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Aug 9, 6:54 PM

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I just re-watched Kaiba and I gotta say.. I enjoyed it so much more the second time around!

I felt like lot of the stuff I missed and went over my head on my first watch.. I actually grasped it better this time!

I had so much criticism and was totally disappointed with the ending on my first viewing. But now that I caught on to the overall plot better and understood the foreshadowing more, I now think the ending is beautiful and that the series is an overlooked masterpiece!

My score went up from an 8/10 on my first watch to a 10/10 on my re-watch. Pretty interesting lol
Aug 9, 6:55 PM

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my score of lovelive went form a 1 to 9.
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Aug 9, 6:57 PM
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My score for tokyo ghoul went from 1 to 6 after rewatch
Aug 9, 6:57 PM

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It was the same for me with The Tatami Galaxy it went from an 8 to a 10.
Aug 9, 6:57 PM

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A lot of times but most of the times it went up for me.
Aug 9, 6:59 PM

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I do it all the time.
Most of my favorites that I re-watch stay a 10 but if I for example start something I gave 9 and don't feel like finishing the re-watch, I may end up dropping the score to 8 or 7 but these are no so common cases.
Mostly after I re-watch something, I learn something new about the show that I missed the first or second time I watched it through and end up liking the show even more, which usually leads to me increasing the score I originally gave it.
Aug 9, 7:01 PM

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Yeah I didn't like AOT at first . I would have probably given it a 6 but didn't have a MAL Account.

After rewatching it last year it became one of my fav series. An 8.

Aug 9, 7:05 PM

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Yeah, changed Non Non Biyori Repeat from a 9 to a 10 yesterday after rewatching ep 4, it broke me.
Aug 9, 7:06 PM

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Yeah for One punch man and there should be 2-3 more but don't remember it.
Aug 9, 7:07 PM

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Yep, after a re-watch I sometimes realize I as either too generous or too harsh with my previous rating.

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Aug 9, 7:12 PM

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I saw Elfenlied when I was an edgy 15 year old and thought it was awesome but on rewatch it's straight up terrible. What was up with all the peeing? lol
Aug 9, 7:21 PM

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My score of Akame ga Kill went form 7 to 5 after rewatch
And 3-gatsu no lion S2 form 9 to 10
Aug 9, 7:42 PM
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how do I get tagged in my profile when re-watching some anime?
Note: I'm using my cell phone.
Aug 9, 9:23 PM

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Yup. Code Geass went from a 10 to a 9. That's the only anime I've re watched.
Aug 9, 10:08 PM

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I still can't continue watching Gosick after I've tried watching it like 2 times now... Dropped at EP04 I think :/
Aug 9, 10:13 PM

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Koe no Katachi from 8 to a 9

You see a lot more of the hints left by the shows when you rewatch it
Aug 9, 10:21 PM

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I started regularly watching anime when I was 15, so a lot of things have changed since then. When I revisit an old show with the nuance I have today, I typically end up liking it for different reasons or realizing how shallow its plot or characters were. Typically this makes it more rare than not for a show to maintain its same score.
Aug 10, 2:38 AM

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No, I never changed a score after watching a series again.
I did changed my scores, but that because after some time I realised that some shows were better than other but had the same scores, so I had to go through all my anime list and change the majority of the scores. The same thing happened to my manga list aswell.
Aug 10, 2:41 AM

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no because i want to remember what i thought about the anime when i first watched it

Aug 10, 3:29 AM

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Rewatched Kimi no na wa. and Clannad After Story and nothing changed
Rewatched Shelter and the score changed from 6 to 7
Rewatched Clannnad and the score changed from 8 to 9.
I don't think when I rewatch something the score really change that much but have no idea about Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood I don't know why but I think when I rewatch these two the score will drops down highly...
Aug 10, 3:30 AM
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Yep. With couple of shows to be honest.
Aug 10, 3:31 AM
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Yes, that happened to me with Madoka (kinda, I didn't have a MAL account at that moment).

