy animae you ever watched

Aug 10, 3:36 AM

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Most of the animes with genre , fantasy `are more or less scored below 7 . so what was your best fantasy anime you ever watched?
Aug 10, 3:40 AM

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FMA:BH is fantasy and is the best anime according to MAL...
Aug 10, 3:41 AM

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Yona of The Dawn
The World is Still Beautiful
Beyond The Boundary
The Devil is a Part-Timer
Aug 10, 3:44 AM

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Fate zero/stay night(has the fantasy tag on),then like kamisama kiss,hxh,natsume yuujinchou
i dont really know what counts as fantasy lol
Aug 10, 3:48 AM

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Fairy Tail is not only my favourite fantasy anime, but also my favourite anime overall :3
Aug 10, 3:50 AM
Nana Deviluke❤️

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best in what terms exactly
Im guessing just what show in general and not one specific aspect of the fantasy

Then just the best show Id say would be Shakugan no Shana
but if the series has to take place within a fantasy world then Zero no Tsukaima is what Id pick

honourable mention to Shingeki no Bahamut and Slayers also
Aug 10, 3:50 AM

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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has a"Fantasy" tag? Welp... I will go with this one then.
Aug 10, 3:52 AM

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Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
I think this one has one of the most profound characters of fantasy anime . I mean the art /sound/action and magic match up quite well
Aug 10, 3:57 AM

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Spirited Away, Mushishi, Seirei no Moribito, Kemono no Souja Erin, Made in Abyss. All of which had interesting and fairly original worlds. And of course the anime themselves were great and one of the best I've seen in any genre, and not just fantasy.
Aug 10, 5:56 AM

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Sword Art Online for sure...not.
Fate/Zero 100%
Aug 10, 5:58 AM

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I have 768 fantasy titles completed so you'll have to get more specific. There's just too many.

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Aug 10, 6:02 AM

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Wolf Children if youre talking overall
If it's just TV series, it'll be Re:Zero

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Aug 10, 6:02 AM

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Fantasy is my favorite genre since isekai is not exactly a genre. Devil is a part timer cause it's funny and memorable for me. I did binge watch zero no tsukaima from s1 to s4 before.
Aug 10, 6:05 AM
Lala Deviluke❤️

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What kind of fantasy anime?
Like Shingeki no Kyojin is also a "fantasy" anime, and one of my favorites too...
Aug 10, 6:05 AM

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Regarding Fantasy,I immediately think of the setting, so I'll just go with No Game no Life since it was one of the best in that regard.

Or maybe Made in Abyss.
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Aug 10, 6:05 AM

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Hunter x hunter is by far my favorite.
Aug 10, 6:08 AM

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I'm not a fan of fantasy animes/mangas since I pretty much prefer realistic settings in the real world but Berserk caught my interest in this genre.