During my first watch I felt it was a "cute show with a twist" but when I watched it for the second time... Oh God, I loved it, its story made so much sense to me.
Aug 10, 3:32 AM

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That happens quite often for me epecially when I rewatch shows that I liked a when I had just started watching anime back then everything was new to me so I was quite generous with my ratings. So most of the time my score when down after rewatching the two exceptions are one Punch man and hunter x hunter I gave both a 8 before now a 9.
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Aug 10, 3:34 AM

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no, cause I don't rewatch

(filler filler)
Aug 10, 3:36 AM

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Yup, many times. But nothing drastic, just +/- 1.
Aug 10, 3:39 AM

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most of the time I like it less the second time I watch it but the only time I liked it more was when I rewatched detroit metal city, went from a 8 to a 9
Aug 10, 3:39 AM

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Happens but mostly going down, especially for shounen anime's since I am older now.
Aug 10, 3:48 AM

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A silent voice went from a 4 to a 8/9,i dont think i was paying attention the first time
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Aug 10, 3:52 AM

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I created a MAL account and rated HxH a 9, after a while I lowered the score to an 8, after rewatching it's back to a 9 again.
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Aug 10, 4:00 AM

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No, because I don't have that much time to allocate for re-watching.

Aug 10, 4:00 AM

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Well, yeah. Ping Pong the Animation went from 8 to 9, NGE went from 5 to 8 and Berserk 1997 went from 8 to 9.
Aug 10, 4:02 AM
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Yep.A lot of times, I thought angel beats was bad (don’t judge I was still new that time) but after i watched it I enjoyed it a lot.

P.S. I just remembered I did not cry the first time I watched the show, What is wrong with me
Aug 10, 4:05 AM

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I've been considering rewatching stuff like Texhnolyze or Kaiba and try to submit to peer pressure, but I just can't.

This said, I often rewatch stuff in my 7-10 range and some of them can change. Area 88 OVA, FLCL, City Hunter season 1 and many others gained a point after a rewatch.

I do lower my scores without rewatching stuff tho. If a month after I forgot the show or can only remember the bad parts, it's going to take a dip in score. Lots of ecchi in my list lose points slowly , simply because I'm still horny when I rate them at first. (^:
Aug 10, 4:08 AM

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Yea, happens sometimes, but these aren't big differences usually.
Aug 10, 4:14 AM

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I do it all the time with titles where I'm dubious about the scores I've given to them, had I rewatched them or not
Aug 10, 4:16 AM

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The 5th time i watched Madoka it went from an 8 to a 10
Aug 10, 4:29 AM

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Many times, usually only by a difference of 1 or 2 though.
Aug 10, 4:31 AM

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I had Bakemonogatari at a 5 and changed it to a 7 after rewatching it. It also motivated me to watch the rest of it.
Aug 10, 4:32 AM

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Mirai Nikki : from 9 to 7
Tatami Galaxy : from 7 to 9
Aug 10, 4:36 AM

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One piece film gold from an 8 to a 9
But i gave it an 8 again for some reason i forgot
Anw it is still in my top 3 fav movies along koe no katashi and ngnl0
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Aug 10, 4:39 AM

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That's the main reason I rewatch things. When I don't feel strongly on a score I gave and I have time I rewatch. I've raised Lucky Star, Psycho-Pass, Monster and lowered Madoka, Free, Yuru Yuri, Chihayafuru upon rewatch
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Aug 10, 4:44 AM

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Yup yup! I usually rate lower though. Sometimes I don't even re-watch it. I just kinda think about it and say, "You know what? Now that I think about it... I DIDN'T like that part!" And then I go on a whole rant about it, changing the rating in the process, ha hah!

There are some times when I re-watch and realize that there were things I just didn't understand the first time.
For example, Cipher the Video is just plain confusing when you watch it the first time. Second time, it's meme worthy. Third, you realize what they're trying to do. Fourth, hopefully you've read some of the manga by then so it makes a lot more sense. Fifth, "this is genius and everyone else just doesn't get it-- all these uncultured swine". Sixth, "like okay I see what they were doing, and it's brilliant... but actually they kinda failed". Seventh, "man whatever". The rating change throughout the process.
Aug 10, 4:49 AM

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Of course, with Monogatari series and Steins gate. The more you rewatch them, more they improve.

Others like Another went from a 7 to a 4 (it can be perfectly a 2, you know, courtesy). In this case it's better don't rewatch this type of shows. (I mean, shows with shit plot).
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Aug 10, 4:52 AM

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Usually it goes up, although I already max it out firsthand.